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The justice fire in the hearts of the parishioners of the parish of Thai Ha, Hanoi continues to glow before dark conspiracy from Communist government of Vietnam aims to usurp the land assets of the Catholic Church in Vietnam.




The fire communion in the Church of Thai Ha parish in Hanoi, a further flare up again in full fury and wrath of thousands of followers and people here before plotting to usurp the entire land asset Land of the Redemptorist Monastery, Thai Ha parish in Hanoi in the past time. This is not the first time that people saw the protest with resentment of Catholics before the vile intrigues and dirty from communist rulers of Vietnam. Tens of thousands of religious establishments in Vietnam Catholic Church in turn fell to the communist government of Vietnam State for decades under a variety of tactics and in many different forms, including forms of borrowing , then switch uses under other targets.... and finally to the use of force and violence to appropriate permanent assets that legitimate land of Vietnam Catholic Church.

Considering all of the circumstances and reasons, all of us are easily visible thing that the communist government of Vietnam has totally wrong when used police force and gangster thugs for settlement collateral of land between the government and representatives of the Church. As a State of law but the government of communist Vietnam did not respect the law, not everything is resolved in the spirit of the law but also blatantly trample justice is an unacceptable act are. We maybe not forget the events which rocked the country about 5 years ago before the Hanoi government, in an enchanted night hastily turning a vast ​​legally area of nunciature Hanoi become a flower garden, a feat that only individual in Vietnam ..... never happened in any other country in the world. And then, the head of the Catholic Church in Hanoi Archbishop Ngo Quang Kiet constantly was domestic media criticism, slander and libel .... as well as pressure from the government forced him to leave Hanoi Bishop shortly thereafter.

While the Vietnam Catholic Church to express goodwill and enthusiasm cooperation in solving any dispute property land claims between the Church and the government, then the government of communist Vietnam proved no cooperation. On the one hand, they manipulate the press and the local media propaganda, distortion, distorted information and find ways to defame the Church. On the other hand, they find fraud and trickery evil in an attempt to usurp the land assets that they possess many years earlier in the form of "borrowing" but did not want to return. Typically trying to erase all traces and remnants of the Abbey parish of Thai Ha. When people are pressing the action and protest, the government immediately mobilized the police force, civil defense, and even gangster thugs to suppress by force any cost. Let's communion with lay of Thai Ha parish in Hanoi, pray for the faithful, lay at the Thai Ha parish in Hanoi in particular and lay of the Vietnam country in general more courage to continued steadfast commitment of responsibility and mission to protect the Catholic Church in Vietnam. Also pray for the leaders of Vietnam Communist government soon realized his wrongdoing that's no occur circumstances heartbreaking as the current Thai Ha parish in Hanoi.


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    5/19/13 8:26 PM

    Thái Hà: Đối mặt với nạn cướp phá Tu viện và tài sản, lửa Thái Hà lại cháy

    Hot summer nights Hanoi increasingly hotter, by the burning candle as the resentful heart of Hanoi Catholics against injustice, adversity presence in this country.
    Thus, once again the government has re-launched Hanoi to Thai Ha flames.

    Since several years, the program accounted for robbery Redemptorist Thai Ha has continuously done, put on a parish road struggle for justice persistence and perseverance as the years have gone.

    Despite the spit of public opinion at home and abroad, and despite the law's minimum legal system in this state by the given, to snatch up the land of the parish of Thai Ha Redemptorist Hanoi. After not being able to make a cut project is 14,000 square meters of gold land area in the center of the Redemptorist Hanoi into 28 luxury villas, to the unity and struggle powerful Rocked Us Hanoi politics, the government was forced to make "flower garden".

    However, the plot of the Hanoi government did not stop there.

    Redemptorist Monastery in Hanoi was built from 1928-1931, suddenly being "borrowed". Then from the "loan" principal does not pay running lights for years, since 1996, parishioners have returned request. However, continuous dull lessons from the "authorities".

    This humor in Hanoi's handling of land issues snatch up religious establishments, each layman's opinion, once a series of police and security forces, civil defense, and even mobilized thugs here.

    Recently, they also give a basis of HIV drug-AISD right next to the church to supply drugs to addicts. The amount of addicts soared around the church, which is home to tens of thousands of people attending Mass. Speakers was toward to the church to be used, provocative and sometimes seriously affect the Mass with the parishioners of accusations and insults.

    When parishioners urgently requires, the Hanoi government has lifted many a guise of humor and blunt ... but maybe the history of the world does not have any place to use the cards like that. The government has shown around, awkwardly but could not explain the question: Redemptorist Monastery Is not the basis of religion? As the basis of religion is protected by law, reason why in the hands of the state, of any written law? If the state can not get anywhere else forced Monastery, the state requires a decision: Confiscation or rob the basis of religion.

    They offer documents to the Land Law 2003 justification, but they can not answer that parishioners have complained since 1996 that they had tried to suppress ing flows are not resolved why. The more they can not answer: State Land Management, then where is the right to manage or own use? At the same time, the property of the parish, monastery of the Order in the State law is allowed up, rob?

    So many times, parishioners asked for clarification, but Hanoi authorities have applied the law in a "flea bazaar", ie the distance and using violence to suppress.

    In recent years, the Hanoi government conspiracy to rob long occupied Redemptorist Monastery in Hanoi by destroying, distorting the monastery to ... erase traces. Thai Ha parishioners were very wary and they have spoken.

    After a show "Wastewater Project" in 2011 in order to dupe the public to send their force demolished monastery, Hanoi authorities have demolished monastery for the last time. Thai Ha parishioners were immediately sent to many applications from the competent authority. However, they continue to run an inactive surface, on the other hand tries to delete smashed remains of this monastery.

    On 13.05.2013, the Hanoi government invited the Thai Ha parish have city inspectors. This is the 3rd inspector Hanoi, Dong Da District presents this game. But each time the faithful to be imposed on both the breast filling mouth. But, in the afternoon on 12/5, the government abruptly postponed Hanoi reported meeting between Parish and inspectors. On the other hand, the force  demolished continue to enhance the physical destruction of parish property, of the Priory.

    Soon that day, the parishioners to the hospital to check property that was vandalized. Meet representatives of the laity, Director of Dong Da Hospital is not able to answer questions in addition to: Will report. But that demolish has not been stopped .

    In recent days, lay resentment peaked, with his determination has been challenged over the years with all sorts of despicable game but they did not surrender, they are determined to reclaim the monastery, facility was built with the sweat, tears and blood of his father, of how previous generations and today.

    On the evening of 18/5 and dimensional 05/19/2013 parishioners have flocked Maria Lady procession around his property was looted.

    giáo xứ Thái Hà.
    Các em thiếu nhi và Huynh trưởng dâng hoa kính Đức Mẹ
    Lực lượng này đang bảo vệ cho nhà cầm quyền cướp Tu viện
    Đây là công việc của “công an nhân dân” sao?
    Tiền thuế của dân đang được sử dụng để nuôi một lực lượng dung túng tham nhũng
    Những khuôn mặt “suy thoái đạo đức”?
    Mẹ ơi, đoái thương xem nước Việt Nam trời u ám bất công lan tràn…
    Tòa nhà Tu viện DCCT Thái Hà đang bị nhà cầm quyền cộng sản Hà Nội chiếm dụng
    Dâng hoa trước tượng Nữ Vương Công Lý
    Các Sơ Dòng Mến Thánh Giá Hà Nội dâng hoa

    At 19/05/2013, the Mass and the prayer vigils for Truth - Justice - Peace and Prayer for the Hanoi government for the people that know how to live sober, lucid return the origin property of Church.

    Night light candles and pray for the victims of persecution, imprisonment because of against to aggression China as Dieu Cay, Ta Phong Tan and the Patriotic Youth going to the Court of Appeal. Pray for the two latest victims are Nguyen Phuong Uyen Nguyen Dinh Kha because patriotism that any intelligent being tried, imprisoned ridiculous. Mass prayer for the victims and for lost land, the petitioner is the day to litigation, claims in vain when deprived of property, land is their livelihood.

    Hot summer nights Hanoi increasingly hotter, by the burning candle as the resentful heart of Hanoi Catholics against injustice, adversity presence in this country.

    Thus, once again the government has re-launched Hanoi to Thai Ha flames.
    Ha Noi, Day 19.05.2013

    Nguyen Huu Vinh J.B

    Source: Nguyen Huu Vinh J.B

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