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If the Republic of Vietnam win?




Every year when the date 30 April nearly comming is how emotions emerge in Vietnam people's mind, especially for the people of South Vietnam, emotion welled up a little strangely. Feeling wistful mixed with sadness that is difficult to describe in words. Already 38 years since the fall of South Vietnam fell to the communists, the people of Vietnam always live in anguish, suffering under the rule of brutal, repressive inhumanity of godless communists . The leaders of  authorities scrambling corruption and enjoying life, on pain of Traditional discarded people. That is the reason why the country of Vietnam after 38 years agreed that the people of Vietnam always feel regret and sorrow instead of joy and happy life as propaganda of the regime communist dictatorship ruling today.

Emotions are not just for lawyers dissidents in Hanoi that simmered for years in the heart of the people of Vietnam. Current life as how much pain as sorrow and regret follow the year, month as a surge up much. Well, How is it if 38 years ago the government of the Republic of Vietnam won the Communists? Vietnam is probably not included in the list of backward poverty country, but its human rights abuses is surpass many countries around the world and in the region. In addition revenge to officials of the former regime and their relatives, what did the communist rulers of Vietnam do for the people of Vietnam? Yes, in addition to the creation of poverty, backwardness, filled with injustice and oppression, the current communist government does not do anything good for the people and that's the only reason today most of the people of Vietnam have no confidence in the leadership of the party and the communist government of Vietnam.

The people of Vietnam who saw and understood this but to ever someone in the party leadership and current State put itself in the position of citizens that they experience and feel that is always burning smoldering in the hearts of their poor people? Why Communist Party of Vietnam, the class is said to represent the voice of the people of Vietnam won the Republican regime that so called as foreign slaves, oppressed and exploited people that far, was 38 years of reunification, but the people instead of enjoy prosperous life and happy life is to fall into unprecedented misery. Oppression, injustice spread from urban to rural, from domain down to the plains everywhere heard plaintive cry up the sky. There's many Vietnam Hero Mothers who had ever bolstered nourishing communist guerrillas Vietnam but joys reunification could not celebrate together yet, now must lead together to the state government to ask justice , and demanded fair for themselves and their families. Everything mentioned above is the main cause of regret in the hearts of people to Vietnam every when 30 April comming, the day communist Vietnam's victory, but is the day marked the end of people inside. The price as 38 years ago, the winner is not the godless communists .... is now how happy and did not have the hatred national day 30 April  in the heart of the people of Vietnam.



If the Republic of Vietnam win?

LS Nguyen Van Dai
Send to BBC from Hanoi

Update: 04:11 GMT - Monday, April 29th, 2013

The happy, the sad on occasion of 30/4

Each year 30-4 occasion, I receive questions from fellow Vietnam people overseas is "feeling you thinks and what the next day 30-4?". I have the opportunity to tell them about thoughts and feelings.

From small to nineteen years old, a 30-4 chance I'm really excited and proud because it is the day of victory and unity of the country. Vietnam has won a number of world power militarily and economically.

At the end of 1989, I had the opportunity to GDR (former) and the East German people witnessed overthrew communist regimes consistent with capitalism, democracy in West Germany. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to West Berlin to see the prosperity and freedom of the capitalist regime, democracy. And I understand why the East Germans were not doomed to live under authoritarian rule, irrational, backward regime.

At the same time, all the people of Eastern Europe rose up to smash the rule of the communist regime. And they have built from scratch mode capitalist democracy. So far, all the Eastern European countries, people are prosperous life and happiness in a mode of political freedom and democracy without the rule of the communist regime.

Doubt, regret

At the end of 1990, I returned to Vietnam, since that 30-4 every occasion, I was no longer feeling happy, but instead is disbelief and regret.

"If on 30-4-1975, the winner is the Republic of Vietnam is now in Asia, Vietnam can only Japanese lost only economically, but will certainly equal to or more than South Korea on both economic and military. "

2001 and 2003, I had the opportunity to visit Korea and see it as a powerful nation economically and militarily. There never has the presence and existence of the communist party. Meanwhile, North Korea under the rule of authoritarian and brutal regime. Each year hundreds of thousands of people starved to death even though they have received enormous help from South Korea and the international community. I feel sad and sorry for linking the Republic of Vietnam regime.

Looking back at our Vietnam, after 30-4-1975, the bureaucratic regime, markets prohibition damming, people suffer hunger, misery. When conducting reform, economic development, people's lives better off, enough to eat, enough to wear, have been living facilities and modern travel. But corruption has become endemic, the invasion of the enemy nation. The moral degradation and happening lifestyle in a comprehensive manner, in all aspects of social life from education, health, judiciary, administration, ... and on every level from national to local.

Many of us have witnessed businesses, government officials, armed forces and gangsters came together forced farmers to take away the means of production is their most important fields land. How many innocent people as they walked into the police station healthier, but just a few hours later, they are still just a body without a soul. And how many brave people stand up fighting for freedom and democracy have been harassed, beaten, and imprisoned. Truly heartbreaking and poignant.

Now people ask me, "what you thought and feelings on how the 30-4?"
I said: A democracy and civilization has lost a one party totalitarian regime and backward. Evil has won. But the sad feelings and regret for the Republic of Vietnam regime, by me and so many people have said that if on 30-4-1975, the winner is the Republic of Vietnam is now in Asia, Vietnam can only Japanese lost only economically, but will certainly equal to or more than the entire Korean economy and military.

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