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Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No. 169 release dated (15-04-2013)




The 7th ANNIVERSARY of Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech 

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 - Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No. 169 release dated 15-04--2013,
 - The editorial of the semi-monthly magazine.
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The editorial board of the newspaper TDNL

                 A hooligan mode!!!
Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No. 169 release dated (15-04-2013)

            According to the Vietnamese Dictionary of Center's  Vietlex learning Dictionary , "hooligan" has two meanings: 1 - The persons who's often violence and pick a quarrel with somebody; 2 - acts unruly, violent. Meanwhile, according to the author of "Scientific Commentary of the Criminal Code", "hooligans who disregard the rules of life, perverse behavior, unruly, regardless of the 'prevention from other people, just as the petty excuse but also deliberately ... ". (Cf. Thus, the cause of the assault unruly, violent,perverse to others, regardless of the rules of conduct civilized human life, can be expressed through words, sudden acts of an individual, a group of ordinary people. However, the nature or hooligan actions can also be derived from a regular group of people in power in the social through the policy, measures and / violent way despite justice and true legal.

            The spiritual evolution of humanity towards fine leg has reached a peak in the 20th century with the appearance of the agencies of the United Nations, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the two universal convention on civil rights the political, economic, cultural and social. In the organization and this document, respect for human dignity and truth, advocating for justice and peace, to build freedom and democracy, the formation of rule by the consent of the the people ... the values ​​are highly honored. However, also in the 20th century, Republic of the regime and the Communist Party break upstream of evolution, when public and official policy of seizing power by arms, dictatorial violence (which they painted a "revolutionary violence", "dictatorship of the proletariat") to govern society, and considered "the end justifies the means" (ie willing to trample the truth and reason, law and love, dignity and lives) as rules of conduct. Since then mankind has witnessed many terrorist regime, regime thugs born.

            The first example is Lenin in Russia. In "Black letter of Communism", co-author Nicolas Werth said in a May 2, 1918, the number of victims killed by neo-Leninist regime is from 10,000 to 15,000 people. This is who disobedience the Lenin was instructed to punish, by the hands of the secret police and thugs gang. The number of people killed in the minimum estimate in only 2 months under Lenin like 10 times the number of victims of the regime of Tsar full year of 1906 was the most violent repression. According to the author Werth, for nearly a century under Tsar from 1825 to 1917, the total number of people killed only 6.321 victims.

            Next to China, according to the testimony of his 46 old history in the cities of Chengdu and Chongqing, "the ruling in the first 30 years of the Communist Party from 1949 to 1978, the" class struggle "and" transport politics "launched by Mao Zedong every round after devastating than previous installments, making mainland China experienced unprecedented relationship disaster, to become a" living hell "... Most of the elite he not missed the one who will in turn beaten, criticize and humiliated, even separation from his wife and children, broken families death. Over the past 30 years, MTD has created 8.3 million resentment, 30 innocence projects, more than 300 million people struggle. " Especially since 1966-1976, lifelong guys full of tricks improvise, how to mobilize brutal vicious instinct in man has launched the "Cultural Revolution" to kill millions of lives, delete clean and civilized humanity, mainly thanks to the hand of the flood state requirements thugs called the Red Guards!

            Worthy is student of two number one Butchers above, Ho Chi Minh City has launched the land reform landslide because of the cruelty. Also thanks to the hands of thugs in the reform team, the servant go back, all sorts of travelers, the social scum are set as judges and prosecutors in the People's Court, City who killed direct and indirect half a million people in the North, one side claimed the entire land into the hands of Communist Party, on the other hand was completely destroyed moral, family tradition, the village structure preserving social VN-especially country-life in order, peace, humanity for thousands of years. From there, cruel deceptive behavior has poisoned the whole society, and more importantly, illiterate thugs behavior has become a feature where people in power whether large or small in the regime.

            This tragic situation is increasing in recent decades, a state that after the economic opening, party members may trade, military police be allowed to get rich, and local officials are allowed to "collect in "(actually stealing) people's farms homes on the principle of" state land is owned by "; two after all walks of life turn to stand up for not bear rule dictatorial leadership, greed exploitation by officials of power, behavior uneducated thugs of the officer, deceitful propaganda model of media offerings, the downward slide of a education only causes corruption as tolerated (if not encouraged) violence and dishonesty, stupid people and enslaved. All were and are threatening the dominance of the party, and therefore, also added that the nature of the regime thugs, means the warranty unruly, disregard for common sense and the truth, trampling on conscience and law, ready for trouble or persecution where the protected mode or benefit from the regime.

            First of all, we see the main villain. It was those who had slandered the land rights of class action, the patriotic fellow protesters, citizens demanded multi-party pluralism, separation of powers, the national army of the people "from recession political thought, ethics, lifestyle, "and ordered the hands and feet must be treated vigorously. It was those who had raised his voice to condemn those who comment on the amended Constitution, beyond the party is spreading the wrong point, divide the great national unity, lost the confidence of the people in the state and mode, and then ordered the military police to fight, prevent. That is those who spend a thousand billion command the people's tax money to mobilize the powerful army of tens of thousands of routes, also provide millions of "party" to every family across the country, forced to sign consent threat; public opinion or to establish troop members salary handsomely to do each on the internet to track citizens network, defend lies and deception for the party, just point to arrest the courageous democratic bloggers.

            Second is the police thugs. This class is already famous from the date of a hooligan hand up is senior minister CA Tran Quoc Hoan (who had dared to rape and kill the lover of the Ho Chi Minh). Current "flavor and famous" is Colonel who has ever led 100 officials, police, armed troops plundered the land, bombarding his house Doan Van Reaching more than a year ago, and then declared that the battle beautiful, this cavalier safety. And traffic crowd policemen kill pedestrians because they do not wear helmets, dare to argue the officers. The police protection of the courts to silence defendants lock, assaulting people attended and journalists gather information, pulling a camera phone, even after both had been injured near the building or out of the hospital . The police guards the dissidents then throw rotten matters into their homes, blocking their visitors, broke into hijacking their machinery, persecuted them to the life of children, grandchildren. The security service officials, the land robbers broke the civilian population raged their ancestors are buried, bulldozed their fields and gardens, and then it may be right to shoot them with the excuse "against officials duty ". The police guarding the prisoners of conscience, spoiled little exploitation wasting money sent to visit them, beat them to injury in prison, pressing them to plead guilty, even used hospitals to torture them again ... .

            Again the intellectual thugs (types of "slave position parasites" with many qualifications and degrees, mainly in the words of Dr. Ngoc). Hands of this crowd usually stained ink but sometimes bloody (the persons who has ever killed the country soldiers, members of the Hoa Hao "August Revolution", killing the true intellectuals "Nhan Van Giai Pham Age", kill innocent people the Offensive ...). This cluster head when laying out the work, but also when laying out arguments defending power, evil rotten party can not stand it. What is "Party with the people, the state is uniform. Deny the role of the party that is denying the role of the people, denying the will and aspirations of the people, are detrimental to the independence and freedom of the country, prejudice to the right to life, liberty, happiness of the people. For the protection of people but to protect the party. For the protection of people that to constitutional Article 4 ". What is "Party with full moral worth as the ruling force through assessment of the people and history. The existence of the Party is the existence of the constitutionality and legality ". What is "The army is a new kind of army in the history of mankind, the revolutionary nature of the working class, the people and the profound national leadership by the Communist Party". Also classified as intellectual thugs are the judge and the prosecutor in the political trial, only blocking the throat, silencing lawyers, lightly debate, blind disregard for the law and sentenced under directives, despite the shield that unjust suffering of the civilian population and the impact on social justice.

            Also, must mention to a class of other thugs that probably only the CS mode, it is the hooligan teachers. This is a contradiction to the extreme, but too abound after decades of "planting human of party. Renowned first as a principal in Ha Giang who forced students sex act with him and prostitute for officials, and let these students in prison. More recently, the teachers play the "Trade sex-for-points" handed students to police for interrogation, the kindergarten teachers use tape to stick children's  mouth, hit penalty harshly and unjustly forcing students to suicide, as in Ly Nhan Hanam, Cam Xuyen Ha Tinh ...

            "Fish begins to stink at head". Examples of class of power people in society above are making the country increasingly class full of hooligans and hooligan manner, making people whole life crumbled, the law ignored, the relationship citizens into social security tensions and broken. Offenses is belong to whom?


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