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Bishop Vincent Nguyen Van Long: Links break the shackles of tyranny




Speech eloquent, concise and meaningful of Bishop Vincent Nguyen Van Long before the Australian Parliament House today urged and aroused the hearts of the people of Vietnam and abroad before the disaster imminent destruction of our country as true today said by revered Bishop of us. Well, nearly 70 years since communism imposed the brutal rule in northern Vietnam, and during the 38 years since the fall of the south in the hands of the godless communists, Vietnam country was really immersed in all aspects. People's plaintive cry rang out across the country, and damned life, the people of Vietnam has long ceased to be seen as a human being when the fundamental rights of them has been group of communist dictatorship Vietnam blatantly trample and violent.

Tragedy the country today and to cling to one's power and position, heartless immorality of the top leaders in Hanoi show that, the future of Vietnam country will be as ship tomorrow immersed if the communist regime current totalitarian continued existence. Hearts of the people have no confidence in the regime and rule policy than any wrongdoing by the Communist Party of Vietnam, which is the premise of the rise and boom democratic aspirations of the people of Vietnam on heart today. Accordance with the laws of nature, where there is increasing oppression and antagonism will also increase proportionately. And what has been happening in Vietnam society, and the country of Vietnam today is evident and most specific. As in Tien Lang Hai Phong, Van Giang, Vu Ban, Thu Thiem ...... when people are oppressed, driven to the inescapable path to that moment, the survival instincts of man would Rise and created such intense antagonism gunfire resentment hero farmer Doan Van Vuon  in Tien Lang ..... and already to die to protect the land assets of the Van Giang farmers in the past.

To dispel chains and shackles, oppression, injustice, and also to be able to discharge mode inhuman atrocities against the people's interests, against the interests of the nation, we need a strong bond people from all walks of life, from domestic to overseas, from people who have the same enthusiasm, ambition together with mountains, rivers and deep concern to the national destiny as well as the survival of the nation. From vendors on street who were oppressed to poor farmers today, from the students to the intelligentsia and even from the people who are conscious members, government officials, including those currently in office and retired but still human moral conscience. From components of military and security forces of all kinds who still have not lost human features and are very good direction may need to form a coalition and solidarity. Eradicate evil, supported justice is something that always exists in each of our hearts and the hearts of the components mentioned above. It is essential that somehow can ignite the features available and the nature of people's heart to no one of us is indifference to the pain of others, and no one is scared before the brutal and dark forces of the ruling communist Vietnam today.


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    Bishop VINCENT NGUYEN VAN LONG: Links break the shackles of tyranny
    04/27/13 11:44 AM


    Đức Giám Mục Vincent Nguyễn Văn Long: Liên kết phá tan xiềng xích bạo tàn

    Both our nation is facing disaster and doom sunk. Path to the so-called Socialism is the road leading to the corruption and deadlock comprehensive as is happening now. Our country needs a new boat to sail in the new millennium. The boat was not built with nonnative ideologies which are created by the will and enthusiasm of the people.

    Dear all of you dear people at home and abroad,

    Today, we are people who concerned about the fate of our homeland and nation prospect, come in front of the Parliament of Australia, the symbol of freedom and democracy, to express solidarity with our people in Vietnam in the democratization process of the country. The first word we want to send to loved people and especially those struggling in the water that you are not alone before the forces of communist tyranny. We the people of those countries Vietnamese exiles backed you. The freedom-loving people everywhere Democratic support for you and most of history are turning towards the destination that you are sacrificing struggle, following the example of heroic ancestors.

    Indeed, there's never rising wave of democracy all over the homeland as today. After all these decades of living in a nonnative ideology, and completely within the corrupt, the people of Vietnam was deposed liabilities stood up and restore ownership destiny country. Recently, many patriotic organizations and most religions have the same commitment boldly, opening an era of liberal promising. The Start of the Consultation of 72 patriotic intellectuals request removal of Article 4 of the Constitution, followed by the Bishops' Conference represents the Catholic Church in Vietnam, Vietnam Buddhist Church Unification Church Buddhist Hoa Hao, Cao Dai Church and many domestic and international organizations have the same rhythm with more than 80 million heart Vietnam resolutely eliminate party ruled. Everyone bloodlines Lac Hong, regardless of religion or political beliefs are determined to eliminate Article 4 of the Constitution, ie completely eliminate the role of the Communist Party monopoly in running the country and open a new era for the nation.

    You and dear fellow, almost 70 years from the date of tyranny ruled northern and nearly 38 years from the date they impose alien regime "Marxist-Le" around the beloved country, the Communist cause much death, horror, much hatred and division, including injustice, suffering, and much bitter humiliation. From policy denounced "land reform" of the 50s in the north, to the massacre at Hue during the Tet offensive in 1968, from the long journey to unprecedented national humiliation can still continue as workers take cooperation abused, the children sold into sexual slavery, the petitioners were robbed land, capitalists exploitation of workers in the factories in the country etc..

    It ironically and conflict when the communist regime promised a paradise for the proletariat, but in reality they were living in a hell full of injustice and exploitation by the capitalist system red. Even more serious is the threat to the sovereignty of the country where the Communist government proved spineless, cowardly and their betrayal. Is it just because they want to maintain power and self-interest, they are ready to swap the rights of the people and the country's map? Are they out of the public servants who, with vile enemies with evil people? When the territory and territorial encroachment, the Communist authorities react only silence or perfunctory. On the contrary, they are ready to mobilize a powerful security system to destroy the patriotic self-defense weapon that is only patriotism. But history has always stood for justice and truth. History will condemn those who do the infamous treason as the "piggy- bitten chicken of house" in the past. You and the dear fellow, Vietnam in the 21st century is like the front of the boat turbulent ocean. We could not get on a boat ocean old obsolete.

    Communist regime's old boat that obsolete. Both our nation is facing disaster and doom sunk. Path to the so-called Socialism is the road leading to the corruption and deadlock comprehensive as is happening now. Our country needs a new boat to sail in the new millennium. The boat was not built with nonnative ideologies which are created by the will and enthusiasm of the people.

    In the recommendations of the Episcopal Conference of Vietnam, they boldly declared to restore "sovereignty of the people", the "take traditional ethnic culture and ideology underlying operating social "implementing a democratic process led to a" rule of law of the people, by the people and for the people ". In short, the only new Democratic boat just take Vietnam into the ocean millennia.Trong Christian Bible is the "The people who sow the pain will reap of laughter." We only have a bright future for the country and for the nation as we committed to "sow in sorrow."

    Because of the amount of his career and the future of the next generation, let us overcome apathy and fear. The Vietnamese patriots everywhere, we just link the power to break the shackles of tyranny, lies and evil as Communism.
    Let 'stand up together respond to the fatherland "(lyrics Khang his Vietnam) Vietnam to create a democratic, civilized, humane, harmony attitude to sacrifice value for money and the pride of the future generations.


    Bishop Vincent Nguyen Van Long

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