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Vietnam's communist authorities continue acting dirty least in draft amendments to the Constitution of the State.



"Constitution of the revised draft", awkward drama sham democracy seemed to have been the hands of those who staged it closed following the lack of control and irresponsible statements from leaders at of the Vietnamese Communist Party and State. However, does not seem to consent to this, and do not easily accept such a bitter result, the communist government of Vietnam continues to change tactics to deceive the public and the International Community by way of threatening and forcing people to sign the "Consensus" on the draft amendments to the Constitution of the State which had been drafted, and in bringing to everyone, including the elderly, the sick and children who even has never known and understood what the Constitution is. And today, despicable methods mentioned above have been by current government officials moved to the prison cell, where detention of prisoners of all kinds, and of them, many prisoners have been isolated from society for decades also suffered the same fate.

Is there anything worse and no where in the world the national leaders vile, brazen and shameless as the leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party and the State. With the ridiculous antics and dirty like that is although the consensus result from the people is a hundred percent that also be beneficial? Modified or not modified, new build or maintain the Vietnamese State constitution so long as thoughts of most people will not change anything with attitudes and behavior deceitful and lack of willingness of the current Vietnamese communist authorities state that the constitution will be amended in accordance with the wishes of the people is a very impracticable, far removed from reality because the leader of this communist country still continue to cling to their's power and position, and did not truly want to bring good things to the people and their homeland.

Vietnamese people we clearly define the great challenges that Social of Vietnam, the people in Vietnam, and Viet Nam country have to face in the future, to work together to choose their own mode of self- rescue in the best, most correct and most appropriate in the current bad context and worse and worse status in the future of country. We, the vast majority of people determined not to let a small group of Communist Party members and the current ruling elite continue to manipulate the country, continued to make poor country and continue to cause suffering to the people. Please hand together to expose the immoral and false democracy of the Vietnamese communist authorities to public and the International Community. Use the power of both soul and body of those who has ever afflicted by poverty and each fall oppressed sentences that do not have anything to lose again to demand justice and human rights legal and legitimate each of us.


Truyền thông Chúa Cứu Thế Việt Nam

Vietnamese Redemptorist

Force prisoners to sign draft amendments to the Constitution
Posted by at 10:29 AM 15/04/13

  VRNs (15/04/2013) - The political prisoner, Mr. Huynh Anh Tri was threatened beaten for disagreeing with HP capacitor regime.

Currently in prison in Vietnam, the draft amendment to the Constitution self-edit of the Communist Party also takes to the prison cell for each prisoner, even though these people are losing their citizenship is in in multiple layers of barbed fences and high walls surrounded, do not know what is happening in society .... There are many prisoners who were detained dozen of years, even tens of years as a prisoner of conscience Nguyen Huu Cau held to 37 years, so that the Communist Party did not forget to take advantage and force them to sign so called for number of "consent agreement" aimed at deceiving public opinion domestically and internationally.

While the prisoners only know hard labor, up early at 5 o'clock in the morning to carry out a contract with a hoe "Congo" abdominal dorsal rice, only boiled vegetables and food self-sufficiency of the family to provide, and those who do not have to visit only boiled vegetables with salt! ... fate and lives of prisoners was prison officers look as worms, crickets. Every day of hard work, the prisoner just know dense bowed, do not enough indicators to be beaten and the only way into the shackles still suffering more than just feeding a rice squeezed by the big toe mixed with salt per day ... So, the comments of the draft amendment to the Constitution is 99.9% of the prisoners who dared controversy is, of course, on the board of the Ministry of Public Security also specified that must comply of absolute orders of prison officials. More than half a million prisoners "agree" with the draft is "the certainly" in political conspiracy of the Communist Party.

In Z30A prison camp Xuan Loc, Dong Nai sub camp 4, there's prisoners who finished their sentences said, Huynh Anh Tri situation and Pham Ba Thong as political prisoners under 13 team are prison officials retaliating and ordered the prisoners to bear to "treat" these guys reactionary dare sign "disagree", while 99.9% of prisoners to sign a "consent" under the command of officers, in accordance with Rules .

Currently Mr. Tri and Thong are isolated and can be "treated" at any time by order of the prison staff; here is emergency information to the media.

Reporter Truong Minh Duc

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