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The unlawful arrest of Vietnamese security officials right during the time of Vietnam - America Human Rights Dialogue. How International public opinion and the people of Vietnam and abroad will think?



During the time of Vietnam - U.S. Human Rights Dialogue taking place in Hanoi, is in Ho Chi Minh City, a dissident teacher and also a member of the football team, No. U, Vu Manh Hung was Vietnam security forces secretly captured a blatant way. Filled with extravagant action, disregard the law, disregard international law and despite the human moral conscience of Vietnam security officials not only strong in pressing public but also blatantly challenges  International Community, especially now during the Vietnam - America Human Rights Dialogue are being held. The communist government of Vietnam continues to disregard international law, see generally United States government, or through which to convey what messages to the public of Vietnam and foreign diplomatic missions and delegations United States that are present in the human rights dialogue today?

Current progressions and during past time through in Vietnam which shows that, the communist government of Vietnam does not and never had goodwill in improving human rights record that be worsening in their country. Moreover, the government of communist Vietnam proved increasingly brazen and more aggressive behavior when constantly arresting people, arresting to those who has different views to the State, to the Party, and to the authority or makes the right to express their views peacefully, but follow the judgment of the government, such conduct may cause adverse effects to the image of the State of Vietnam, the true face worsening the party and the ruling Communist Vietnam has been trying to cover up for so long, either directly, indirectly threaten the power and interests of the party leaders and leaders of communist country now .

What we expect from the leaders of the ruling party and the communist today? expectations and hopes of change spectacular, full of good over the human rights dialogue today and in the future? or wait for the switch in the center and the goodwill of the party leaders and state communist Vietnam after the Vietnam - U.S. Human Rights Dialogue ending? answers from these progressions have been going on in Vietnam will be now "Frustrated". Well, with dictatorial nature, wild and heartless of party leaders and the communist authorities present, only the strong pressure of the international community from the outside and the strong emergence of resistance from people in the country to have any changes or changes really nice about human rights in Vietnam. Hope International Community through the brazen misconduct and the increasing of the Vietnam government will realize what they need to do for the communist regime inhumane atrocities, and the Vietnam People will pay more attention on the current situation of the country, as well as the difficulties and sufferings that the around people are suffering by the current government caused and then together to overcome the fear, stand up elimination of oppression injustice and together to reclaim their legitimate Human Rights .



A teacher was kidnapped by security
Even Lam, editor RFA

Nhà giáo Vũ Mạnh Hùng, nguyên là giảng viên trường Cao đẳng Thương mại (Bộ Công Thương)
Nhà Teacher Vu Manh Hung, a former lecturer at the College of Comerce (Ministry of Commerce)
blog nguyentuongthuy

Anh Vu Manh Hung, a professor combating corruption as well as active in issues of democracy and human rights have been taken away by the secret police yesterday and the family did not know what crime he committed.

Mr. Vu Manh Hung is also a member of No U football team, the team was established recently to demonstrate unwillingness of cow tongue that China imposed on the sovereign waters of Vietnam.

The dissident Vu Hung tell us about the case of Mr. Vu Manh Hung:

"Yesterday morning, a car and then it stops some people walking down caught him to the street-based Au Co. At Au Co, it has an anti-counterintelligence agency, subversion against the Ministry of Public Security Vietnam. Some of people was police custody there that so many people know and talk about that agency.

Previously he was a teacher of the Central College of Commerce, as he struggles to fight corruption so unfairly disciplined but without any evidence of that. They blatantly did not allow him teaching anymore and student management only, generally the kind of sitting idle. "

Ms. Thuy, wife of teacher Vu Manh Hung also said she believes he was arrested and no further information from the security of her husband's fate. Mr. Vu Hung recounted:

"When I went to see Ms. Thuy, she was in a hurry to class teaching. She told that, he struggle for democracy so will be also arrested, she was upset about it. "

While today the Human Rights Dialogue between the U.S. and Vietnam open government in Hanoi, the police arrested and held in secret the day before. This incident shows that Hanoi did not see that the dialogue is important and human rights concerns of the United States not located completely within the purpose of the represent Vietnam on the dialogue table above.

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