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The fate of the Party and the communist government of Vietnam will depend on their goodwill over how the decision with his family Doan Van Vuon



Views taking place at the regional trial his family Doan Van Vuon and the surrounding area this morning 02/04/2013 Vietnamese people feel pity and short underground instead of the so-called are "public trial" in Vietnam. With such bad situation, whether that justice is executed properly in the trial as the trial today for his family Mr. Vuon? If the government is not wrong, if the Ministry of Justice of Vietnam, brilliant clarity and trial convicted legally to people, as they always claiming before public opinion at home and abroad, is why the communist government of Vietnam need to use dense forces of police and civil defense for obstructing people and media agencies who to attend, to work .... and to see the legal process takes place in trial today. 

Moreover, in the name of a public trial and transparency, but using all forms and tricks prohibit and prevent such people, how true meaning "open" it. Does, the Vietnamese communist authorities only need to achieve their goals that despite even the unnecessary to save face for themselves anymore? Wrong policy and immoral unruly act today as well as during the past time of the leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party and government are becoming very dangerous even for themselves, but none of them seem to understand or feel. Vietnam's communist government gradually, step by step manually lock the path of life for themselves when ignore the reputation build opinions, sincere contribution from the people and even from their comrades, their teammates. 

The fate of the Vietnamese Communist Party, as well as the fate of each State party leaders and appears to have been the Almighty intended to make them more and more deeply into sin no longer escape path that typical form a series of wrongs and their vile evil tricks in time for drama Amendment democratic artificially by staging their own hands in order to deceive both the people and deceive the International community. The power of the people when to be oppressed without escape path will how strong emerge, maybe the party leader and the authorities are known clearly than anyone. Let us wait and see the results of how court rulings to the victim's family Doan Van Vuon and then witness the effects chain where people protest if justice is not returned to the the defendants in the trial today. Until then fear not only a Doan Van Vuon as has happened in the past that there will be thousands, hundreds of thousands of .... millions of Doan Van Vuon will appear on all parts of the country. 


Truyền thông Chúa Cứu Thế Việt Nam

Dòng Chúa Cứu Thế Việt Nam

Vietnamese Redemptorist

About hearing farmer Doan Van Vuon, 02/04/2013 (constantly updated)
Posted by at 6:16 AM 2/04/13

  VRNs (04/02/2013) - Haiphong - At 10 am 20: Petitioners Bui Hang Truong Van Dung and some Petitioners suppressed and was arrested away.

According to Anton Le synthesis, at 09:27 am on 02/04/2013, police and security officers, soldiers were crowd so much (thick). The fellow love Mr. Vuon was blocked in the two tops of the street and they can not enter the area of Haiphong Court because of the lackey forces of government prevent, raid and oppression.

Dr Pham Hong Son answers the interview - Photo Blog of Uncle TEU

Dr. Pham Hong Son are being altrecated by the security guards. LS Ha Huy Son unable to attend the hearing. The No-U Hanoi and Saigon have about 30 people that are in Hai Phong and complete as well as others from entering the court area. The relatives of Mr. Vuon, mother and sister recently just attended the hearing.

Said public hearing, completely transparent, but those who love Mr. Vuon, love justice has been the strategy of the police, security authorities' obstruction, raid, and dismiss. This trial has many shady and absolutely no publicity.

The area near the court was completely jammed, CA forces were delayed available way back court, go in waves.

Police dense - Photo Blog of Uncle TEU

People of Van Giang will go to Hai Phong city. Blog Uncle TEU of Dr Nguyen Xuan Dien said: "At the toll plaza over all, Hai Phong city center 20 km, the city police stopped the cars asked them to return home. People are vehemently fighting wrongdoing, unethical of Hai Phong police. there's currently 7-8 guests car kind of 45 seats of the people in Hai Phong province are blocked "entry Autonomous Region Haiphong." Everyone is preparing march to walk in the city.

Women Police prevent the work of foreign correspondents - Photos by Nguyen Huy Kham

Even in he wide field was also banned focus - Photo VRNs of the

This morning, on 02.04.2013, the Hai Phong City People's Court shall hear Mr. farmer Doan Van Vuon and the people involved. Even at 5:30 in the morning,  Van Giang people were Hai Phong police blocked the car right at the gateway to the city. Facebooker Yeu NuocViet said: "Go to see a public trial that same battle, what sign dear you?"

Makeup private Anhbasam to know the press side of the party and press side of the people in those days and this morning talked about the trial as follows:

"- Treatment Instance 2 cases of land in Tien Lang (VNN). - Hearing of the case Doan Van Vuon (TP). - Conduct preliminary hearing two cases on land in Tien Lang (VNA). - Tomorrow, adjudicate Doan Van Vuon (PT). - tomorrow Doan Van Vuon in the court (Infonet). - Doan Van Vuon before the day of trial (NDT).

- Hopefully the court will judge the justice of the case Tien Lang (RFA). - 'fair Handling is at the Party' (BBC). "Help our family and also save the Vietnamese state as well as the Communist Party of Vietnam, in the most difficult moments, we suppose ".

- 'People hope would drop Mr. Vuon ' (BBC). - Thanh Thao: Send Doan Van Vuon (Que Choa). "Why shooting mauve flower gun? / Why to" combat duty "? / If Doan Van Vuon doomed to lose shrimp lose everything / and then take years participating in the army claims / is to ever the Land Law will just be reformed? "

- Pray for the family Doan Van Vuon (BBC). - Artist Kim Chi: prayer for Doan Van Vuon (Bui Van Bong). "But the family said is just one more day trial publicity Doan Van Reaching families still do not have an invitation to court. This is information that everyone was shocked and disgusted. We wait to see the justice of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam as good as the French colonial period to handle the same Dong Noc Nan case or not? ". - OVERVIEW CASE of Dong Noc Nan (Bui Van Bong).

- Agreement to the wrongfully convicted of parishioners (RFA). Bishop Nguyen Thai Hop: "We hope that with your written agreement after many other texts of many people in the country, perhaps the authorities of the courts of Hai Phong should think again. Should also seek treatment for right, for justice, with the public conscience now. "

- Less than two days, more than 1,200 participants signed the Declaration of Justice for Doan Van Vuon passage 3 students Law - University of Saigon, launched: Nguyen Trang Nhung Bui Quang Vien (Bui Chat) and Pham Le Phuong Cac. Anyone does not sign that wants to sign, may be here to sign. - Thousands of people sign calling for justice for him Doan Van Vuon (VOA). "We understand that each of our signature, will contribute to the great strength of reason, to burst forth light light justice for Doan Van Vuon ".

- Bui Tin: case 'Cong Roc' will pass or will prevent? (VOA's blog). "A trial of the nature of modern government, of the judicial contemporary, to public opinion at home and abroad have can conclude this government, the judiciary is of the people, by the people, for the people, or kept by the Communist Party and for the Communist Party and of the Communist Party. "- The trials of Doan Van Vuon was considered no chance legal basis (RFI). - WHAT is the crime of Brothers Doan? (Bui Van Bong). Is dare to fight government leaders, protect their legitimate property!

- View some photos Tien Lang before trial Mr. Vuon (Nguyen). This is the "trophy" record "battle beautiful" of "Senior Ca" in dam Cong Roc Tien Lang. Please review: Certificate of Merit: Has fought bravely with the people in Dam Vuon, CONG ROC (JB Nguyen Huu Vinh).

- Let hold your head high up Doan Van Vuon great! (Dang Huy Van). "They robbed that may not stand up to defend themselves? / He has not attend to murder, 'flowers gun' just bought to threat mouse / But power of life and death in  hands, the Party want to say what they want / Where's is  the General Court of France in time before! (*) / I look out of the car, we are the millions of people / The petitioners Van Giang, Saigon, Can Tho City, Duong Noi ... ". - Le Thang Long - Read Nelson Mandela thought to Doan Van Vuon (Dan Luan). "

VRNs reiterate enforcement cases Tien Lang land in the case of land dispute between Mr. Doan Van Vuon in Cong Roc, Vinh Quang with family and People's Committee of Tien Lang district, Hai Phong city. The case attracted the Vietnamese public opinion as this is considered to be the peak of the conflict on land, of the shortcomings of the land law, the law enforcement at the local level and is a political loss tremendous. As a result, four policemen and two wounded military branches, six people were arrested and prosecuted, land acquisition canceled, some local officials have been suspended and removed from office.

According to Wikipedia, Doan Van Vuon (1963) live in Cong Roc, Vinh Quang, Tien Lang district, Hai Phong city, who served in the Vietnam People's Army, is an agricultural engineer graduated from the University of Agriculture Hanoi now. Since 1993, Mr. Vuon made the straps to sea for aquaculture. He started out by selling assets, borrowing friends, relatives and bank damage suffered losses during the sea, including the death of her 8-year-old daughter fell down the drain drowned in a times follow parents to the dam.

Specifically, in 1993, Tien Lang district issued the decision over to Doan Van Vuon 21ha land in Beach area south of Cong Roc belong to Vinh Quang commune for using in aquaculture purposes, shelf life is 14 years . In the process of using he arbitrarily embankment How to use beyond the assigned area.

Since 1995, he has built a high dike forming embankments for a vast dam tens of hectares along thousands of trees, parrots grow form breakwater forests. His family had shrimp ponds, fish to live.

March 1997, he reached to apply for additional land part of the sea area outside the assigned area. April 1997, Tien Lang district decision his additional assignment to Reach 19.3 hectares adjacent to the assigned area, for 14 years. In total he reached 40.3 hectares of land used for aquaculture.

The Breakwater of him was believed to have contributed to help people in the region do not have to worry about breaking recommended when the typhoon. He reached up for some of breakwaters for protect its fisheries dam, such as the public breakwaters. The district administration later also covered some segments of public breakwaters, but that the government had the embankment, not Mr. Vuon. This was rejected by the local people.

To the deadline for the assignment in 2009, Tien Lang district has procedures to recover all 40.3 ha of Mr. Doan Van Vuon. However, Mr. Vuon claimed the recovery  19.3 hectares of land to the district, then do not agree the decision of the district, he sued the court.

January 27, 2010, Tien Lang District Court hearing at first instance and dismissed his lawsuit; maintain recovery decisions. Mr. Doan Van Vuon further appeal the Court of First Instance. Hai Phong City People's Court has accepted the case file and the process of "reconciliation" with "record deal": if he withdraws, the People's Committee of Tien Lang district will continue to lease land.

After the decision to bring the case to trial April 19, 2010, he reached withdraws the appeal. Three days later, Hai Phong City People's Court decided to suspend the appellate hearing administrative cases. Then Tien Lang district has repeatedly notice his work with Mr. Vuon for the recovery of land has expired. Mr. Vuon requirements district continue to lease his land for aquaculture.

The morning of January 5, 2012, Tien Lang district enforcement conducted with a large force of more than 100 people, including police and military by Vice President Nguyen Van Khanh, head of the district but enforcement has been family Doan Van Vuon resist. Doan Van Vuon absent during the coercion incident, because at that time, was busy for going to the Haiphong People's Procuracy to appeal but the family has used mines and bullets Flower shot back to the coercive force.


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