Vietnam Human Rights Award 2013

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VRNs ( 10/16/2013 ) - California , USA - Vietnam Human Rights Network has announced the results of Vietnam Human Rights Award in 2013 . Students Nguyen Hoang Quoc Hung , lawyer Le Quoc Quan , and Tran Huynh Duy Thuc Engineer was voted Selection Committee from a list of 19 valid nominations . All three are currently being in communism prison . Human Rights Award Ceremony Vietnam 2013 will be held in Paris , France on December 8 this year , on the occasion of the 65th International Day of Human Rights  .

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October 13, 2013 

Results of the 11th Conference of the Vietnam Human Rights Network
And announcement of Vietnam Human Rights Award 2013
Congress period of the 11th Vietnam Human Rights Network ( MLNQVN ) was held in Little Saigon , California , USA , for three days from 11th to October 13th 2013 . Congress brought together 30 members from various local and national .
Congress begins with a reception on evening October 11 at the Vietnam Institute of Education with the presence of about 100 delegates representing unions , friends , countrymen and some elected officials in the United States Southern California . Keynote speaker , Dr. Can Thi Bich Ngoc , Chairman of the Executive Committee of International Association Physicians Free Vietnam , from Montréal , Canada , presented the role of the Vietnam community Overseas before Democratic breeze .
Organizers spent the first part of memorial reception for two MLNQVN counselor who died in the past year , which is the poet Nguyen Chi Thien and Nguyen Tuong Bach Doctor . Two lifelong fighter for human rights ideals sacrificed for human rights , freedom , and democracy of the people of Vietnam .
In particular , during the opening reception of Congress , has announced the results MLNQVN Vietnam Human Rights Award in 2013 . Students Nguyen Hoang Quoc Hung , lawyer Le Quoc Quan , and Tran Huynh Duy Thuc Engineer was voted Selection Committee from a list of 19 valid nominations . All three are being currently in communism prison . Human Rights Award Ceremony Vietnam 2013 will be held in Paris , France on December 8 this year , on the occasion of the 65th International Day of Human Rights .
Students Nguyen Hoang Quoc Hung, 32 , graduated from the University of computing technology Saigon . Whether is a computer engineer , but he has full-time voluntary to engage in the struggle for the rights of workers . He secretly attend in the 2th period of the Committee to Protect Workers in Malaysia late 2009 . That same year , he with two friends secret capture multiple images Highlands Chinese bauxite and move to the Internet as evidence to struggle with rulers . He is also the one who organized strikes demanding workers' rights , forcing employers to accept the claims of workers , notably strikes of more than 10 thousand workers of the My Phong shoe factory Tra Vinh in late January 2010 . He was arrested on 24-2-2010 at Lam Dong , solitary confinement , and constantly beaten and mental coercion , limited family visitation . At the trial court in Tra Vinh on 26-10-2010 and at the appeal hearing on 18-3-1011 He and two comrades rejected all accusations of prosecutor and judge , absolutely not pleaded guilty , and denounce the act of threatening inhuman communist police during interrogation . Nguyen Hoang Quoc Hung was sentenced to 9 years in prison , Do Thi Minh Hanh and Doan Huy Chuong 7 years in prison . From the court to the prison , Hanh, Hung and Chuong was shouting : " Down with communism " , and was brutally beaten by the police .

Lawyer Le Quoc Quan, 42 , was a brave struggle for human rights and liberal democracy for Vietnam . He fought for the right to religious freedom by participating in vigils and protests of the parishioners at the Nunciature in Hanoi and Thai Ha parish (2007 and 2008) . As a lawyer , he spoke of the case justify such injustice case Dr. Cu Huy Ha Vu . As a patriot , he coal in the protests against the Chinese invasion and independent candidates to Congress to fight public by law but the government was plotting to remove . Although repeatedly arrested assault communist threat , but he still kept his ground , never give up the ideal , and strive for justice , dignity and freedom . Lawyer Le Quoc Quan was arrested a third time on 28-12 - 2012 . To disable his activity , VN communist court condemned him to 30 months in prison and fine of 1.2 billion fabricated charges of tax evasion last October 2 . He is trusted , loving from people , especially the youth , intellectuals and Roman Catholics . He was more human rights organizations in the world hailed .

Engineer Tran Huynh Duy Thuc, 47, is a highly successful industry leader in the field of information technology . He also spent a lot of time thinking and research on the situation of the country . He combined with Le Thang Long , Le Cong Dinh research group founded Chan and solutions proposed reforms . 4/ 2007, he launched the blog Tran Dong Chan to widely published article analyzes the economic, political , and social risks that the country must be being faced . Apart from the writings " The way of Vietnam " with recommendations respecting human rights and support the strategy to overcome the risk of economic collapse are written with multiple authors , Tran Huynh Duy Thuc also written a book of its own in English is called " Quest for democracy and prosperity Hewing " ( Vietnamese title : Journey to the essence of democracy and prosperity ) , called on the people of Vietnam make confident choices instead of fear to be a indispensable in the democracy . Since the article attracted the attention of the online community and prepare activities for Vietnamese water Democratic Movement , dated 24-5-2009 , he was arrested at his home , then turn all key members of the team must receive got a heavy prison sentence . At the hearing on 20-1-2010 , he loudly declared : " I do not overthrow anything. I'm just against abuse of power and I will fight it until it is found " , so he was sentenced to 16 years in prison , 5 years probation .
During the meeting, the participants reviewed the situation of human rights defenders around the world and in Vietnam , to review the activities of MLNQVN to withdraw strengths and weaknesses , and propose strategies and the important work for the future .
The Congress elected Coordination Committee and the Board of Supervisors for 2013-2015 courses . Congress has renewed confidence in Dr. Nguyen Ba Tung as Chief Coordinator and Dr. Nguyen Van Duc , KS Do Nhu Dien , and GS Do Anh Tai in Oversight Board .
On the third day of the conference is devoted to expanding the symposium entitled " Youth diaspora and the struggle for human rights for the people in the country " with the participation and lively discussions of about 20 leaders director of the local youth follows the suggestion of four panelists : Ms. Tu Khue , Human Rights Commissioner of the Canadian Association of Vietnam , Nguyen Minh Huy Anh , Head of youth - Student Gold Flag San Jose Ms. Lan Vy , head of the Women's Association for Human Rights , and Mr. Ly Phong , former President of the Vietnam Student Association of Southern California . Symposium coordinated by Dr. Truong Minh Tri come from Canada .
At last, the General Assembly adopted Statement before the current human rights situation in Vietnam . Here is the verbatim Statement :




XI Conference of the Vietnam Human Rights Network

Period of the Eleventh Congress of the Vietnam Human Rights Network held at the City of Westminster , California , USA 11 , 12 , and October 13, 2013 stated that :

- The struggle for dignity and human rights in all parts of the world are continuing to take place with many good prospects hope to create excitement for the fight progress in many parts of the world .

- In Vietnam , although the communist leaders as increasingly brutal repression , using all wicked tricks to maintain totalitarian dictatorship , the movement to fight for Freedom , Civil owner , Human Rights and still every day a more powerful development , especially with the broad participation of many young people .

From the above statement , Congress declared solemnly :

- Condemn and denounce the increased persecution of the communist government of Vietnam for religious believers , the petitioners , the Patriots against the policy of the Chinese invasion and political dissidents is to protect human dignity and human rights of all citizens Vietnam .

- Welcoming the positive spirit of sacrifice , overcoming fear of masses of people - especially young people - have been determined to stand up to expand regional participation of civil society to demand the human rights of the people of Vietnam .

- Call on governments, international human rights organizations , and the people of the world to continue practical support for the people of Vietnam in their struggle for human dignity and human rights in Vietnam .

- Continue to support mental and physical struggle for human rights in their homeland , disseminate information and promote the values ​​of human rights to all classes of the people of Vietnam .

Done in Westminster , California , October 13, 2013
MLNQVN sent directly to VRNs