Thai Ha parish opening month of the Rosary

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VRNs ( 05/10/2013 ) - Ha Noi - parish of Thai Ha , Hanoi Redemptorist opening month of the Rosary .

After a 19 -hour Mass , the procession also nghing Lady of the Rosary procession around the church campus .

The end of the procession . Catholic families away from home in Hanoi has offered up on behalf of the Parish of Our Lady of the Rosary flowers grace the dance shows filial affection for the Mother of the Rosary month sages occasion .

Father Joseph Nguyen Van Phuong parish invites families , associations , parishes in diligence Parish Rosary . Every organization , every parish offering initiatives and general sessions rosary Rosary this month .


Diocese of Bac Ninh solemn feast of the Holy Rosary - Guardian Diocese .

Archbishop Bac Ninh 05/10/2013: Feast of the Holy Rosary Diocese Sponsor this year is a special organization , the presence of Archbishop Leopoldo Girelli pope represents not resident in Vietnam , 113 group offer flowers , with 5,023 children offering flowers flower contest , competition doctrine .
Chilly autumn sky , deep blue sky high , from dawn , in group entered the court premises Bishop . There are some brother sisters who not often going by cars  , to ensure the health of them for exam is good , a delegation come from the afternoon of 04 / 10 .
At 09 hours, there were 113 groups , with more than 1200 Catholic Mothers attending catechism competition and offer flowers . Organizers were divided into 20 groups for ease in scoring . Mgr Cosma Hoang Van Dat, former Vicar Father Joseph Tran Quang Vinh had come early to the opening and to the point to take a group photo with flowers .
The entire Bishops Court area as a forest of Flower , here it is the grading table very seriously , along with the tunes of traditional culture insinuating , melodious ring , are embedded with the gentle dance , grace appearance , dignified , light fever .
In the afternoon , after meeting representatives Archbishop Leopoldo Girelli Pope 's teaching program competition more exciting and attractive . Every day Rosary sisters are mothers , but today she seemed to " set aside " motherhood . The scores were extremely tense as every day they " Children's test  "  . The " mother " and national colors , can also drastically talent , understanding the Word of God , teaching .
Masses celebrated Our Lady of the Rosary Sponsor Bac Ninh diocese at 18 h 30 , with the presence of the Apostolic Nuncio , Mgr Cosma Hoang Van Dat , Vicar General Fr Joseph Nguyen Duc Hieu and a large of Fathers , men and women clergy , the parish , the Church Committee , a large of rosary sisters and laity . After Mass was offered floral community thank God , Mary Rosary .

October deep glamour of Rosary
Respectfully to Mother of God's glory
Heart flowers deep glamour of Faith
Please dedicated to the Virgin Mary every day . ( Tram Thien Thu ) .

Experience the power and prestige of Mary , Father Dominic Dinh Quang Huy wrote : Whoever loves Mary earnestly , sure as long as the salvation of the faithful . Let's pray for many people, especially young people today, as well as every person in Bac Ninh diocese know dear Mary , Rosary diligently , living faith -  practice full of humanity let our loved Homeland is fruitfulness .

Image in Bac Ninh Bishops Court :

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Gặp gỡ Đức Tổng Giám Mục Leopoldo Girelli
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Thánh lễ Mừng Đức Mẹ Mân Côi
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5,023 con hoa Dâng hoa cộng đồng
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Source : Diocese of Bac Ninh