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Do Minh Tuyen

Following the chain of communion and sharing from many parishes , dioceses nationwide ... today Sunday 06-10-2013 , nearly 50 thousand Catholics from parishes from all of roads ... flock together in Thuan Nghia congregation , Vinh Diocese to attend Mass communion , sharing and prayer for parish My Yen ... pray for truth , justice and peace in the country of Vietnam . .. before the brazen acts and brutal communist rulers of Vietnam against the Catholic Church in particular ... and targeting your religion on the country in general . Events brutal repression and brutality in parish My yen in the past days of the ruling Communist Vietnam ... as the final straw which's created widespread outrage from most Catholics and abroad ...

However, with a spirit of charity and love each other ... the leaders of the Catholic Church Vietnam ... Vietnam Bishops' Council ... archbishops , the bishops , the Priests and the men and women Clergy always urges Catholics in Vietnam in foreign policy which has always shared with My Yen , the victims of religious persecution and brutal barbarians in the past . .. by communion and prayer ... although the communist authorities Vietnam again and again sought misinterpreted ... find ways to denigrate the Catholic Church Vietnam ... and apply every evil tricks to cause split solidarity among fellow Catholics and non-believers ... as well as a blatant interference in the internal activities of Religion.

Image communion and prayer today tens of thousands of Catholics in Thuan Nghia , Vinh Diocese ... Once again shows the spirit of communion immutable shared among the Catholic faithful Vietnam ... and also a strong message which sends to the Nghe An provincial government authorities in particular and Vietnam Communist government in general  ... about the inviolability nature of the right to Freedom of Belief ... a sacred and fundamental rights of legitimate Christians in particular and to all other religious composition of the country in general . Any attempt to harm from the authorities will be completely failed. Not only that , also bring the opposite effect for them ... and just add the more closely united among lay communities together ... as well as the correlation between the components Religion . By the month of the Holy Rosary , we earnestly invite the Catholic faithful throughout the country ... let's laborious times Dear Mary Rosary ... pray for the victims in My Yen parish ... for the peace of Vietnam Catholic Church ... For real Peace of World  ... and , justice always reigns in Vietnam


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    Gần 50 ngàn giáo dân Giáo hạt Thuận Nghĩa cầu nguyện cho Giáo xứ Mỹ Yên
    10/06/2013 Sunday morning , the highway 1A seems to become  too small when tens of thousands of people from the parish , from the streets flocked to Thuan Nghia venue . The power of communion and solidarity has broken down all the differences , separation barriers , to nearly 50 thousand laity in congregations across their hearts in the same plaza Vu Dang Khoa pray for Catholics My Yen in the attack immediate hardship .
    Mass starts at 7:30 in the presence of fathers in parishes , clergy , associations , unions departments .
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    In sharing the Gospel, Father Anthony Nguyen Van Dinh jurisdiction Mass celebrant was reviewing the history of the rosary , which highlights the benefits of bringing the Rosary : " Thanks to the spread of devotion this ( Rosary ) , the believer becomes more engrossed in meditation and pray more earnestly , they quickly changed extraordinarily darkness of heresy disappeared giving way to the light of the Catholic faith flushing to innovation in glory " ( quoted Pope Pio V ) . Before the context of social hysteria in Vietnam today , Father Anthony to continue to raise these issues of injustice , tyranny which people are exposed every day . In the invitation to the congregation to pray for parishioners My Yen and two persons who were Nghe An arrest , he said:" Along with the diocese , nearly 50 thousand congregations parishioners of Thuan Nghia continue to condemn the injustice , violence , deceit caused by the government , particularly against government Nghe An arrest innocent people and ask for the release of Mr. Ngo Van Khoi and Nguyen Van Hai to  condemn Nghe An authorities in using violent crackdown laity on the afternoon of 04.09.2013 in My Yen , condemning the Nghe An and the central government distorted and distorting the truth , double-tongued to cover up the constant duplicity and irresponsibility of the  authority Ruling . "
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    Thuan Nghia is the second largest congregations of the Diocese of Vinh , with nearly 50 thousand faithful in 13 parishes total . Traditional morality and history has long been kindled in every heart of the mission lay through solidarity and a pleasing sacrifice to the needs of the Church . Along with the diocese , in the past , Thuan Nghia congregation always bunkered with the heartbreaking incident occurred in My Yen .

    Mass ended in fervent atmosphere of solemnity . Peace prayer as candle was burning taken up to Mary Rosary , the desire for justice and peace soon be implemented to parishioners My Yen and Vietnam Fatherland beloved .

    Pet. Vĩnh Nghĩa
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