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Do Minh Tuyen

Really no longer nothing to say or debate worth anything anymore ... the policies and behavior of the regime which's not like anybody of the ruling communist Vietnam today. Authorities in Vietnam so long always sit on the laws and Constitution of the State ... arrested and detained citizens arbitrarily without reason ... even without compliance accordance with the law ... highly publicized trial , but does not allow people to attend ... even relatives of the accused and witnesses needed in case ... except for power duty of the police to protect and prevent ... ! .. defense lawyers in the courtroom, then as a decoration item for a painting called "Democracy " following communist style ... because weak real role of this defense lawyer did not have any effect on the decision of the Court. Sometimes not even to be allowed to fully present their arguments or even prohibited from allowing to argue with the prosecutor .

Now , even the safety of himself attorney also was threatened general then the lawyers trained in Vietnam ...what for... ? or is it necessary to set up such a tribunal session as so long or not ... or just let the police authorities arrest anyone whom they want to arrest ... or imprison anyone for as long as they like do not need to consider processing more cumbersome and more notorious and complex . Perhaps no any countries where the justice sector as the Ministry of Justice of Vietnam now ... and also no any ruling regimes in the world have a kind of inhuman treatment as regime thugs communist government in Vietnam today. While the national Democratic world is getting more complete Judiciary , Legislative and Executive of his ... then in Vietnam , a country with a proud history of four thousand years of civilization . .. always claiming that a law state ... by the people and for the people ... for the dreaded lag both legal and ethical human conscience .

The defense lawyer for the accused Dinh Nhat Uy today was threatened by government so serious mental persecution that have commited decision not to continue to defense anymore for defendants...shows the unlimited thuggish nature of communist government of Vietnam ... and also a wake-up call to the international community ... or for those who for so long still blindly trust to the  Vietnam's communist authorities . In Vietnam country today, all power is concentrated in leaders' hands of Vietnam Communist Party ... Vietnam National Assembly , or the organization of the sector departments Legislative , Judicial and Executive such as Court , Procuratorate , the People's Committee at all levels , government inspectors .. v. .. v ... is conceived as a democratic screen plate for the regime ... in fact , all decision , every plan , rules or policies set forth are from organizations that real power is the highest communist Party of Vietnam ... and so all of us can easily understand the reason why the leaders of the Communist Party of Vietnam steadfast , resolute to defend the existence of Article 4 of the Draft Constitution the Constitutional Amendment of State Vietnam past time .


Lawyer retreated for Dinh Nhat Uy case 

Update : 07:32 GMT - Monday, October 28th, 2013
Phiên tòa Uyên-Kha
Lawyer Luong has ever participated to defend Nguyen Phuong Uyen
Mr. Nguyen Thanh Luong , a defense attorney for the accused relating to national security , said he was ' automatically adjusted to suit the situation ' after ' being reminded by authority ' .
Most recently , Mr. Liang has decided retreating not defend for Dinh nhat Uy , who was convicted of " abusing democratic freedoms to infringe upon the interests of the State and organizations , citizens ' under Article 258 the Penal Code .
Before that , Mr. Luong had ever defend for defendant accused of ' anti- state ' as blogger Ta Phong Tan , Dinh Dang Dinh teacher and most recently is the student Nguyen Phuong Uyen .


Talking to the BBC on 28/10 , attorney Luong said the reason he withdrew from the case of Dinh Nhat Uy because ' no longer energy ' and ' to avoid mistakes . "
He explained that his energy never the same before because in the trial that he had to defend ' the role of lawyers do not work ' .
As for mistakes , he explained that ' with the statement , and something caught the law , the professional organization that does not allow ' .
" I saw the car go ahead have fallen , so I go behind should be avoided , " he said subtext .
" In the Dinh Nhat Uy case had two lawyers he Ha Huy Son and Nguyen Van Ly , then , " he said , " Well I for simpler , less problems . "
" There are many correlate relationships that I can not be frankly , " he said .
Although no longer defend Dinh Nhat Uy any more , but the lawyer Luong said his aspirations ' was putting in a petition for the release of Dinh Nhat Uy ' .
However, he said if there are similar cases in the future, he still stands out excuses ' that is ethics ' .
" What is important is the result , or an effect and cons of , " he said .
" Helping people , but not to such an ephemera . "

Harassment OR COMMENTS ?

When asked by the authorities himself has nothing harassment or not , he said ' there were many reminders of its agencies should also be careful , do not participate in temporary help for the young ' .
Luật sư Nguyễn Thanh Lương
Mr. Luong joined the case to defend the cases ' anti- state ' in the past
Mr. Luong is currently a lawyer in Ben Tre Bar Association .

" The organization and security agencies have contact me on constructive spirit , contribution , or a warning prompt help, " he said .

" At the critical angle , one can see that the raid , terrorists , cause trouble , " he added , " I stand between silence permitted to limit the other annoyances . "
But he also said ' I do not have personal mistakes ' to be reminded .
" There are conflicting views about the law , how to recognize problems , " he explained , adding that he is a citizen .
" One side is the prevailing view of the State , a system of government , I have no respect What else can be said . "
" In the circumstances I am a citizen is legally practice in Vietnam is only limited to what the law allows it," he added .
But what he has said or argued before, he said he ' did not regret ' .

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