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Billions of dollars lost due to CORRUPTION ... horrifying dilemma IN FUTURE OF ODA IN VIETNAM ...


Do Minh Tuyen

The project to build Long Thanh airport with funds expected to invest about $ 8 billion , equivalent to 168 trillion Vietnam (in current prices ) ... a huge project pending are being waited for approval by Congressional Vietnam ... now faces opposition from the public ... due to lack of viable , non- reality ... not only will not bring economic benefits as planned from the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam , managing investment agency ... but also cause wasting and loss ... and will create more debt heaped on people ... in the context of the country 's economy was in severe recession ... because of rampant corruption in the country during the past several years ... and raises doubts about the ability of the hand is involved from the " Group benefits " of capital ODA in Vietnam today ... is totally founded need to be carried out in a transparent dissection .

Over the past decades , under the leadership and the way of authoritarian rule , authoritarianism and despotism of the ruling Communist Vietnam ... people have been gagged and completely lost the its legitimacy capacity to participate issues of country ... as was specified in the Constitution of the State ... and the International Covenant on Civil and Political rights of the United Nations . The reference input from the people of the important political issues of the country and tremendous as in the campaign referendum on the draft Constitution Amendment of State past time ... entirely in form of sham democracy . In fact , all the views and comments from such people ... from the Group of 72 leading intellectuals from Vietnam ... Vietnam Bishops' Council ... and public opinion at home and abroad ... but is considered contrary to the opinion of the State are ignored outright ... even to the Vietnam National Assembly where's supposedly most powerful of country ... just is a puppet authorities ... with phantom power to exist on paper only .

The paradox of the above has led to social unrest ...  and the Vietnam country fell into a recession more severe everyday ... corruption has been not punished and control in place to place . Most members of Congress and government officials at all levels are members of Vietnam communist party ... and most of them seem to have been effectively protected before the laws by the shield of Article 4 in Constitution ... allows ( only communist Party to lead country ) ... this corresponds with the ticket which is immune from death of King time ago ... is one of the main reasons that encourage staff members of the State to commit offence , corruption and negative ...that the series of the hit caused by past corruption as : PMU18 , Vinashin , Vinalines ... is the most eloquent evidences. If Vietnam continues to exist above consequences without any real change ... is not mention anything to prevent corruption negative effectively ... that even fate Vietnam country's future ... becomes dark , also is of course difficult to avoid .


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Eight billion dollars for Long Thanh airport : Is there ODA interests group ?

Họa đồ dự án sân bay Long Thành (DR)
Họa đồ dự án sân bay Long Thành (DR)


The public questioned , whether the hands of interest groups in the ODA or not ? RFI has put this issue with commentator Chi Dung Pham in Ho Chi Minh City .

Pham Chi Dung commentator - Saigon
by Thụy My
RFI : Dear Mr Pham Chi Dung , so thank you for accepting interviews . You have nothing to comment about Long Thanh airport project , which provides investment if the exchange rate today to over 168 trillion Vietnam ?

Not to say different, the project 's Long Thanh airport Airports Corporation Vietnam Airlines again caused big upset in public opinion in recent days . Especially when 13 courses 6th session of Congress begins .

Airports Corporation Vietnam Airlines has submitted a project can be said with some capital can say is horrifying : 8 billion dollars , accounting for 6% of the national GDP for Long Thanh airport ! In the notes , the Corporation is expected to build an airport city with 70,000 residents , create jobs for 40,000 people . However, there are many ideas rejected .

Even in recent days , voters in some places , such as voters in Ho Chi Minh City has proposed to the National Assembly delegation to consider the Long Thanh airport project . With some capital so horrible they are necessary in the context of Vietnam 's economy is severely degraded like this or not ? At the same time they are both comparable to the Tan Son Nhat airport operators have not been at full capacity , then how can we build another airport ?

One of the arguments most profound rejection ,  was the Associate Professor Dr Nguyen Thien Tong . He taught at the Polytechnic University of Ho Chi Minh City , and the former is more critical opinions about political issues and social economy . Mr. Nguyen Thien Tong had to use the phrase " a blind trust " to talk about the public has been convinced by the data of the Department of Aviation and Aviation Airports Corporation launched .

Accordingly , Tan Son Nhat airport can only pick up 25 million visitors a year , did not increase anymore . Due to the overload that 2020 should be moved to another location as Long Thanh airport to welcome more international visitors .

But Mr. Nguyen Thien Tong said that the argument of the Department of Aviation and Aviation Airports Corporation is absolutely not true . He singling out such of Singapore Changi Airport has an area of ​​1,300 hectares , larger than half the Tan Son Nhat Airport today ( 800 acres ) , with a capacity of up to 50 million customers . Thus, with 800 acres of Tan Son Nhat , 2/3 of Changi , the number of visitors may increase to 35 million passengers a year . Which is only a relative comparison of the area only.

Mr. Nguyen Thien Tong also give evidence fairly accurate assessment , complete and fair comparison between the Statistical Yearbook of the City Bureau of Statistics , with evidence of Airports Corporation Vietnam Airlines , for saw two other figures apart. According to the Bureau of Statistics , from 2005 to 2012 , the percentage of international flights decreased from 56.5 % to 35.5 % . Inside Long Thanh airport project predicts that 90 % of international visitors , only 10 % is domestic . Meanwhile , at Tan Son Nhat is the opposite : 90 % is domestic , only 10 % were international visitors . Mr. Nguyen Thien Tong said that the ability of Long Thanh airport has no passengers is certainly .

The difference between the calculated results are great . Thus it has been deliberately exaggerated figures to build Long Thanh airport . And he also doubts if trying to sketch out for more up to forecast future demand more is very dangerous .

There is also another factor : compared to the domestic airport in the region , the assessment of growth for Vietnam Airlines clearer . Metrics such as overall growth rate in the airport of Singapore , Malaysia , Bangkok and found the average rate low , and much lower than the growth rate of the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam for 10 to 20 compute next year .

It is also a reason that people argue as to Prof. Nguyen Thien Tong that the production forecast for aviation at Tan Son Nhat airport , you need to be independently verified . This is necessary to avoid big losses in the construction of Long Thanh airport . As with the economic data such techniques which deliberately kept investors on the likelihood of loss is very high and slow payback .

I also see a problem independent verification is necessary , because actually in Vietnam is currently no independent monitoring organization for the areas considered as sensitive as ODA . ODA that is a long time in the past there has been a huge loss , including signs that more corruption .

RFI : You can set a number of examples of waste ODA ?

ODA waste issue has been raised for a long time , and there are many examples to evidence . The most typical is the PMU 18 case in 2006 , which is the head of PMU 18 Bui Tien Dung of the Ministry of Transport , who had a beer in the shower by his relationship with women . Dissipated fall to such a level that still nominally members , high -level officials of the state have seen enough of how ODA spending money . That's a big deal , because the press found out , can not delayed unnecessarily , then had to put together some Dung accomplices to trial .

In 2011, also the Ministry of Transport is made ​​plans to build high-speed rail north-south speed is 300-400 km / hour at a cost of up to 55 billion dollars ! That is accounted for half of the national GDP at that time .

We can say this is a terrible project that somehow ministries , especially the Ministry of Communications , the almost blindly accepted the proposal made ​​by the Railway , and submitted to the government . But then public opinion was fiercely fought , and ultimately very fortunate that in 2013 high-speed rail project has been canceled . Only canceled $ 55 billion project , but it still made ​​a part , but that still makes smaller scale .

Also need to say more about the responsibilities of the Ministry of Transport . The making of this huge project , eats a lot of money - money from the budget , borrow money from foreign countries - in the year in which the economy is almost complete degradation . On 4/2012 in the context of Vietnam 's economy has entered recession in the fourth year, the Transport Ministry also launched projects for 10,000 billion from the budget to build a new headquarters . Immediately public opinion reacted very evil, for a proposed bizarre , totally unaccountable to the people .

As in previous years , issues related to ODA , the Japanese media - newspapers , not is Vietnam press have found international consulting firm Pacific Japan had to bribe Vietnamese officials in charge of the East - West Highway project in Ho Chi Minh City part commission equal to 10 % of the contract value . Now there is also a chief of East - West PMU Bui Ngoc Si ​​, as I remember , the bribe money he is on $ 800,000 . Officers then he had to get the heavy sentence .

There are also other illustrations about waste and corruption in ODA . Most recently , in 2012 just ahead of Denmark Consultative Group meeting of donors mid 2012, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not hesitate to declare cease ¾ ODA funding for Vietnam by room authorities suspect some units use more wrong about 11.4 billion of the total amount 69 billion financed by Denmark , which is equivalent to about 19.9 million CZK .

Even with the corruption rate , the specific loss of ODA in Vietnam . For example, in a rare times I read on VietNamNet online newspaper cited a specific illustration : in 2009-2010 , after the Japanese Embassy in Vietnam will announce the grants to a number of province for building schools , roads and infrastructure ... there is a woman that the newspaper dare not to be named, said only a resident of Vinh city , Nghe an province . This woman contacted with leaders of many commune in Ha Tinh  to put the issue to run the project, with the success conditions for her to cut 40 % ;

Then ODA from Japan has been pouring in for three communes in Ha Tinh province , including one named Gia Pho commune received 80,000 dollars to build schools .

Commune authorities have taken $ 8,000 divided by another , and then took additional 24,000 dollars spent on the woman as brokers . 40 % rate similar happened in Cam Xuyen district . And being misappropriate , the educational institutions , roads in three communes must reduce the size and quality .

Since the phenomenon of corruption , loss of ODA over the past few years , Vietnam has shown in form of ODA interests . It is interest group activity based on proprietary and specific policy questions associated with friendship groups including the politicians to hook assembly , has been the exclusive contract and allocated to ODA local commission .

In the past 15 years , Vietnam has received $ 30 billion in ODA funds to implement development projects thousands of infrastructure such as airports , seaports , power systems , including poverty deleting , improve the environment and ecology . But to understand this one thing , not all of ODA is free payment  , which is a very small portion of non-refundable aid , accounting for only 3-5 % only. Left mostly loans with interest rates actually not entirely preferential .

Therefore, the risk of corruption in the use of these funds is increasing , the level of corruption is getting worse . Meanwhile, anti-corruption measures but still wasting state mentioned is to make a drastic but in fact nothing drastic at all. Most of the cases were detected by the ODA by the press and people , totally were not discovered by the state .

RFI : So Long Thanh airport project is just one example of the use of ODA alone ?

The real problem, Long Thanh airport or another airport project is a part . A few years ago people said there is a movement to build a massive port in Vietnam , also with ODA . There are independent peer reviewers stated that the port project is also expected in the economic and technical feasibility study is of great ships and cargo . But now the port is still vacant .

Another example , such as Professor Van Truong , a person with experience in transportation and irrigation , has raised some experience in implementing ODA projects involving a number of officials . Such projects Lach Huyen port in Hai Phong has made ​​it clear that the role of a number of organizations , and the push by some state officials to scientists . Even reports of Lach Huyen project is approximately 20 point questions of the Board relating to scientific methodology , the problem of computational engineering , the adverse impact on the environment ... not yet released the clear , but the authorities still exercise authority to open a package , as a fait accompli .

Professor Van Truong also give some more examples quite sharp. Such power project of Vinacomin in Cam Pha , or project the Ben Luc , Long An , 58 km long ,  only has the price of $ 1.6 billion but created up to $ 2.2 billion . Or métro project Hanoi is only 12 km long , but the price to over $ 900 million , means about $ 75 million for a kilometer in length . Métro in Ho Chi Minh City is the same price , and the price at Noi Bai T2 terminal also up to 900 million dollars .

He put the question to the Government , especially the Ministry of Transport , how can explain to people for whatever reason that transportation projects in Vietnam with high investment rates than rich countries such as the U.S. and South Korea ?

Until 2020 , then planned airports , Vietnam will have 26 ports are put into operation from the current port 21 , which is 5 more airports anymore . It may also mean that there will be 5 more projects also horrible Long Thanh airport , and will appear more negative . At that time, the responsibility will belong to? Many voters , the people there is a way to push for future debt , and pour it on the children .

RFI : While the build new airport in Long Thanh, where there is no infrastructure , the Tan Son Nhat Airport is still unused , is bringing 157 acres leased to the golf course . But public opinion was criticized , but in Tan Binh district , the golf course project has developed Tan Son Nhat almost over though there is no investment certificates . So if this is something that have been already again or not ?

Two years ago , the Tuoi Tre newspaper first mentioned is pretty deep on this issue , and then many other newspapers raised questions . Why must build a golf course in the airport , while unused capacity of the airport ? Why the lack of a procedure that golf course project has been approved ? And recently why have not  been approved that has built the hotel , the golf course restaurant in the airport ?

Recently voters Ho Chi Minh City had to speak up that not seen a public airport in the world to have a golf course in it . Moreover golf course in Vietnam is overloaded : nearly 120 golf courses in 2011 .

Previously, public golf course for the project belongs to a military unit . Do not know if that is a reason very delicate and sensitive or not , but then seems to have guidance from the Central Propaganda , should the press a long time quietly , do not post about this issue again .

Only recently , when the problem surfaced golf course and the direction of the Politburo ,of the Party that must limit to take land of rice cultivation for making golf course , then there are new people to repeat . And so far , together with the issue of Long Thanh airport , the golf course construction in the Tan Son Nhat airport just been mentioned . It is clear that has placed it into the already status .

Actually workshop on Long Thanh airport project was held from May 7/2013 . Airports Corporation Vietnam Airlines hopes this October , which is now , Congress will officially through the project .

Procedures to follow such procedures . Technical and economic feasibility study should be evaluating the State Council , and then wait for the Government , the National Assembly then adopted investment policy . This project is a huge project to test the country's National Assembly to be involved . So put the responsibility on the shoulders of the National Assembly . And in the ongoing Parliament session is considered a key , which will be referred to a number of socio-economic problems .

Parliament will also discuss , requests the Government to report the problem to add some more of Vinashin and Vinalines . Which Vinashin with at least $ 4 billion loss , Vinalines services can also have up to thousands of billions , is the very large cases .

Now if implemented projects such as Long Thanh airport without effect , wasting , big losses , the future debt responsibility will belong to whom? But I think the government definitely the pressure of public opinion and concerns of the people, will have to revisit this issue .

RFI : Please thankful commentators Chi Dung Pham please join our project today 

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