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Facebooker DINH NHAT UY on probation ... NOT SATISFACTORY on public opinion... AND not reflect the independence of the judiciary IN VIETNAM .


Do Minh Tuyen

Verdict 1 year 3 months in prison but suspended sentence for Facebokker Dinh Nhat Uy , who was accused on charges of "abusing democratic freedom , infringement of interests of the State " under Article 258 of the Criminal Procedure Code the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in the sentencing hearing today 29-10-2013 at people's Court in Long An province , Vietnam ... in fact still not meet the common aspirations of the majority of the people of Vietnam ... and do not reflect the independence of the justice sector in Vietnam . Vietnam Social in past decades is gradually regressed for both of legal and human moral conscience ... the power system of the ruling communist regime allowed himself always right sitting on the laws and constitution of the State ... lead to dominant the whole policy of the State and the role with independent nature of the legislature , Justice and Law Enforcement in Vietnam .

This is the first time in Vietnam and around the world , all of us saw a citizen on trial for using Facebook to speak his opinion ... including asking justice for loved ones ... against the bureaucracy and wrongdoing of government ... and against acts of aggression from the communist government of China ... particularly in the context of Vietnam is the country fell into a severe recession in all aspects ... rampant corruption and negative arise everywhere in the apparatus of government ... in authorities at all levels from local to Central Government ... push people to miserable living and bring the country day and day more closer to the brink . Laments for fellow Vietnam today ... on capacity is a country was unified , independent and peace... and human rights is always day and night was relentlessly propagated by government such as something that is inviolable ... but in fact , their lives are sometimes not good as the animal species ... when having ears but like the deaf , with eyes but like the blind and having mouth without the right to speak .

And all things above have been clearly reflected through a court session with full wrong  and unjust verdict for  Facebooker Dinh Nhat Uy today. Domestic and international public opinion so long still remains strong criticism about the vague and arbitrary interpretation of the Criminal Code includes things like Article 88 ( propaganda against the State ) , Article 79 ( conspiracy to overthrow the government ) and Article 258 ( Taking advantage of Democratic Liberties and infringe upon the interests of the country ) ... aimed at silencing people and solid protection for power chair and personal interests of the totalitarian communist leaders in Vietnam . Do not know the leader of the State of Vietnam in moment has any  thought or feeling to the suffering and frustrations that people in Vietnam have been suffering for so long or not ... but only seeing oppression and injustice  in Vietnam social is become increasing more that burdened on the heads of people . Vietnam Social's unrest will be given up ...  and Vietnam country will truly be an independent country peace and stability proper ... if Human Rights is  really respected by Vietnam communist Ruling ... and the full range vaguely wrong in the Criminal Procedure Code of Vietnam said on no longer exists .



Probation sentence for Facebooker Dinh Nhat Uy

Update : 06:23 GMT - Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

Dinh Nhat Uy is the first person to be treated in accordance with Article 258
Long An Provincial Court on 29/10 sentences Dinh Nhat Uy , brother of Nguyen Dinh Kha , 1 year 3 months in prison for probation for the crime advantage of democratic freedoms under Article 258 of the Penal Code ,  Dinh Nhat Uy 's defense lawyer said .
Besides , Dinh Nhat Uy also experienced a challenging year , lawyer Ha Huy Son said
Mr. Uy as Facebook user ( Facebooker ) in Vietnam was first treated under Article 258 , which many argue is the limit freedom on the internet .

Replies BBC by telephone after the hearing , which took place in a few hours morning 29/10 , attorney Son said that the verdict was " not objective " .
" Two lawyers have taken the view that the victim had not lost anything of interest to the physical and mental component of criminal liability under Article 258 , but the court did not hear the opinion of lawyer and sentenced follow proposal of the Procuracy , "he said . However, he also said the judgment of Dinh Nhat Uy is " located in the predicted direction."
"Maybe it was for the relatively high court to deter others , but for probation , or if to prison is the period can be shorter , because Dinh Nhat Uy , are not the person that government very worried , " he said .
When asked about attitude of Uy when hearing sentencing , Mr. Son said " Dinh Nhat Uy still believe he is unfairly , not guilty . "
" Uy has suggested in court that if I have something wrong victims may request the civil lawsuit , if anything, my compensation will be ready to implement . "
Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Lien mother Dinh Nhat Uy , said to the BBC the family " is encouraged , but not satisfied completely, because my son is not guilty ."
Currently the whole family and lawyer is unclear Dinh Nhat Uy intend to appeal or not .

Many bloggers were present in court before being taken away

Earlier, the BBC replied morning 29/10 , Ms Lien said she and dozens of people were in front of Long An provincial court for the hearing has been pushed up to the car to go by the security forces .
" Around 40-50 people have come before the court , because it is ' open court , " she said .
She said one of the cars put her and more than a dozen other people in detention at waiting room of Tan An city to work .
" I'm not sure where they take other people to ," she said .
The sources said the social network who attended the hearing Dinh Nhat Uy on morning 29/10   has been divided by police forces and arrested as many different groups so far have not been accurately determined number of people were arrested .


Dinh Nhat Uy , 30, was arrested on 15/6 to investigate the ' crime of abusing democratic freedoms to infringe upon the interests of the State , the rights and legitimate interests of organizations and citizens ' under Article 258 of the Penal Code .
The investigation concluded seven pages long by Colonel Nguyen Sau , Heads of Security Agencies Investigate Long An province , signed on 27/8 has just been released on the internet .
The investigation determined that from day 21.11.2012 to day 15.06.2013 ie the moment be arrested, Dinh Nhat Uy was " using a computer connected to the internet postings made 58 plays on Facebook page... the individual postings contain content aimed at harming the State agencies , organizations and citizens ... "
Dinh Nhat Uy to be said used for personal Facebook pages ' content postings criticize , criticize , ridicule activities of the judiciary ; offend two economic entities are corporations Telecommunications military and telecommunications group Vietnam " .
Also, according to the findings mentioned above, the Facebook page of Dinh Nhat Uy also share links to other sites and blogs , with content " against the government , encouraging the illegal activity " .
In addition to the activities on the social network Facebook , Dinh Nhat Uy also was accused interviewed with foreign radios RFA , VOA and Radio New Horizons for content " and advocate Nguyen Phuong Uyen Dinh Nguyen Kha " .
Nguyen Dinh Kha , younger brother of Dinh Nhat Uy , newly was Long An appeals court commuted from the sentences of 8 years to 4 years in prison on charges of propaganda against the socialist countries under Article 88 of the Penal Code .



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