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Causality Law IS BEING FORMED IN HUNGARY COUNTRY ... perhaps should A valuable LESSON ... for leaders of VIETNAM COMMUNIST STATE ... TODAY !


Do Minh Tuyen

Causality Law... is being formed in the country Hungary , a country that once was dictatorial communist country such as Vietnam now ... through the Budapest prosecutor accusing Bela Biszku the country's former Interior Minister communist Hungary for war crimes against democracy movement in 1956 of him . Through meaningful events mentioned above , the leader of the Communist Party and the State Vietnam will draw any valuable lessons for them ... when the country of Vietnam , the people of Vietnam have been on day writhing under the cruel and brutal rule of the   communist dictatorship ruling today ... ? General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong , President Truong Tan Sang and Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung ... the generals and military leaders , police and governmental apparatus ... have ever thought about causality law for themselves if next time, Vietnam's communist regime no longer exists ... as what has been happening in Hungary country ... and many other communist countries in the world ... ?

Well , deceit and violent behavior inhumane treatment ... not just the people of Vietnam , the Hungarian people today ... but most of all people in the world hate and spit .. . therefore causality law of course does not exclude any totalitarian countries around the world including Vietnam . At the present time , with the strength and power in the hands of party leaders and the ruling Communist Vietnam are now able to storm in this country ... can manipulate and violent suppress Vietnam people to maintain power and protect their own interests ... but one thing that they had never thought of or did not want to think about it is ... the existence of a mode not belong to the people to think about that dominance that would last for how long ... and until the unfortunate day that the party leader and current rulers always avoided to think about ... happening ... then Vietnam social , Vietnam country and people of Vietnam will judge how about the crimes of the leaders of the country unconscionable and this unethical ... ?

We hope that the leaders of the Vietnam country through valuable lesson today in Hungary will soon wake up ... and all their crimes will be stopped right now before it 's too late ... the leaders of the Communist party and State of Vietnam must understand that ... use violence to rule the people  and running the country not a wise choice from leadership of the country ... overlap violence will only increase the violence and more hatred and confrontation unnecessary from can not help to maintain power for long as the leaders of the Communist Party and the State Vietnam always wanted . The army and police are human beings , there are also parents, brothers, sister and family like everyone else ... so they can not forever be a tool for the protection of inhumane regimes like Vietnam today . Democracy will be formed ... That is of course inevitable ... when the people of a country wishes ... it's a law of nature that no one or any power that may to change it .... just sooner or later . And hope that the leaders of Vietnam can avoid so-called " Causality Law " pity ... as is happening in the country Hungary today.


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Prosecution of a former Hungarian Communist leaders commit crimes under the old regime

Mộ của cố thủ tướng Imre Nagy tại nghĩa trang Budaest, 23/10/2011
Mộ của cố thủ tướng Imre Nagy tại nghĩa trang Budaest, 23/10/2011


Hoang Nguyen Correspondent from Budapest
From Budapest , journalist Hoang Nguyen reports :

RFI : Bela Biszcu previously held positions and has done what during the Communist regime ?

Hoàng Nguyễn:  In 3 years, Béla Biszku character mentioned very much in the Hungarian media , as one of the perpetrators of the last surviving Hungary's communist past . Recently, his 92nd birthday , Béla Biszku former communist leaders in Hungary will first have to sit in a chair for participating defendants suppressed the revolution in 1956.

As one of the pillars of character wave of repression after the 1956 revolution , Béla Biszku be put away for the nickname " the hardest punch of soft dictatorship " . Born in 1921 in the Marok , cool mechanic profession , joined the Communist Party of Hungary in 1944 , with time Biszku has climbed every rung of the party apparatus .

When democratic revolution broke out in 1956 , Biszku held the armed forces , members of the Party members and workers loyal to the party , to fight the insurgents . For the record, after the incident in 1956 , he was awarded a medal For the administration - Agriculture , one of the biggest rewards of Kádár institutions .

For more than 20 years later , Béla Biszku was a key to the regime 's senior position as First Secretary of the Party Budapest ( 1956-1957 ) , Vice President of the Council of Ministers ( Deputy Prime Minister , 1961 -1 962 ) , Secretary of the party Central Committee (1962 ) , member of the Politburo ( 1957-1980 ) ...

In 4 years as interior minister after the 1956 revolution , Biszku considered directing the crackdown by the new government , with about 300 death sentences and prison sentence for 20,000 participants revolution .

In particular , Biszku was intrusive operation of the judiciary . Many in every text shows in the internal session of the Party Central Committee , has cried Biszku court levels in Hungary must make judgments " strict " more , and that the number of death sentences so still " too lightly " .

Always tough policy , 1978, Biszku sacked and retired as opposed détente policies of the General Secretary János Kádár . However , the period of 1980-1989 , Biszku remains a responsibility of the National Trade Union Council ( Szot ) and only really left politics when Hungary undergoing democratic transformation in 1989 .

Since then , no one heard of Biszku , even many people thought he was dead . However, three years ago , two young director discovered him , who was living in a villa in Rose Hill , the " upstream " in Budapest , with pension salary much more 3-4 times retirement of an ordinary citizen .
RFI : Do not have any members also commit crimes with people and receive retaliation . So the trial of the former interior minister for Hungary mean anything : politics or so require justice  ?

Hoàng Nguyễn: Since the time of the revelations , there was a lot of effort from many directions , in order to punish one of the wave of repression in 1956 . For a variety of reasons and many different arguments , many have denounced Biszku the court , for the purpose of criminal prosecution or by the various crimes .

Earlier this month 8/2010 , a far-right party MPs JOBBIK Biszku denouncing the violation of a provision in the Penal Code ( PC) is a new modification of the Republic of Hungary , accordingly, may be imprisoned for up to 3 years for someone who publicly denies the genocide of the Nazi institutions and Communism, as well as other crimes against humanity .

Because, in fact , the place Biszku never regret what he did , he insisted event 1956 is " counter-revolutionaries " , and the wave of government repression Kádár later time - including the death penalty , the death penalty , especially for prime minister Imre Nagy - "legal and fair ."

At the end of 10/2010 , a lawyer send proposals to the government , citing international law , Béla Biszku recommended prosecution of crimes against cloning . But this application is rejected , but it also makes the cabinet Hungary , on the last day of 2011 , has approved a new law allowing the crimes punished nearly 6 decades ago .

The Act called for the punishment of these crimes are carried out under the communist regime as well as crimes against the human, affirming law crimes against the human never expire . The object of the statute, not secrecy , is the guys like Biszku , is at best only a few dozen people .

After several " test " as such, only the current case , Biszku the real risk facing punishment . The indictment points out that he was a member of the Leadership Summit Hungarian Communist Party , and hold all power in the hands when making the decision to suppress the revolution in 1956 participants .

On the position of interior minister , has said Biszku known two massacre , when the armed forces themselves new government opened fire on innocent Group , which nearly 50 people died in 12/ 1956. However , he has not proposed prosecution of perpetrators under current law : the prosecutor , he is the one who directed the offense .

Prosecutor emphasized at the time of the 1956 law , also Biszku and even criminal penalty may be sentenced to death. However, according to the Penal Code currently in Hungary , the former leader is at best only be sentenced to life imprisonment , a term ( with distinction prison permanently , there is no penalty should not applicable ) .

RFI :  In those days, in Italy , a former Nazi SS captain Erich Priebke , died at the age of 100 , but no burial ground for the Italian public opposition . Even Germany is not recognized . Hungary also wants affordable through Biszcu Bela case emphasizes the causal problem for posterity ?

Hoàng Nguyễn: In case Béla Biszku , many questions were posed . Error back old memories from nearly six decades ago , to punish an old man who has one foot in the grave  , what to do ? The trial Biszku is political nature , revenge , or simply because the demand of justice require ?

Here, one can not deny one aspect : with all countries drastically , but most recently the ability to punish those who cause crime in the old institutions in the new Constitution , the right-wing ruling party FIDESZ want to send a message with the " flexing " to the left , especially the Hungarian Socialist party , the largest opposition party .

Previous law allowed punitive Béla Biszku and accomplices , FIDESZ was no secret to say that this party has the opportunity to " build up the past " , and will perform the necessary measures if there is one accusations , but they do not directly work that stands out . And the whistleblower act , none other than JOBBIK extremist parties .

A division of the Hungarian public realizes this, and that this is a political gamble to use " concrete " of the power of the ruling party . It's contradictory treatment Biszku , but the government MPs voted against the bill for past disclosure of all who participated and cooperated with the secret police in communist politics .

However, beside and parallel to the political calculations that , perhaps still satisfying Biszku case and in accordance with the needs and face clean with the past , which of course is the will of the majority of residents who has ever been victims of repression , imprisonment , or being watched , only by the communist government .

Looking back more than two decades since the Hungarian political regime change , so there were democratic changes gradually from the early 80s last century , the transition should hardly encountered any difficulties associated issues relating to face communist past .

The officials of the old regime do not generally stigmatized , many Communist officials went on to become the principal of the Hungarian Socialist Party ( MSZP ) , one of the two most powerful political party , has repeatedly ruled Hungary since 1990 , as well as in the machinery of government at all levels .

So also the past decade , Hungary society becomes more sensitive to the communist past quarter , has so far not been considered adequately treated . Many writers, artists , politicians , people who are right-wing media is exposing worked with the Secret Service politics , public opinion gradually cause needs purify past .

If there is a lesson to " Causality " for the future, through trial Biszku , it can be stated that justice will be set up , sooner or later , for the victims and the perpetrators , and do not have a crime forgotten , the person who sows the wind will reap the whirlwind , though nearly 60 years have passed , as in the case of Béla Biszku ...


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