Saturday, 26/10/2013


RSF : Vietnam utilize all the way to the suppression of free speech

Ông Benjamin Ismail, Giám đốc phụ trách ban Á Châu-Thái Bình Dương thuộc Tổ chức Phóng viên Không Biên giới
Mr. Benjamin Ismail , Board Director Asia Pacific of Reporters Without Borders
An International human rights organization based in France denounce Vietnam are taking advantage of every possible way to suppress the voices of dissent through the use Article 258 of state law to prosecute a young Facebook users call for justice for his loved one.
Bà Nguyễn thị Kim Lien mẹ của Đinh Nhật Uy (phải) và Đinh Nguyen KhaMs. Nguyen Thi Kim Lien mother Dinh Nhat Uy ( right) and Nguyen Dinh Kha

Dinh Nhat Uy Blogger is about to be put on trial in the People's Court of Long An Province on 29/10 . He was accused of ' abusing democratic freedoms to infringe upon interests of the state ' on Facebook for posting personal opinions and photos against invasion of China in East Sea , sentence against her 4 years in prison son on charges of " propaganda against the state ' in the trial against two Chinese students ,  Nguyen Phuong Uyen, Nguyen Dinh Kha - noted internationally .

The Reporters Without Borders told VOA Vietnamese language, Dinh Nhat Uy prosecution showed the fierce repression of the fundamental freedoms of the people in Vietnam , including freedom of expression and the right to internet freedom .

Mr. Benjamin Ismail , Board Director Asia Pacific of Reporters Without Borders :

" When a Facebook user to justice and called for the release of his brother which is the government arrested and prosecuted this proved increasingly heavy-handed repression of Hanoi and the level of non- accept criticism of the government of Vietnam has reached its peak . "

Mom blogger Dinh Nhat Uy has sent invitations to all the diplomatic missions , human rights , and international media to attend the trial on Tuesday in Long An next week to enable to see the trial that state known as ' public ' . Among the invited are VOA and Facebook founder , Mark Zuckerberg , as a responsible person - related obligations .

The indictment said Dinh Nhat Uy was libelous the state by comments posted on Facebook were many people like and shared and also criticized the trial Dinh Nguyen Kha as unfair in interviews with foreign media , including with VOA .

Mr. Benjamin Ismail said RSF unfortunately unable to attend the trial of Uy at the invitation of the family because Vietnam state does not welcomed the presence of the institution to protect human rights .

However, Mr Ismail said that the Facebook founder Zuckerberg should attend the trial of Uy to see that while the global social networking site created by his own people in the world to help share information and freedom of expression speech are also many who have become victims of prison just for using Facebook in some countries such as Vietnam .

RSF said the law 258 is another form of stifling freedom of thought in Vietnam after the law has been heavily criticized as Article 88 ( propaganda against the state ) and Article 79 ( conspiracy to overthrow the government ) 

Reporters Without Borders called on Vietnam to cancel all of the laws which they described as human rights violations and the condemnation by the world ..