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The comments collected below on BBC Vietnamese , one of the newspapers have long-standing reputation overseas ... the sentencing hearing , as well as 30- month sentence on charges of " tax evasion " for Catholic lawyer Le Quoc Quan , executive director of a limited liability company solution Vietnam , dissident blogger , activist for Democracy and Human rights in Vietnam once is also a person who's active against many acts of aggression of the Chinese communist government in recent years ... show that, the truth and justice in Vietnam continued to be trampled not mercilessly... despite public opinion of people ... despite intervention efforts from the International Community . Especially session with politically motivated court said above was taking place in the context called " The public trial and transparency " so long of the communist authorities of Vietnam .. . !

It's strange and has never happened in any other country in the world ...except in Vietnam ...  when the trial was to as " open and transparent "why need forest of the secret-public security , as well as numerous kinds of police forces and civil defense forces appear hinder and prevent citizens from attending court hearings ... and do not even allow all domestic and foreign press operation ... except reporters of Vietnam News Agency . The party leaders and administrations Vietnam communist government so long to justify the status of its poor human rights before the international community and is often interpreted sophistry that : Due to differences in cultural backgrounds , geography , habits and customs ... v ... v ... the notion of human rights between Vietnam and many countries around the world , there are many differences ... and now followed by the Justice branch of Vietnam seems to be different from the Judiciary of other countries in the world ... so although nominally as: " hearing a public trial and transparency " ... but in fact in recent court hearings for Attorney Le Quoc Quan, only the presence of the accused , the presiding Judge , prosecutor and the forest of the secret-public security forces and the police of all kinds appeared in court hearings and outside court area ...not understand that if the Vietnam communist government was questioned... how they will respond to the most interesting feature differences between the Judiciary of Vietnam said above and other countries.

It is time the government of communist Vietnam need to return the truth and justice for the people . The leaders of the party and the state can not continue forever sit on the laws and Constitution of the State ... while's exhorting people in whole country to contribute comments in the Draft Amendment of the State Constitution  as well as being present ... efforts to seek help and support from the international community ... especially from the U.S. government ... in terms of economic recovery which is thought severe degeneration of Vietnam ... and help develop also as help resolve any conflicts and disputes concerning maritime sovereignty in the East Sea in general and the individual Paracels and the Spratlys of Vietnam in particular ... before the increasingly brazen acts of the government of communist China. The Vietnam Communist Ruling is now wrong for both legal and affection ... when only use violence to rule the people and run the country ... and really be unwise when use the despicable means and brazen as alleged the charge of " tax evasion " for the lawyer Le Quoc Quan today ... for the purpose of threats and preventing the dissent voice in the country . No longer the time that repression , harassment and imprisonment makes people fear and panic ... and then also no longer the period of cramming and poison into the head of people by the socialist philosophy and Revolutionary Communist ideology . It's time for the leaders of Party and the Communist State of Vietnam  listening and to receive all the legitimate aspirations of the people ... and need to know that all power and authority ... and also as any ruling regimes which not serve the interests of the people and the interests of the nation are not able to survive .


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The main response to the trial lawyer Le Quoc Quan

Update : 15:52 GMT - Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013
  1. Hanoi City Court has sentenced 30 months in prison for dissident lawyer Le Quoc Quan for tax evasion under Article 161 of the Penal Code .
    His company Le Quoc Quan was fined 1.2 billion, lawyer Tran Thu Nam , one of the defense for lawyer Quan , told the BBC .
    The 30- month prison sentence is the maximum sentence that Procuracy recommended in the hearing happened since 8:30 am 2/10 and just finished at around 2 pm .
    However, it is lower than the highest recorded in paragraph 3 of Article 161 of the Penal Code , in which more than 600 million tax evasion , the maximum penalty is 7 years imprisonment .
    Also in lawyer Nam , family of Mr. Quan will appeal .
    " He declared in the court he is innocence and will appeal ," Nam said.
    Defense lawyer of Mr. Le Quoc Quan also said that this verdict is located in the predictions .
    " I had expected a range of two years or over two years , " he said .
    "This is the plan then , they had decided a long time, so today does not happen very suddenly . "
    Replies BBC after the hearing , Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Hien , wife of Mr. Le Quoc Quan said family " vehemently oppose this unjust verdict ."
    Outside the People's Court of Hanoi , a number of supporters Mr. Le Quoc Quan gathered shouted slogans against the verdict .
  2. Ms. Nani Jansen from the Media Legal Defence Initiative group , told the BBC after the hearing responses . This is a group of human rights organizations and lawyers , sent a petition to the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention of the United Nations ( UNWGAD ) , mentioned the case of Mr. Quan .
    " The trial results are very disappointing outcome of a process violates the principle of fair trial .
    The sentence is not acceptable . Mr. Quan was punished because exercising freedom of speech and of the activities of human rights defenders . Media Legal Defence Initiative and its partners will continue to cheer for his release . "
  3. Bulletin of the AFP in Hanoi told hundreds of supporters Military lawyers have protested on 2/10 .
    " The extent of the protest is unusual in communist country . "
    AFP reporters said they were plainclothes police forced protesters to leave .
    An AFP reporter was allowed to see other hearings on the screen in a separate room , although " the sound occasionally cut " , according to reports ..
  4. Lawyer Tran Thu Nam , direct counsel for Mr. Le Quoc Quan at the instance hearing on 2/10 said he was not surprised by the verdict .
    " Mr. Quan in the court declared he is innocence and will appeal ," Mr. Nam told BBC .
    Defense lawyer of Mr. Le Quoc Quan also said that this verdict is located in the predictions .
    " I had expected a range of two years or over two years , " he said .
    "This is the plan then , they had decided a long time, so today does not happen very suddenly . "
  5. Replies BBC after the hearing , Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Hienwife of Le Quoc Quansaid, family " vehemently oppose this unjust verdict .".
  6. U.S. Embassy in Hanoi  issued a statement expressing concern .
    "We are deeply concerned about the Vietnam government convicted and sentenced to 30 months in prison on tax evasion charges against human rights lawyer and blogger Le Quoc Quan . The Vietnam government uses tax laws to give prisoners who criticize the government or to express their political views peacefully is worrisome .
    The conviction does not seem consistent with freedom of speech and the Vietnam obligations under the International Covenant on the Civil and Political Rights as well as the commitment expressed in the International Declaration of Human Rights .
    " We call on the government to release political prisoners and allow people to Vietnam to express their political views peacefully . "
  7. Pham Chi Dung answered BBC: " The 30- month sentence is temporary acceptable because there Appeals . With precedent student Nguyen Phuong Uyen was acquitted at trial and only got suspended sentence, although was sentenced to six years previously , one might expect  lawyer Quan will be reduced sentence .

    " However, it is unlikely that lawyer Quan would be freed on appeal due to the government is still worried he will become the leader of the opposition movement ."
  8. Phiên tòa xử ông Lê Quốc Quân thu hút sự chú ý của truyền thông quốc tế.
    Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013 09:46:22 GMT from The Chi Dung Pham 

    Trial, Le Quoc Quan attracted the attention of international media .
    This is the news on BBC News (English ) .
  9. Mr. Phil Robertson,from human rights organizations based in the United States, Human Rights Watch, told the BBC after the hearing :
    " By Le Quoc Quan jailed for allegedly politically motivated , Vietnam once again proved a priority for the silencing of prominent figures cheering and political rights .
    This is a black mark for Vietnam 's human rights record and that the government blatantly ignoring human rights constraints .
    Donors should publicly condemn this injustice , demanded release Le Quoc Quan and stating that Vietnam does not respect human rights would be detrimental to the candidate the UN Human Rights Council this November . "
  10. The sources from the social network said except Ms. Hien and his uncle , no one else in Le Quoc Quan's family is allowed to attend the trial .
    In the picture is mother of Mr. Quan, who had to sit by the outside roadside for  waiting news from inside court .
  11. Electronic People's Police Report After tax evasion of Le Quoc Quan was exposed , a question for the domestic and foreign companies to sign a contract with Solution Co., Ltd. Vietnam to capture market information from domestic and foreign enterprises have been the Vietnam Solutions Ltd. provides contract information , the information they receive is helpful for capturing market information such as the signed ?
    As a defendant in a criminal case - the economy, the survey shows that Le Quoc Quan has directed staff as well as directly make fraudulent tricks , fraudulent appropriation of money to taxes , a criminal countries are condemned , punished severely , but after investigating police agencies of Hanoi CAPT detected, prosecutions have been some individuals , foreign organizations , religious leaders voiced misrepresent the incident , agitation , launched the so-called " petition " , " petition " , " claim for the release of Le Quoc Quan " ... drawn from the local people to trial ( trial delayed treatment once) in order to disrupt public order .
    Clearly , this is unacceptable behavior and it is hiding behind the politically motivated to clear interference in the internal affairs of Vietnam , complicating the situation for profit
  12. Lawyer Ha Huy Son " Lawyer Le Quoc Quan was screaming that the trial is political purposes . Judge then said his comments were not related to the purpose of the hearing and asked he did not say again . "
  13. Do Mateo on Xuan Dien blog : I gaping understand , why not treat tax evasion deterrent to people watch , as an example in the context of budget revenues are declining .
  14. lawyer Quan's handling the same day the International Day of non-violence , is a day set by the UN to promote peace , avoid using violence .

    This day is celebrated on October 2 every year , to the birth of Mohandas Gandhi , the Indian national hero , brought India to independence and inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the World ..
  15. March 8, 2007 , after attending a course organized by the National Endowment for Democracy ( National Endowment for Democracy ) in the United States Army lawyer was arrested after returning to Vietnam and was detained to 100 days without to judge.
    Principles and activities of the organization was established in 1983 ( 30 years ) is " to develop and strengthen democratic institutions worldwide .
    " Democracy requires that all people should be free to decide their destiny and the exercise of this right requires a system to ensure the right to freedom of religion , assembly , elections and free competition .
    " Respect for the rights of individuals and minorities , ensure media freedom and the rule of law ."

  16. In addition to the People's Police newspaper , many other newspapers in Vietnam has not reported on this trial .
    Home electronics of the Youth Newspaper , VNnxpress , VietnamNet , Thanh Nien , Nhan Dan , Communist magazine , Tien Phong whole are not having Articles .
    While the trial was about Bangkok Post newspaper , Le Monde , The Guardian , South China Morning Post , Washington Post , BusinessWeek , upload .
    BBC correspondent in VN for or only reporter Vietnam News Agency reported to be invited to the hearing. It seems that the original law of the other newspapers do not have invitations printed and that the information will be used / all of from the VNA .
  17. Critic Phạm Chí Dũng told the BBC : The case for Mr. Le Quoc Quan " logic to catch some action at home blogger Nguyen Tuong Thuy right in trip of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung to France and the United Nations .
    " Among those arrested Le Quoc Quyet , brother of Mr. Quan . These developments " as a rotation axis moves to the West of Vietnam faded away . "
  18. One of the defense lawyers for Mr. Quan ,  lawyer Ha Huy Son , commented on the charges of ' tax evasion ' .
  19. A source from local journalists told Vietnam News Agency, the state press agency single trial approach . Newsletter News Agency is the official press in the country to use when reporting on the trial .
    According to this report , " at trial , the defendant admitted Pham Thi Phuong entire offense as the indictment stated . Le Quoc Quan defendant does not admit the contents of the indictment and that the defendant did not commit the offense " tax evasion . "
    " Two defense lawyers for Le Quoc Quan agreed at trial that the prosecution accused Le Quoc Quan for" tax evasion " is without legal basis , the defendant prosecuted  is not objective ; process investigation and prosecution violated due process of law ... Two lawyers cited the tax evasion is the general responsibility of the limited Liability company Solutions Vietnam , not alone the responsibility of the accused Mr. Quan , so not enough grounds to prosecute the crimes accused Mr. Quan .
    Trial Council said Limited Liability Company Solutions Vietnam by Le Quoc Quan is director and legal representative have rent documented behavior expert control , cost accounting in order to reduce the corporate income tax payable .
    The behavior of the defendants in the case of serious violations of the laws of the State tax , undermine the state budget . In particular , Le Quoc Quan is accused major role , actively directing The defendant helped her perform legal acts ( lease up control experts, receipts , payment bills for specialists sale, purchase and sale of false invoices , bills using vouchers to illegal accounting , balancing the company's revenue , input costs ... ) .
    The process of investigation and at the trial , Le Quoc Quan was not sincere declaration , the consequences have not been overcome , there are bad personal . The defendants also help serve as a positive force , is the practice , direct requests made ​​under the direction of Le Quoc Quan . However, at the investigating agencies as well as at trial , Phuong's declaration are sincere attitude , have good personal ... "
  20. Amnesty International the human rights organization located in London , issued a statement .
    " This is ridiculous sentence , and is a clear example to show Vietnam authorities harass and imprison peaceful critics have different views . "
    "It's hard not to conclude that Le Quoc Quan was targeted because human rights activists - as many times before. "
  21. Critic Phạm Chí Dũng said the U.S. and China are pressuring Vietnam during trial lawyer Le Quoc Quan .
    The United States protested Vietnam politicize the trial who have views contrary to the government .
    Meanwhile China to Vietnam judging people who tended like him anti- China .
    He also told the BBC that the sentence for Mr. Le Quoc Quan is " logic with the arrest action some bloggers at home Mr. Nguyen Tuong Thuy right in trip of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung to France and the United Nations ."

  22. Hundreds of supporters have conducted demonstrations near the scene of the trial and called for the release of lawyer Le Quoc Quan .
    According to the Associated Press hundreds of police and security personnel have been mobilized to the streets around the court to prevent people go to the hearing .
    And many casual employees fencing around the court area .
  23. The Newspapers in VNAfter many hours of silence , some of newspapers notify about the trial . Tien Phong Newspaper with shock title Le Quoc Quan penalized 30 months in prison on charges of " tax evasion " . Giao Duc Newspaper also notify all the same title .
    However, the newspaper article seems to take the contents of the VNA , as the BBC provides information previously reported that the paper will only provide information from VNA .

  24. Images of protests before court hearings Hanoi protested and demanded release of lawyer Le Quoc Quan ,  30- month prison sentence for tax evasion .

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