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The history of the country ... though in any eras ... any circumstances ... or any regimes ... wherever and whenever will also always need to be expressed honestly and accurately . This is the meaning of utmost importance for a country in the construction and defense of his . History is rewritten correctly ... meaning that exposes both the right and left side of a ruling regime ... as well as to reflect all aspects of what has happened in society practices of the country in every period of history ... and is seen as the key to all people ... especially for the younger generation who is stretched column of country conscious proper history correctly ... and equipped with adequate knowledge about the challenges that nation and their home country has faced in the past , the present and the future ... most can outline plan ... correct mistakes and replicate the good results achieved ... in the construction , protection and development of the country . Along with the aforementioned noble idea ... We are pleased to send people in whole Vietnam country, the Posts real or meaningful ... especially for those who took the responsibility of his greatness in expressing the pages of our history ... be courage and insight to rewriting the history of Vietnam is accuracy and totally honest .



Comments : Need to pay back debt history

As we all know , the propaganda historiography and historical content from past to present always depends on two dominant factors : the will of the ethnic community and the will of the authorities.
In a progressive society , promoting democracy is in such high regard Western Europe, Australia , the U.S. and the will of the people and the truth is much more enhanced .
The will of the government but are not too heavy but reflect , can not even figure out .
But in the one-party state , collective power , such as Vietnam , China , Korea , the problem teaches history and historians have distorted results to dangerous levels .
We can say we owe so much the future youth, many things which still not done yet .
In ancient Asian societies , with centralized monarchy tyranny high level , historians have to be very brave step even dare to tell the truth .
Among them , many historians have been killed by rulers . Typically in China , the Autumn Spring period , Thoi Tru rebel kill King to usurp the throne .
Then he was forced a historian does not mention the event. This historian is a righteous man , accepted being killed rather than false writing . Thoi Tru replaced of historian by his younger brother , this man still says " Thoi Tru kill the king " and were killed .
Just like that , he killed all three historians once. But try to ask there're any courageous historians like that ?
Thus , history is written wrong follow the will of the authorities is quite popular in Asian countries .
And to the 20th century , the dominant phenomena historical content is quite common in communist countries in Asia, particularly in Vietnam and China , where the government used the media and the education system to say good for them .
Therefore , to read explicit Asian history in truth must research literature , many years and after a long time when the event took place . Maybe it's time 100 years or longer.


We do no one can deny that , towards fine leg , try to correct the common needs of mankind .
Chinese feudal historians also not afraid emperor

The truth may be eclipsed in a certain time period , but sooner or later will reveal .
The historians today's China , by the fruits of democracy , is working to clarify about the characters and events with the Chinese Communist Party distort or exaggerate .
For example, they want to return the correct position of Mao Zedong , Lu Xun ,  regained fair to Chiang Kai-shek and the Kuomintang soldiers , re-evaluate the vision of Sun Yat-sen thought .
In Vietnam, the undercurrent wave is similar happening on social networks and other popular blogs . It can be said , fighting to return to the historical truth is just the result of the democratic process , is both a tool for democracy .
Content Vietnam's history that the fight is critical to focus on after 1911 ,the  time Nguyen Ai Quoc leave Vietnam to go - to save the country or not, quite controversial.
It can be said at the period from 1911 until today, the history of Vietnam is too much to do . We owe the youth so much, the truth must be fair pay .
There are things that can be fairly soon , there are things that need more time , but I would like to sum ​​up the " debt " as follows :
First, evaluate the merits and talents of Phan Boi Chau , Phan Chu Trinh , and other patriotic intellectuals of the movement for Parliamentary struggle of French domination period .
Second, do not hide , do not to praise to the skies role of Nguyen Ai Quoc and the Communist Party of Vietnam before 1945 .
Write down the mistakes of the Communist Party of Vietnam in term of Tran Phu and Ha Huy Tap .
"In China and Vietnam, the government used the media and the education system to say good for them"
Shows clearly the dangerous mistakes of the Communist Party in Nghe Tinh Soviet drums , Land Reform , Tet Mau Than , management and economic losses talent postwar far .
Third, personal Nguyen Ai Quoc , Ho Chi Minh had too many things are not clear and has great paint over the truth . In Vietnam today's society , this is still a big topic and extremely sensitive , lips dare not openly discussed .
Fourth, a very large role and intervention of China's decision and the Soviets in the war against the French (1946 - 1954) and the Second World War (1964 - 1975) that the civil war called Vietnam , with the known as the American War .
And both the loss and win of Vietnam people in those two wars .
Thursday , Saigon government (1954 - 1975) can not be called a " puppet authorities " . The Americans appeared in Vietnam (1964 - 1972) can not be called " invaders " which is "the intervention " .


Of course, these issues can not be resolved at that roadmap must be accompanied by achievement democracy .
The historian and educator is time to take up their voice .
If not , the young Vietnam will continue to be " poisoned " by the same old rhetoric and inept .
Can say till today, the 20th century in Vietnam , political propaganda remained a key role in schools is not education and science .
Nationalism and the loud impulsive , naive about winning ' Two huge Empire ' .
In addition to the above issues , the responsibility of historians in particular , the responsibilities of general education is to curb the content overemphasis on national pride .
According to historian Tran Quoc Vuong this is quite popular in the Asian nation and is heaviest in Vietnam and China .
Two these ethnics is always proud of themselves a great , great and noble , brave , loving each other , intelligently and outstanding .
In the nineteenth century , Mr. Nguyen Dinh Chieu and Vietnam people also called the French is " white barbarian " , " White Devil " .
Now understood they better than our civilization , we have nothing to be proud of, is to adhere into history , borrow history war  .
Many years after the war , Vietnam is still poor , lack of world-class achievements

Now Vietnam can only mention "  defeat Mongol , defeat feudal China " to attract people
About pride " defeat to both huge empires French and American ," they deliberately forget that if North Vietnam did not have support of Soviet Russia and China how is going to be, if Americans do not give up South Vietnam  from early 1973 after Paris Agreement then how is it .
The civil war which , after 1973 , the North Vietnamese still China and the Soviet Union supported but the South Vietnamese forces , the U.S. is no longer due .
Spring Offensive in 1975 was entirely unequal between the two factions South - North .
As we all know , the U.S. left South Vietnam not because they lost to Vietnam in a comprehensive confrontation , but withdrew because they weigh the costs and benefits if continued stalled .
But even though the victory that is true then it is Vietnam's history textbooks present one-sided view and a veil covering national pride too thick .
Screen so thick that many people forget that Vietnam has more than 30 years after the war , Vietnam was ranked in the least developed countries in the world, an achievement no economic , scientific , technical stature world .
They also forget that Vietnam , when less or much has never out of dependence on China for a second though .
Identity, ethnic customs , should keep and promote but national pride , as far as I know , only should limited and restraint should not to emphasize in education .
In the current age of globalization , national pride and doctrine just bring envy and stifle growth . It is a major cause of wars and conflicts around the world .
Let alone in Asia , national pride is like untouched fire , it is our responsibility to turn down it , not as the Communist Party of Vietnam is blowing up it in textbooks and the media to make young people were " pervasive " .
Posts shows the individual views of  Thuc tam Nguyen , a BBC reader in Vietnam .

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