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During Vietnam country full of difficulties and unstable ... besides the increased persecution of people in all aspects from the communist dictatorship ruling Vietnam today ... is the urgent which more spread in society ... including within internal Vietnam communist Party and State leadership together ... Especially for the younger generation today Vietnam , those born and grew up in communist environment ... in a society filled with injustice and oppression ... in a country with a proud history of four thousand years of civilization ... plus the traditional moral best revolution in communist ideology and Ho Chi Minh thought ... that's all what the younger generation today has acquired under the school roof of the Socialist . To help people ... especially today's younger generation to understand and correctly perception of atheist communist...Ruling communist regime... and all true facts which so long have been tried to cover up by Vietnam communist regime ... would like to send everyone an interesting article from the author Le Thu Ha , a young person who has ever been a student under the school roof of the Socialist ... family background is a real communist ... but was soon aware of the true nature of communism and the so-called " socialist paradise " by communist Vietnam painted ... in a very rare opportunity and fun .


My journey to become reactionary

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VRNs ( 10/24/2013 ) - Facebook - I , a citizen of the 8x generation that the people is often humorous , ironic calling it the defects of society , of education as a kind of paranoid ideology , unrealistic . I , like many peers friends , most innocent , innocent lives , innocent love life , I love my motherland with simmering ideal under the socialist school roof .

I , the child of communism, grandparents , aunts and uncles , and even my father are dedication to the cause of national salvation great fight . My father served as Assistant Military Region Political Department 4 , each ambush on B battlefield , commanders involved in the battle of Quang Tri , and met my mother . In 1982 , when she gave birth to two twins is me and my brother, my father decided to discharge from the Army . I grew up with a strong faith and a great pride in their homeland , country , about the feats of his illustrious father . The strange thing is , since I know realize until my father died, he had never once told us about the war and the hardships of the war that he had gone through , and there's no a orientation time for us joined the Party . He was pretty quiet , level , delicate , with erudite knowledge , broad vision and incisive comments on all matters in life . Neighbors and residents in the neighborhood respected him .The years in high school , I noticed that my father often monitoring the news , and especially at night , and my father opened the BBC, VOA and RFA to hear the radio with my knowledge that is reactionary . I often see three sat quietly anxious , quiet . But back then , with age growing up , I forget that concern of him and so innocent in life .
And then , there is an event that has completely changed my perception of what I used to believe that inherent , once thought to be true . It was in my 2nd year in college , at once in politics studying instead of my friend ( at that time, school students often interchangeable studying ) at a different university , the teacher who taught political course that day on much drunk with friend , in the drunk , he was crying . He told us that he was so pain when standing on the podium , everyday in drunk of the proclamation of a great bunch of theories , human culture but the fact  is exactly the opposite , with all the dubious and tortuous that the state deliberately conceal , hide , but because pieces of rice and slim shirt , because life , he had suffered acceptable , and do the opposite with his conscience , makes him extremely distressed and torment . I'm shocked , shocked . I do not want to believe what my ears were hearing . But since then , I started to learn quietly . Curiosity , curiosity and instincts are always looking for information that I started to step into a different watershed . Those years , the Internet has been in VN but still limited , and I do not have access to more information such as current flow . I started thinking of the three still hear the radio every night, which I believe is reactionary , and I also think the three listening only to alert, to deal with the so-called peace process , the violent overthrow of that hostile forces . At first , I panicked , because the information is completely contrary to what I've always had strong faith . I like swimming between large volumes of water , suffocation , uncertainty . Then I slowly approached , gradually analyzed by scientific arguments , logic , and compare it with the state of the country 's bureaucracy , I began to understand , the things that I still have faith entrenched there, they always nail the security is correct , it is exactly the opposite . I am bitter . And I think , perhaps the contemplation , anxiety of my father also stems from the analyzes identified as above, but for the rest of his life , said he had never once cracked teeth , and also , perhaps, he has brought to the grave the secret that I do not know . Later, I met and became friends with many of youth , they are the children communist cadres like me , and they told me about the dubious and tortuous of war , political purges , the attempts which do not bring the shadow of an illustrious war that my generation still had ever to learn .
What pains me the most , that 's not what I experience , but it's ironic , ironically that history has left this nation deviant beliefs , blind . Price them know that I am living in a period of history that all wrong but could hardly be repaired because the maximum power of the state put above the interests of the people it is too big , hard to go a long trying to change the way that silently suffer biting , I was somewhat less painful . This way , the tragic and frightening it is that , most of all strata are mad to trust the wrong institutional and fooling around with this popular , that just is a extreme pain .
You can put me in the minority of individuals resentful , discontented with the regime , and you can enjoy the scrotum when told that I was misled , but you let wait , even today , this struggle is faced with many hardships and obstacles , but someday , I will demonstrate to you the way that I 'm going is quite right . Take a look throughout history , you will see one thing is clear , all the struggles for justice that are starting by minorities !
Lê Thu Hà

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