Father Nguyen Van Ly was awarded Trueman - Reagan from Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation 

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VRNs (10.10.2013) – Washington DC , USA - Priest Tadeo Father Nguyen Van Ly , prisoner of conscience who's being held in a communist prison in Henan Province , held Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation ( Organization victims memorial communist ) freedom medal Truman - Reagan .
This is a prestigious award is named after the two presidents of the United States of America as Truman and Reagan . Previously in 2007 , another  Vietnamese hero Tran Van Ba also be awarded this medal .

Father Tadeo Nguyen Van Ly born May 15, 1946 , in the village of Ba Binh , Vinh Chap , Vinh Linh , Quang Tri , is a Catholic priest of the Archdiocese of Hue . He is a character dissidents in Vietnam , has been repeatedly arrested by the Ruling . In 2007, he was the People's Court of Thua Thien - Hue public trial on charges of " propaganda against the Socialist Republic of Vietnam " , according to Clause 1 , Article 88 - Criminal Code of the Kingdom Socialist Republic of Vietnam .

In 1963 He was father Nguyen Nhu Tu -sponsored and introduced into practice in the minor seminary Hoan Thien ( Hue ) . In 1966 , he attended major seminary Xuan Bich Hue . April 1974 , he was Archbishop Philip Nguyen Kim Dien ordained priest at Phu Cam Cathedral ( Hue ) . Father Tadeo Nguyen Van Ly  joined Missionary Society by Archbishop Nguyen Kim Dien founded with the purpose of missionary activity in the poor residential areas and assigned the charge of the congregation Missionaries in Go Vap District , Gia Dinh . 1975 , Father Ly back to Hue as secretary to Archbishop Nguyen Kim Dien .

November 1994 , Father Ly made the " Declaration of 10 points on the issue of religious freedom in Vietnam ." February 26, 2001 , the People's Committee of Thua Thien - Hue province has decided two years administrative probation for Father Nguyen Van Ly in Phu An commune with reason " using the pulpit to incite  Catholics anti- the government policy " .

October 19, 2001 , the People's Court of Thua Thien - Hue has been tried and sentenced Father Nguyen Van Ly 15 years in prison , 5 years probation, local residence on two charges of " undermining the unity policy to " and " do not abide by the decision of the administrative agency of competent state administrative work " ( Article 87 and 269 of the Penal Code ) . Father Ly was later brought in Ba Sao prison ( Ha Nam ) . June 26, 2004 , Father Ly was awarded Shalom absentee at the Catholic University of Eichstätt - Ingolstadt ( Germany ) . February 2005 , Father Ly was reduced and the amnesty plan . April 8, 2006 , Father Ly has set " Block 8406 " , along with a compilation of the documents with contents against the government and called for a boycott of parliamentary elections in 2007 . August 22, 2006 , Father Ly was the announced signing of " Bloc 8406 " for " democratization process in Vietnam." September 8, 2006 , Father Ly was released " Statement of occasions Vietnam Progression Party announced himself established in Vietnam on 09/08/2006 " .

01.11 the next day , the Vietnamese community in the U.S. capital region will be gathering to celebrate this event in God of Wealth restaurent 6449 Arlington re , Boulevard , Virginia .PV. VRNs