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We would like to send to people in Vietnam and abroad ... especially to the Catholic faithful Vietnam the General Letter of Vietnam Bishops' Conference sent Communities of Lord... relating visible sign of Church to New Gospel - Mission . The important point is the Vietnam Bishops' Letter highlighted above ... when referring to the evangelization mission is comprehensive ... because light of faith not only  illumined life of internal church , or just to build a permanent capital in the world later... that also helped us to build this society , towards a future of hope ... according to the teachings of Jesus ... standing on the side of victims of disaster and injustice ... in solidarity with those who are social outcasts ... and share solidarity with those who are marginalized by society .. . and finally , the Council of Bishops Vietnam through joint letter to remind us all be strong and courageous commitment in the New Gospel - Mission ... toward on the Martyrs of Vietnam is the shining example of Evangelical Mission . Pray for all faithful Catholics to appreciate heritage of faith which they have passed on to us by the blood and tears ... especially with the serious challenges of faith that our believers in Vietnam are now facing social where's full of injustice oppression ...under the savage and brutal rule of the godless communists in Vietnam on today.


The XII Congress of the Vietnam Episcopal Council : General Letter sent Communities of God's children : The Church in Vietnam and the NEW GOSPEL - MISSION

Dear Brothers and Sisters ,
" The grace of Jesus Christ , our Lord , the love of the Father and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all " ( cf. 2 Cor 13.13 ) . We, the bishops from 26 dioceses in Vietnam, gathered at the Pastoral Center Saigon to attend the XII Congress of the Vietnam Bishops' Conference , thank you prayed much for us let the Conference how nice and peaceful . The conference ended today , through this pastoral letter , we want to share with you the work already done in Conference , particularly on New Gospel - Mission.
1 . Entering the Conference in the context of faith year , we are glad to hear that the spiritual fruits of the faithful as well as parish communities , dioceses , congregations , and learning has positive effort renewal of the life of faith . The liturgy and pastoral life of faith helped each purified , strengthened and innovation . At the same time , to hear about the difficulties and challenges that some communities face , we understand that faith is always a challenge , but in any circumstance , the disciple whom Jesus was are called to witness to the Gospel of God 's love , became a catalyst for building the civilization of love and life culture .
In addition, we also listen to many different suggestions for activities and work of the Church in Vietnam , particularly the construction Pilgrimage Center Our Lady of La Vang . The conference also spend a lot of time for the election of the Standing Committee of the Episcopal Conference , as well as the chairman of the Committee under the Conference of Bishops of the new term .
2 . Now we want to share with you the direction and pastoral programs in the coming years . In the past three years (2010-2013) , we all have to live together and learn the meaning of the Church: the mystery - communion - mission . Orientation and spirit of the Year of Faith should be followed by efforts to " New Gospel - Mission to communicate the Christian faith " , as well as the theme of the Synod of Bishops XIII , held at Rome , from 7 to 28 October 2012. Indeed , Christ's light shines on the faces of Christians and to spread that light to others , like from Easter candle , countless other candles are lit during the Easter Vigil . [ 1 ] in addition, we are also reminded that particular mission this year , when the Church in Vietnam declared the 25th anniversary of 117 witnesses of faith ( 19/06/1988 - 06/19/2013 ) , is the fruits of the New Gospel - Mission .
3 . The goal of the Gospel - Mission is leading people into a personal encounter with Jesus Christ , in the Holy Spirit , so that encounter with God his Father , and the Father of us, and for our lives to be change in the spirit of the Gospel . So , first of all, we ourselves must be the gospel - mission , to strengthen and renew their faith , and can help you get away from the faith and rediscover the beauty the light of faith . Today, while some people are Christians only in name , for our right to live their Christian vocation in joy , let's shine the attractiveness of the Gospel to those around us .
The gospel - mission of a comprehensive , because " light illumined by faith, not only the internal life of the Church , or just to build a permanent capital in the world later , but also help us current building society towards a future of hope " . [ 2 ] the Lord Jesus taught us this direction . Toward on the victims of disaster and injustice . The solidarity with those who were eliminated by society . Solidarity and compassion for the victims and those who are marginalized societies have become essential requirements of New Gospel - Mission . [ 3 ]
4 . " New Gospel - Mission " is not preaching a new gospel of " Jesus Christ is still , yesterday and today, and forever so forever " ( Heb 13.8 ) , but is " new zeal , new methods , and new ways to express " . [ 4 ] this is for your devotion to renew the relationship between ourselves with Jesus Christ , to the relationship that direction lead whole our lives  . This method is that the use of appropriate methods to meet the rapid changes in many aspects of age , culture , society and technology . New in trying to describe the study and use the appropriate expression , for people today can understand and comprehend the Gospel message .
The New gospel - Mission review of the whole pastoral life in all dimensions , that is, to make the conversion from the mind to the direction and methods during doing pastoral. From the experience of many countries where many Christians' apostate  , if we do not quickly make this pastoral conversion , then in the not too distant future , the Church in Vietnam also fell into the icy condition winter of faith as some parts of the world .
The renewal of the life of faith should be integrated into the overall pastoral plan which the bishops presented in General Letters to People of God conference 2010 : " Together accretion civilization of love and life " . That general Letters is program of action of the Church in Vietnam for many years . Based on this fundamental orientation , we invite you to let us perform pastoral plan lasts 3 years ( 2014-2016 ) :
- 2014 : the gospel - Mission to family life ;
- 2015 : the gospel - Mission to life of the parish and the community ;
- 2016 : the gospel - Mission to social life .
5 . In  2014 upcoming , we together take the gospel - Mission to family life and promoting family participation in the mission of evangelization . The Church is called the family of God and every Christian family called the church home . The renewal of the Church is to start a family , so the Church particularly interested in the family . In particular , the Holy Father Francis recently announced convened the Synod of Bishops on the exceptional course in October 2014 on " Challenges for family ministry in the context of the gospel - " . General Letters to People of God conference 2010 also emphasized , " Prior to the current family crisis , the Church recognized the need to strengthen and renew pastoral families , pastoral families to see the important activities , linking plans and programs of the parish pastoral and diocesan " . [ 5 ]
6 . To accomplish these goals , would you build your family to become a community of prayer, living most of faithful love , life and serve zealous evangelization .
- The family is the community of prayer, worship God in the temple at . Communion in prayer is both a fruit is a requirement of communion rooted in Baptism and Matrimony . Jesus is present in the home when spouses , parents , children pray together , and then , the family life becomes prayer life . Current life situation caused many difficulties for the family reunion prayer . But here is the important demands of family life catholic . So , along with diligent attend Mass and receive the sacraments , we earnestly ask you in maintenance of general prayer time of the family now , and try to put word of Lord in to this prayer time .
- The family is loving congregation merged with faithful love , comes from God-Love . The relationship between husband and wife , parents and children and between siblings together , is living sign of God's love . Thus , the Catholic family to remove everything violence , " let's have compassion , kindness , humility , gentleness , patience, endurance and forgiveness for one another " ( Colossians 3.12 to 13 ) .
- The family is the community service to life , awakened from the living God . Christian husband and wife love each other with an open love for life, respect for life from the moment of conception , collaboration with God the Creator, through the responsible to have a baby , children's education become good person the sons of God . The family is the first school to teach the virtues and faith , a stronghold protecting the physical life and spirit of the children before the attack of the evil and the ugly in life . Therefore, parents must be aware of their responsibilities as educators first and irreplaceable , by his own mirror .
- The family is the community to participate in the mission of the Gospel - Mission , with prayer and with concrete action . The love life of unity in the Catholic family , in the middle of the difficulties and challenges of life , the testimony itself is quiet but convincing the Gospel. In addition, the fine tradition , Catholic family is a place to cultivate vocations to the priesthood and religious . Also, when possible , would you go ahead and introduce shared Christ to others .
7 . To accompany the family said in the lofty mission , we recommend some of the following services :
Preparing young people entering marriage and family is demanding urgent than ever . Young people need to be aware and to marriage as a vocation and noble mission , with a sense of choice , freedom and responsibility . Christians couple are called to live the sacrament of marriage as a visible sign and efficacy of Christ's love for the church , a style much love , unique and indissoluble . In order to do so, should be prepared far , almost prepared , and prepare the young directly into marriage .
In the context of many cultural movements in today's society , I think we need to remind us of this truth : the institution of the family founded on marriage between a man and a woman . The mechanism is based on human nature , established by God himself , directed to the good of the family and society, thus , all individuals and social groups need to recognize and respect this institution .
Travel with young families today is important pastoral requirements , to help them live conjugal love with the sense of responsibility , serving life , said love harmony in the family nest with responsibility for building the Church , building society and country .
With siblings struggling for marriage breakdown and dissolution of families , on the one hand we must uphold the ideals of Catholic marriage , on the other hand to accompany and support them , rather than present express condemnation and exclusion .
Currently, there are many groups , associations , movements are apostolic spirituality and pastoral care engage families in ways and to varying degrees . The movement should be the shepherd companion and guide , support and encouragement , so that they contribute concretely and in harmony with the overall pastoral program of each parish , diocese .
The diocese should pay attention to the training of clergy , religious , lay pastoral ministry in charge of the family. These people will work with the diocesan bishop in the development and implementation of family pastoral programs of the diocese and parish . We also want to send a special appeal to writers, artists siblings and Catholic media . Yearn siblings wield talents God , to honor the true beauty of married love and family . The future priests should be groomed more pastoral family , to be able to partner with families effectively .
 Dear Brothers and Sisters ,
At above , we have shared with you the pastoral desire as well as specific proposals , in order to contribute to efforts to " New Gospel - Mission to communicate the Christian faith ." Yearn proposals are brothers and sisters - in particular , the priests are close collaborators of the episcopate - welcome to pray , think , developed and implemented at different levels : family , parish , diocese . Towards the Martyrs of Vietnam is the shining example of New Gospel - Mission , let's say to them :
To pray to Martyrs of Vietnam, is the gentle children of the heavenly Father , the courageous witnesses of Christ , as a faithful part of the Church ,please help us to appreciate the heritage of faith which you have passed back to us by blood and tears . Give us faith boldly in the family and society , follow the example of the Holy Family bright , to shine the light of faith all over the place , so that we can actively contribute to the implementation of mission , bringing abundant fruits in Vietnam beloved homeland .

Done in Saigon Pastoral Center , October 10, 2013

               + Cosma Hoang Van Dat                         Peter Nguyen Van Nhon
                                      (signed                                                         (signed)
                          Bac Ninh Bishop                                Archbishop of Hanoi
                       Secretary HDGM                               Chairman .VN HDGM.VN

1 ] Francis Pope , Lumen fidei , 37 .
[ 2 ] Nt . , No. 51 .
[ 3 ] X. FABC message
[ 4 ] German Blessed John Paul II , Address to the General Assembly of the XIX CELAM , Port - au - Prince .
[ 5 ] CBCV , General Letter to People of God conference 2010 , No. 43 
Vietnam Episcopal Council

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