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The so-called " Trial of openness and transparency " of the ruling Communist Vietnam for so long is continued shown in the trial today 02-10-2013 for Democratic activists and Human rights lawyer Le Quoc Quan ... with a series of barriers erected by the forest of security forces public and secret ,kinds of police and crowded  militias , night-watchman ... to find ways to prevent , harass and threaten those who love ... lawyer Le Quoc Quan is flocked to attend the hearing. A trial is expressed more fear and anxiety of the ruling Communist Vietnam than in confident to judge the person who violated the law ... ! The reason why ... and what makes even a communist system power becomes weakness and confusion that ... theoretically , the authorities are showing off their powerful by forest of crowded security ... but in fact , they more and more flaunt of strong force how much  ... means to prove confusion and panic in their hearts is much as like that .

Despite facing threats and harassment both mentally and physically ... but the confidence and affection of the people attending the trial lawyer Le Quoc Quan today .. . further higher levels than ever before . Yes , violence and power of the ruling Communist Vietnam did not seem strong enough to stop and threaten those who love the activist for this democracy and human rights in particular ... as well as love , desire hope Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights in general ... the images we see everywhere around the court and in the neighborhood areas... before the trial was officially opened trial . Especially image of large parishioners under the leading of the priests are jointly attending the court hearings to support  the spirit and reclaim of truth and justice for lawyer Le Quoc Quan . Desire for Freedom and Democracy and human rights are increasingly intense rise in the heart of the people of Vietnam in general and those who desire to be present in the courtroom trial lawyer Le Quoc Quan today  in particular . Well, maybe like the time is ripe ... and justice in all people's hearts will win . Every unjust decision of the government of communist Vietnam today to the activist for democracy and human rights, lawyer Le Quoc Quan ... completely detrimental to the government of Vietnam in all aspects both in terms of foreign Affairs and International relations ... because not only fellow Vietnam and abroad ... that the International Community are together his eyes toward to the court hearings of the famous activist for democracy and human rights.

And finally , the 30- month prison sentence that were sentenced by the jury in the trial today for lawyer Le Quoc Quan , a lawyer patriotic activities demanding Freedom and Democracy and Human Rights for people Vietnam proved the righteous is always win ... and truth and justice are on the side of the people ... have not been implemented and respected . Verdict but somewhat lighter than the penalty specified in the charges of " tax evasion " , which the communist government of Vietnam has imposed to lawyer Le Quoc Quan ... However, as we have said ... whether any unfair judgment against Attorney Quan are also not acceptable ... and 30 month prison sentence or even probation for him are also unfair , because the lawyer Quan is completely innocent ... even for charges of " tax evasion " that authorities had accused him . All charges against the lawyer just an excuse by the ruling government deliberately created to harm himself   renowned activist for this democracy and human rights ...and this is also the way of deterrence against who desire to pursue or require Freedom and Democracy in Vietnam . All of us are determined to keep up the spirit and steadfast determination of us ... until the truth is the government of communist Vietnam really respected ... and Justice were displayed and actual implementation on homeland Vietnam .


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    Tường thuật trực tiếp vụ Nhà nước cộng sản xử Luật sư Lê Quốc Quân

    14h45 : Court verdict : lawyer Le Quoc Quan was sentenced to 30 months in prison together with other civil liability . Invite you to click on all monitoring of public hearings around style communism from 5:30 am 2/10 .

    This morning , 2/10 , Vietnam communist government brought lawyer Le Quoc Quan  to trial . The large parishioners , friends and those who care about the incident to the People's Court of Hanoi to attend the public hearing of lawyer Quan .
    Invite press F5 to update the news .
    5h30 sáng, một Thánh Lễ cầu nguyện cho LS Lê Quốc Quân đã diễn ra sốt sắng tại Nhà thờ Thái Hà
    5:30 am , a Mass to pray for Le Quoc Quan eagerly took place at the Thai Ha Church
    Đông đảo giáo dân tham dự Thánh lễ
    Numerous parishioners and those who are interested in the case and attend Mass.
    Gia đình LS Quân trong Thánh lễ sáng 2/10.
    Wife and mother of Lawyer Quan (right image ) in the morning Mass 2/10 .
    Cầu nguyện trước Đức Mẹ Nữ Vương Công Lý trước khi đến dự phiên tòa
    Prayer before Our ​​Lady Queen of Justice before to attend the trial
    Delegation attended the trial walk to the Hanoi People's Court ,with the branch of  cycas on hands , or banners demanding justice - Freedom for Lawyer Quan .
    Đoàn tham dự phiên tòa đi qua công viên Thống nhất.
    Delegation to attend the hearing went through the Thong Nhat park.
    8h13 : Group of people go to court was the police force , security stopped at the junction of Le Duan - Tran Nhan Tong . People protest by lying down the road , traffic congestion .
    Cảnh sát lập rào chặn, không cho đoàn người tham dự phiên tòa trên đường Lê Duẩn, trước khách sạn Nikko.
    Police set up barriers to block , not allow the Delegation who attended the hearing on Le Duan street , infront of the Nikko Hotel .
    Khu vực ngã ba Lê Duẩn - Trần Nhân Tông tắc cứng.
    Area fork Le Duan - Tran Nhan Tong was obstructed .
    Known all the streets lead to Hanoi People's Court this morning was blocked , to prevent people attended the hearing.
    8h50 : Delegation derived from Thai Ha Church was fierce blocked at the junction Le Duan - Tran Nhan Tong .
    Despite fierce opposition people but could not pass over the police cordon , the secret and public police with the weapon fully support tools in hand . Delegation returned , continued the practice on Le Duan street , contrary to the Thong Nhat Park .
    Not arrival in the hearing " open " style of communism , people held up banners marched on Le Duan street .
    9h12 : The police stopped the delegation at the intersection Kim Lien . Not allow to the trial as also to come back . Do not know what the State playing games with people face in broad daylight , on a main street named secretary of the communist party ? The police force was getting close to the group .
    People have raised the banners peacefully and sang the Peace prayer , up to Road , raise to go ...
    9:30 : It is known that the mother and brother of Le Quoc Quan was not in the court , while the U.S. Embassy delegation of 5 persons to attend .
    Mẹ LS Lê Quốc Quân thất thần ngồi thụp xuống bên hàng rào tòa án. Phiên tòa công khai của nhà nước pháp quyền
    Le Quoc Quan's mother slumped down blankly court fence . The image of Public hearings of the State law socialism
    Police lines , tight security , murderous faces .
    12:05 : The trial continues. Around the courts, police forces , security remains scattered dense . Able trial will be heard noon -range for finishing .
    Bên ngoài tòa án, lúc 12h trưa 2/10.
    Outside the court , at 12pm 2/10 .
    14h45 : Court verdict : lawyer Le Quoc Quan was sentenced to 30 months in prison together with other civil liability .
    Queen of Justice
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