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Do Minh Tuyen

The speech of the highest holding power of the Communist Party and State of Vietnam General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong during a meeting and talk to the voters in the two counties Tay Ho and Hoan Kiem of Hanoi Capital of the Vietnam ... related to the range of the draft State Constitution amended 1992 and the current status of country ... made people totally disappointed and dissatisfied . The so-called " vast majority of people agree with the Constitution " ...that Mr. Trong is referring eloquently makes the listener feel uncomfortable and jarring truth . Why is a senior leader and most powerful of countries ... is said to be the most prestigious in the ranks of the party and leaders of Vietnam communist state can be said nakedly in a such lied way ... ! majority of the people and foreign nationals which he refers to as an absolute backing for deciding the issue ... the key issues about amending the Constitution this time... as maintain Article 4 of the Constitution and sustain the current land law ... who are they...and belong to which components ... !

According to international human rights observers and public opinion of the people of Vietnam and abroad is the maintaining, unchanged  Article 4 of Constitution ( Lets continue the dictatorship and monopoly leading only of party ) .. . well as maintaining the current land law ( land owned by the whole people , but by state management ) ... two problems are the main causes leading to rampant corruption in the society at present , and the government abuses power to trample on law and legal fundamental rights of people ... will continue to maintain instability in society ... and pushing people's lives survival as well as the destiny of the country closer to the brink . During the past several years , because the country is under the direction leadership only of the party  has led to the phenomenon of government itself allows the right to sit on the law ... because most of the positions and important position in State government apparatus are running and holding by the Vietnam communist party members ... and when the negative findings and corruption, there's no one enough jurisdiction to judge ... even the puppet leaders of the National Asembly of Vietnam ... due to the party is the country's highest power authority ... !

Back in his speech about the majority of the people of Vietnam and foreign nationals who are absolute support and agree with the key issues about amending Constitution ... Although talking eloquently but the General Secretary of party Nguyen Phu Trong, he forgot to make clear to people know that the foreign nationals that he mentioned are not millions of Vietnamese communist refugees after the South Vietnam was communist North took over ... that is Vietnam's communist officials and their descendants , who are studying or living in foreign countries .... with money and possessions which due to corruption , due to negative ... so gouged , plundering of the country ... or squeezed the gentle people to have . And speaking of signed the agreement  ballots from people ... is Mr. Trong the honorable secretary of us deliberately forget did not mention a very important detail and interesting ...that is the consensus votes which were put on the tables of the people with the murderous faces of the people's police who's equipped with guns , batons and stun guns .. along with the expansion of the prison gates ... then try to ask there're any gentle people to be enough courage and determination not agree ... !

The second problem , when referring to the anxiety of the electorate on the status of country now ... is the honorable secretary of us are incredibly optimistic ... to make firm claims that, Vietnam is still maintaining a reasonable rate of economic ... social security is guaranteed... inflation under control ... and the poverty rate in Vietnam is only at about 10 percentage , defense and security is guaranteed .... etc ... but forget did not let everyone know the evidence that the assessment and reporting of the economic experts of Vietnam in seminar in Hanoi on 03-04-2013 this year ... the economy of Vietnam was downhill after 5 years of joining WTO ... with a bunch of events such as bad debts and lawsuits cult which led government dizziness headache as also the continuously collapse of : Vinashin , PetroVietnam marine and maritime Transport Vinalines ... along with a series of events in the financial banking ... are faced with certain risks ...

 please see : % E1 % BB % 87t_Nam ( section on Economics of VN )

And talk about national security , it seems Mr.Secretary Trong was right when they guarantee has been maintained ... but the flip side of the problem has not been explicitly mentioned ... and properly dissected . Why do some countries have potential military capabilities is larger than us , more powerful than us as Japan, the Philippines... but their national security and defense are now still under threat of ... ! ! ! ... while Vietnam as only an emerging nation and always in defending that as a consequence of the war left.... but national security firmly back like that ... ? ? ? Well , because of the military and governments from these countries reflect correctly the spirit of their responsibility in preserving and protecting the country ... while in Vietnam , the leaders of the Party and State is only using the policy of patience and accept losses including dedicated and shared some land with its maritime sovereignty for the enemy, for the invasion enemy ... even people and our fishermen beaten , assaulted and killed a brutal way just to be perfunctory response form any enemies who could threatening further that not peace or solid ... ! ! !

Vietnam What people really need now is the fact that for all issues related to socioeconomic status , order safety and current fate of the country ... that is not the hollow reassuring words and filled with lies of General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong . State Constitution be amended by way of deception lies and in forced nature like that which could reassuring people ... ? Article 4 of the Constitution , which is the Article creating undemocratic flaws law , trample justice and allow riding on neck and head of people ... even a small child also knows any people who may agree to retain... that sure to say that the vast majority of people agreed ... ? if want to cheat people, Mr. Secretary should also choose how wise and discreet that could not perform a play and look people like young kids blatantly like that ... ! One thing is for sure , with the trend of Global Democratization now ... plus the desire of Freedom Democracy which are on a strong rise in people's mind ... then make sure the Constitution born in next time ... must be a constitution which really meet desired and wishes of the people ... as well as must be to conform to the standards and regulations have been promulgated in the  International Declaration on Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political rights of the United Nations which Vietnam is a member , has participated and signed since 1982 to date .



‘The majority of people agree with the Constitution’

Update : 10:20 GMT - Sunday, September 29th, 2013
Nguyễn Phú Trọng
Mr. Trong is constant meetings with voters in Ha Noi
The head of the Communist Party of Vietnam affirmed that ' the vast majority of the people of Vietnam ' agreed with the key provisions of the draft amendment to the constitution , but also said to prevent ' negative forces ' demand away Article 4 .
Besides the Constitution, on 9/28 , Secretary General discussed with his voters in the two counties west of Hoan Kiem Lake and Hanoi on land law , trust vote , anti-corruption and the situation socio- economic of the country .

Vietnam's National Assembly in the upcoming session in late October is expected through the new constitution as amended some provisions of the current Constitution which in effect since 1992 .
Meanwhile , on the online forum where governments can not control which many call the Congress not pass the Constitution , including provisions for the of leadership automatically of the Communist Party of Vietnam .


However, according to the General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong on home page of the Communist Party of Vietnam led to , ' through gathering many opinions , not only in domestic but also overseas compatriots showed majority consensus on major issues . "
Also according to Mr. Trong, there's only some problems with differing opinions as land acquisition , economic sectors , local authorities ... These issues will be finalized in Parliament next session .
Thus , the party leader seems show that Article 4 of the leadership of the party had nothing to debate and certainly will be adopted .
"The difficulties of the current economy is only temporary."
General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong
On the other hand , Mr Trong also again warned of ' conspiracy ' claim to quit Article 4 as he had spoken so strongly before.

VnExpress online newspaper quoted him in reply voters about issues that names of countries ' ability to prevent evil forces outside the country to take advantage of changing the name to something else , and want to quit , Article 4 , delete leading role of the Party ' .
Talking to voters on whether to waive the requirement for land acquisition ' for the development of socio- economic ' or not , General Secretary Trong acknowledged this  easy to arise negative is emerging ' comments different ' .
However, in this regard , the Secretary General was quoted for saying, " If do not confirm the issue of economic development and social , how could land acquisition for the construction of the national projects , the district major industry ? "
This statement of Mr. Trong seems to be indication that Congress will remain to allow for the soil recovery to serve ' economic and social ' .


Nguyễn Phú Trọng
Mr. Trong has ever urged someone who requires to quit Article 4 Constitution is ' recession ideological , ethical '
Before voters' concerns about the country's situation , Mr. Trong had very positive words .
The website of the Voice of Vietnam quoted Mr. Trong said that Vietnam still ' maintain economic growth sensible , social security is guaranteed , the number of poor households is about 10 % , inflation was controlled , national security is maintained , the major balances of the economy is guaranteed , the international position of Vietnam has never been as high as now . '

" The difficulties of the current economy is only temporary , " Mr. Trong was quoted as saying .

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