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Do Minh Tuyen

In addition to being able to splurge tens , hundreds of billions of dollars ... that does not bring any benefit to the country ... and if a disaster like Chermobyl or Fukushima happening ... is whole Central area will be covered by radioactive ,  and the Vietnam country will be split in two long-term ... with the economy , tourism and exports immediately paralyzed ... it is a warning from experienced experts in the field nuclear , Professor Nguyen Khac Nhan strategy Advisory group national electric France ( EDF ) ... but it was ignoring by the government of communist Vietnam ... with decision of promotion electricity program ambitious nuclear ... through planning of construction seven nuclear power plants in the coming years ... in Ninh Thuan and some neighboring provinces ... where were rated as areas high level of risk , ease of tsunami affected most .

It is extremely difficult to understand why Japan and many other countries around the world , the countries have strong potential , with experts has extensive experience in the nuclear field , and better than Vietnam in every aspect ... is gradually alienated and looking for ways to quite abandon nuclear power program which's known as danger ... then Vietnam , a country of immaturity and weakness of both economic and aspects related to the nuclear program ... to resolutely proactive pullovers in dangerous areas mentioned above ... despite recommendations from the International Community ... despite strong opposition from domestic and international public opinion ...and most serious is not care about the safety of people's lives ... as well as the dire consequences could happen to the country ... ! According to Vuong Huu Tan , director of Vietnam   Atomic Energy Institute... is Vietnam need these plants to ensure energy supply for the country ... a way to justify irresponsibly could not acceptable .

The need to provide enough energy for the country of course is now well understood and desired ... However, we can replace by other ways as develop model of wind power and solar energy that Germany , Denmark ... are doing now  that can not take people's lives , along with the fate of the country as the chance to do things bet ... while all the risks and hazards that may occur to country is very high . ... and if nuclear disaster happen .. the Prime Minister of Vietnam, Nguyen Tan Dung , Director of the Institute of Atomic Energy Vuong Huu Tan , the leaders of the party and the State or the relevant ministries ... who will be  responsible for  ... or is ultimately blame each other the same as happened in the visible cases of country ago such as : PMU 18 , Vinashin Group, Sea Transportation Vinalines coporation...  And even if they can blame someone ... then how well can overcome incalculable consequences for the country if disaster struck ... and what is taken to be able to compensate for the loss of people's lives ... hope that all the leaders of the State of Vietnam and all of the people let's together thought ... before everything get too late .



VN is committed to pursue nuclear power

Update : 14:59 GMT - Thursday, October 17th, 2013
Nhà máy điện hạt nhân ở Fukushima
Many countries think again about nuclear power after Fukushima disaster
Vietnam resolutely pursuing development plans ambitious nuclear power despite concerns about the safety of the technology after the Fukushima disaster in 2011
The companies and foreign governments are competing to have a place in the industry can worth $ 50 billion in Vietnam in 2030 , the U.S. news agency AP quoted U.S. officials .
Last week the United States and Vietnam have signed off agreement allows U.S. companies to cooperate with Vietnam to develop civilian nuclear energy .
After President Barack Obama and the officials in charge of the United States signing energy agreements called " 123 agreement " , Congress will have 90 days to question the agreement or for it to be effective .
Vietnam plans to build seven nuclear power plants in the coming years to solve the power shortage due to lack of investment and low electricity prices as prescribed .
" Vietnam is the second largest market in East Asia , after China , and our company can now participate in competition , " U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was quoted saying after signing the agreement with Vietnam's Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung in Brunei last week .
"We need nuclear power plants to ensure energy supplies for the country . Other energy sources is not enough ."
Vuong Huu Tan , director of the Department for Radiation and Nuclear Safety
However, the head of the nuclear safety authorities of Vietnam , Mr. Vuong Huu Tan , said in a recent interview that the commencement date for the first two plants was delayed three years from 2014 to 2017 .
Moreover, the nuclear disaster in Japan in March 2011 also caused concern about the plan in Vietnam .
A study in 2011 by three Italian scientists say that historical precedent for the coast of Vietnam at risk of being affected by the earthquake tsunami comes from the South China Sea off the cause .
Map showing their simulation Ninh Thuan , which was selected to build the first nuclear power plant , and a number of neighboring provinces vulnerable to most of the tsunami .
Mr Tan was quoted as saying Vietnam placed high priority to safety issues and will ensure that the plant is built according to international standards .
"We need nuclear power plants to ensure energy supplies for the country 
" The other energy sources are not enough . "

' Despite public opinion '

Japan plans to phase out nuclear power while VN is doing the opposite
AP said that one of the reasons that Vietnam is determined to build a coastal nuclear power plant may be they are not regard to public opinion .
Communist Party control over domestic media and ban the discussion of criticism of the government's activities .
AP quoted experts from the Philippines Kevin Punzalan said this to contrast with Malaysia , Indonesia and the Philippines , where people oppose nuclear power .
Vietnam is necessary due to new energy sources hydropower production and coal is gradually slowing down .
This country may have to import electricity in 2015 , while the Asian Development Bank said demand for electricity could rise to 14 % a year until 2015 before falling to 11 % since 2020 .
Vietnam also called for increased power output by 2030 , but analysts said less investors want to put money into the state electricity between electricity prices below market value .
In the field of nuclear power , investors Russia and Japan are leading in two projects in Ninh Thuan .
The competitors Korea and the United States is sticking .
New agreement signed with Vietnam that the United States will require Hanoi buy nuclear fuel on the international market instead of enriched uranium ..
Reply Vietnamese BBC last month , Professor Nguyen Khac Nhan , former strategic adviser French National Electricity Corporation ( EDF ) has warned Vietnam may waste tens or hundreds of billions of dollars that do not take advantage for the country .
" If a disaster like Chernobyl or Fukushima happens, the central will be covered by radioactive and country will be split in two long-term , tourism , exports , economy will be paralyzed immediately ," Mr. Nhan said .
While high-speed rail project given parliament to discuss but the nuclear power project has not seen this behavior , and bauxite , was the government of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung described here is a major policy Party and State of Vietnam .


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