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Vietnam fishermen were killed by.... Chinese ship while the Vietnam communist government continues to call "strange ships" .... when reporting, a humiliation for the country of Vietnam said general and the particular pain for the victims' families.



The communist government of China to continue their unruly behavior in the South China Sea .... and more serious was the Chinese ship sinking fishing boat rammed Vietnam on the coast on 01-06-2013 eastern from Thanh Hoa province Vietnam 2 knots makes for a Vietnam fishermen on board were killed. Heartbreaking event occurred above is a transparent matter .... but today when inform the news, media communist Vietnam continues to evade strangely and confusingly because of calling Chinese murder ships above is "strange ships". This is not only a great humiliation for the country of Vietnam .... that is indescribable grief for both, the victims' families in murder above in particular, and  ethnic Vietnamese in general.

In recent years, China's communist authorities from time to time has shown off their strength through the East Sea area in troops deployment including Navy and Air Force. The most serious is communist Chinese government used the fishing fleet with the great support from the sea-monitor ships which were fully equipped modern weapons, multiple attack our vessels, right in the Sea area of ​​Vietnam's sovereignty. The movement is becoming increasingly worse, more serious and complicated especially since the Chinese authorities banned fishing in the East Sea since 16-05-2013. Meanwhile, party leaders and state communist Vietnam has always proved impotent, spineless, and cryptically coward .... alongside praise effort from the neighboring countries in the areas such as ... Philippine, Japan .....

While small countries in the region and has sovereignty disputes with China in the East Sea as the Philippines is seeking support from the allied powers like the United States, India, Japan ...... and at the same time has sued the Chinese government to the International Court of invasion of their behavior .... then in Vietnam, the leader of the party and the government showed cowardice and always with attitude the act of confusing .... as repression, harassment and prohibited from allowing its citizens to the streets to protest the invasion of the Chinese communist government. Not only that, it makes the outrage people are loyal attitude of confusing from leaders of Ba Dinh Ha Noi with aggressor now and during past time that typical for its latest is ordered the police, the security of arrests and beatings downright barbaric people in the streets to march against Chinese invasion last Sunday 02-06-2013. The government always excuses .... that should address the problems by peace and friendship, so that not stress the problem becomes more ..... to avoid conflicts .... However, only Vietnam's unilateral peace  ... while China always has constantly provocative behavior and aggression.

Now, not only is the act of aggression, not an act of beating or bullying ... Vietnam fishermen again .... that is a human life. The leaders of the Communist Party and the State Vietnam how thinking about the last attack made Vietnam fishermen have sacrificed a miscarriage of justice??? apparently without any moral that remains in your human. Even so coward that dare not mention the name of killer ....that only dare call is "strange ships" .... which makes us all look back on himself President Truong Tan Sang.....In extraordinary congress of the party's Central Executive Committee recently want to discipline a leader in the Politburo .... also was cowardly avoiding...... dare only call the name of person who was proposed discipline is ..... Mr. "X". Maybe disease of fear and cowardice were seem absorbed into the bones and blood of the communist leaders of the State of Vietnam, that now they become like a little child ... always fear everything around. Fearing people ...., .... fear losing leadership position, fear .... democratic change, fear ..... political advantage, Freedom and Democracy  leading to regime to collapse ..... and now fear for the enemies .... those are causing the suffering, death, mourning for the people of Vietnam,   Vietnamese nation. Dear fellow of Vietnam in country and abroad ! They deserve continue to keep the leadership role of state and governments of Vietnam or not? ..... Please everyone give an answer fair and accurate. Best regards.


Strange Ship sunk the fishing vessel of VN, a fisherman was killed
RFA 01/06/2013

Tàu Vietnam fishing vessel bearing number QNg 90917 was Chinese vessels punctured afternoon May 20,  2013.
Courtesy TTO

According to Vietnam News Agency reported today a trawler fisherman Vietnam was a strange ship punctured in the ribs and then submerged.

Border Guards of Thanh Hoa said early morning 01/06, on the waters far from Me island, Tinh Gia District, Thanh Hoa about 2 miles to the east, the fishing vessel bearing number 1605-TS TH, by Le Van Luyen, Hai Ninh commune, Tinh Gia district captain was suddenly an iron ship (unknown name- number) crashed face, causing four fishermen on board were knocked overboard.

Mr.Le Van Tam, father of Le Van Luyen was swept away by sea wave; 3 other fishermen aboard the Le Van Huynh, Le Dinh Tung and Le Van Luyen together reside in Ninh Hai Commune was ocean waves hitting into the Me island region. 

3 These unfortunately fisherman was the train craft which is being operation nearby rescue and took in the treatment to Hospital Tinh Gia district. The bodies of Mr Le Van Tam was found on the afternoon of the same day and taken to shore burial.
Although avoiding when the VNA reported, but the people know that the ship which the state calls by strange vessels is known as the Chinese ships.

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