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Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No 172 (01-06-2013) and commentary of Father Nguyen Huu Giai on the draft amendment of the 1992 Constitution.




Thank you received and abetting common, especially popular back in the country for dear compatriots.

The editorial board of the newspaper TDNL

 Dear to Benefactors, our Supporters, and our Readers
- Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No. 172 release dated 01 -06 -2013,
- The editorial of the semi-monthly magazine.
- Commentary of Father Nguyen Huu Giai on the draft amendment of the 1992 Constitution
Thank You Abetting received and popular, especially popular back in the country for dear compatriots.
TDNL editorial board

Public relations of the Communist and Communist relations of the people!
- Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No. 172 release dated 01 -06 -2013,

            Nguyen Phu Trong, General Secretary of the Communist Party, in his closing speech Plenum 7 on morning 11-05-2013, mentioned an important issue vital to the party: that's the problem propaganda in the guise rhetoric "agitation": "Strengthening the leadership and innovation of the Party for public relations work is needed in the current situation." The reason is: "In terms of the ruling party, building the rule of law, market economy development, international integration, there are many new problems posed affect thoughts, feelings, life officials, party members and the people. These phenomena between the rich and poor, social stratification, along with bureaucracy, corruption, distance to people, invasive of people's sovereignty, undermine people's confidence in the Party's challenge relationship between the people and the Party. " Properly speaking, the party realized that people increasingly clear: the monopoly behavior, building a police state politics, economy development that would benefit the party, generating the wealth gap widening, strengthening and expansion of bureaucratic corruption, not only violate the sovereignty of the people but also to the right to self-determination of people, the party became the country's enemies.

            That caused panic party: "Only innovation and good public relations work, solidify people's trust in the Party, strengthening the relationship between the party to the people of flesh and blood, as well as united bloc the entire population, the new party has the power, to promote the new great power of the people to serve the cause of building and defending the country. " In fact, in the history of the relationship between the party and people never contact contact flesh that is bloody, and the party took advantage of the trust of the people to the party that has the power to dominate and build a ruinous dictatorship the country.

            Then Ng. Phu Trong pointed out "the spirit of the civil campaign": "To respect and promote the full sovereignty of the people, with all heart and with all strength care for physical life and spirit of the people, focus direct benefit of the people; always important people, close to people, understand people, local news, what's the best benefit to the people, what is bad for people then refrain. Constantly correcting and building the Party, State, government in a clean, strong, all views and policies of the Party, the laws and policies of the State to the people, derived from the interests and aspirations people's legitimate. Staff, members, officers and employees must be exemplary, dedicated to work, the acts must be same with speech that people's trust to follow. " Obviously exhorted style and demagogic are hollow imitation (41 words "people" in the  paragraph Public relations). For nearly 60 years the actual domination of the party, people just figurehead shield, shield support beam, experimental animals. Party has always regarded the people as children to teach, as children to give orders, as hostages to bargain. And now people are still slaves flock.

            Finally, Nguyen Phu Trong specified action method:

 (1) "Continuing to raise awareness of cadres, party members and the strata of the position and role of the civil campaign", ie continue to watch as a propaganda trick in three the tripod legs firmly (the other two are hushed and violence);

 (2) "Enhancing the propagation and dissemination of timely way, the Party's policies, laws and policies of the State to the people", the policy guidelines, laws and policies of the improved achievement for power, the party acquiring the rights. Specifically, through the people's opinion on the draft amendments HP, the Party forced People to accept the permanent domination of the party, forced the army to absolute loyalty to the party, forced the people to empower land ownership in the hands of the party;

(3) "Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of state management of activities information, media, opinion-oriented society, timely prevent, fight with the bad news, toxic, especially through the Internet ". Party is actively do this by holding thousands of newspapers, radio and television, electronic media tools with tens of thousands of unscrupulous reporters, through increasingly consolidating force in intellectual slavery, parasites feed cling carefree way of party schools, universities, military police academy and research institutes of the industry, through recruiting additional forces (now up to the 100,000) opinion writers who defend the party to comment defiantly stupid, vulgar even took training, additional training through thousands hacker hunt day and night to sabotage or just point the website, the network people dare to tell the truth and advocate for justice;

 (4) "Determined, persistent good performance Resolution of the Central 4 course XI about building Party, making the Party really clean, strong, reinforcing the close relationship between the people and the Party." In fact, the party becoming a teeming swarm worm, not any members of the public members (especially in upper management), because he is always spotless, also rivals (or even Chinese community ) hold full profile, each element is both floods death. In party also formed factions known only dispute vied for power and profit, leaving the poor people, social chaos, moral decadence and national security at risk;

(5) "Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the state apparatus from the central to grassroots levels. Focusing effectively solve the pressing problems of the people, especially the lives, jobs, clearance, land compensation, settlement of complaints and denunciations of citizens, reform administrative procedures Key; overcome negative troublesome; congestion and traffic accidents, social evils, social security ... "Effective and efficient operation of the state from the central to grassroots levels only the suppression effect of exploitation, corruption undermining effectiveness. Congress continues to blindly take orders Politburo determined not to give land ownership to people. Petitioners Group has thousands of desperate petitioners, the blood rule, and ends with roadmap injury misery where the hospital is fighting, death by starvation and disease roadside, or in the calendar in prison for daring "against the duty," "destructive development policies of the state." Millions of innocent people are still standing on the way because police traffic claim bribe, hooliganism is robbing as where are not people, still millions of people each year for fatal car accident, because license sales widespread, because of the roads and bridges have been taken. Social Security shall be left with the insurance company found fault with everything, rigorous judging, with hospitals sky-high charging, sell even false drugs, with patients doctors despise, neglect duty department, demanding bribes openly, even fatal shirk responsibility ...

 (6) "To promote patriotic emulation movements in the strata. Innovation organization and operation of the Fatherland Front and mass political and social, of the masses. To strengthen and improve the capacity of local transportation agencies, units and staff working in public relations in the political system, especially in the state administration, the staff often relations, direct contact with people. Renovation work up style, really close to people, most people, learning from people. Implementation of the Regulation on the basis of democracy. " Patriotic emulation movement is, of course, is not anti-China protests invasion (should be suppressed), is not a picnic to discuss human rights (should be forbidden), not ask justice for the petitioners (should be criticism) and even not  writing songs about the country, participating in democratic parties, writing to boycott phony election , drop leaflets to ask China to get out of East Sea, writing slogans blood curse Communist Party (deserved long years imprisonment). Public relations work, close to people, most people, learning from people's police, fronts, civil, union members thugs ... tracking people day and night to listen for the voice, walk stalking, spying out action, to block the gate, to prevent the livelihoods, deprived of machinery, robbery documents, to force to the police station, stripped clothes, beat ragged, forced confessions. And unfortunately, when people go to jail for justice, public relations  is then used visitation-cutting measures, prohibition of sending drug, no treatment to break the will, forcing prisoners repent and ask for mercy ....

            That was the essence of the Communist agitation, the party increasingly expose the mafia of the country, the traitors sell country, the bosses evil with people and servants, be cowardly with the enemy, but still blindly believe the lie sophistry disguised, the crackdown, the abundant media (willing to spend $ 200 million to set up websites for Youth CS), in order to continue the policy stupid people, poisoned young people and driven social discourse, so as long domination.

            · It is no surprise that with modern techniques of information such as media, to monitor fraud and abuse of authority, such as antigens, with the example of the heroic struggle of all class of ages as a catalyst, people are having a proper retaliatory action is Communist relations.

            Hundreds of web sites, thousands of blogs, thousands of twitter, facebook is a media force of the citizens who love country, love freedom and democracy. For Community relations, they decided to expose the falsehood of idols such as Le Van Tam, Kim Dong, Vo Thi Sau, Nguyen Van Troi ..., all the mistakes of the Marxist-Le and crimes of the regime, since the leader with family name Hu, general secretary of the Politburo, the party's central committee members from the staff to the small staff, since Indochina War I in vain, Indochina War II nonsense to war against farmers in land reform, anti-intellectual period in the Humanities, massacres against civilians in Mau Than .... As Cuu Binh that has caused strong movement to quit the party in Chinese community, the work they are enlightened mind for the blind members of party or be siled, poisoned. They decided to make a "realistic assessment comments on the Constitution" despite the insult, the "vote with Congress" about the government members whether they were imprisoned, addressed to the "speaking as citizens freedom "despite to be harassed, the" call those who go astray to quit the party "despite to be bullied all sides.

            But with the light of truth, may have power, alertness of mind, perseverance and willpower compassion in the heart, the Communist relations of people at last will ultimately achieve.


Father Nguyen Huu Giai
comments on the revised draft of the 1992 Constitution
(28-05-2013 Interview and answer)

            1 - The Government published draft amendment to the Constitution to consult the people, priest how think about this?

            · This job is legitimate and necessary. The problem is Constitution serves to whom, civil rights or party right? This means that the civil rights (and human rights) of the Constitution shall be construed to do right, to be respected, to be sure, in theory and in practice. Could not be in name only, there's renown without pads,be only the drawing cake as so long!

            2 - Many places, the state send to people  documents to each of the 1992 Constitution and the draft amendment to apply generous comments. In the area of ​​operation of the priest (parish), is like that?

            · There are so! Also 2 text (collated together), people receive a confirmation has been given two documents, must be signed immediately on the spot, and a newspaper with content suggestions: 1 - General Comments on the Draft ( there is no say clear having right to disagree), 2 - Recommendations for amendment and supplement certain terms ... This report the local officials will recover after a day or two.

            3 - How the people react?

            · Some of families received, other families did not. This place the officers to withdraw, that place was disregard. Not sure why?

            Particularly the Catholic family, the priest practical guidance, and received written comments on the paper that: We do not agree with the draft agreement with HP that only judgments and suggestions of the Council Vietnam Bishops on 01-03-2013. Someone attached (reply) Letter from Vietnam Episcopal Council again.

            4 - How about Rev. remarks and suggestions of the Vietnam Bishops' Conference?

            · CBCV confirmed the basics of the Constitution: human rights, sovereignty of the people and the implementation of political authority, and specify the content of this right. They are associated with human dignity, is universal, inviolable and inalienable.

            CBCV raised practical judgments, rich. Analysis of the contradictions and irrationality within existing content Constitution, the irrational in real life, the source of countless injustices today.

            CBCV offer excellent suggestions, full of hope for the people of Vietnam.

            5 - The priest received the comments sheets of the State or not?

            · On 04-05-2013, the Commission staff Vinh An commune, Phu Vang, Thua Thien Hue have to give me a comparison of the 1992 Constitution with the draft amendments of the 1992 Constitution, including 60 large format pages and comment sheets.

            Before the two social workers, I immediately write comments on papers as follows:  We agree with 12 the proposal of the Bishops' Conference of the VN in the comment letter dated 01-03-2013. We ask the Commission revised draft of the 1992 Constitution very seriously, listen to the opinion that, and courageous decisions for the most affordable and popular. Then I received the attached letter and comments CBCV.

            6 - Now the State is applying for the Decree of 92 religions. What Rev. think of this decree?

            · Last March, in Hue, a number of priests and other religious dignitaries are invited to study this Decree to "strictly abide"!?!

            In my opinion, there are two points to set up for religious freedom: One is that all laws under the Constitution does not set forth the terms of limiting religious freedom of the people, on the contrary to make it facilitate that right. Ordinance on religious beliefs in 2004 (in force) is actually 5 ring iron chains, and Decree 92 has adopted it as a muzzle lock the church.

            The two are actually not needed and do not have a law under the Constitution to take the religion, the Church of the object. Ordinance religious current, the thoughts and purposes of government, is to manage the particular religion that they always suspect and hate. But the very nature of religion (the Church) is the only civil society alongside other civil society, and all members of the Church as well as citizens in society. Whether believers, but first and foremost citizens, they have the human rights and basic civil rights which have been identified in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the two International Conventions on Civil Rights, Politics, Economics health, culture and society.

            These laws have a duty under the Constitution to clarify and protect those rights, and everyone, including Christians, just observe the laws relating to such rights is enough. (Also their religious community, the observance of the law on general and legitimate civil society). Consequently there is no problem to set its own rules for the name of religion under the Ordinance, Decree ...

            7 - Rev. hope in the future Constitution?

            · Have CBCV analysis, insights, facts about some of the items as well as the whole spirit and content of the draft. The religious intellectuals, movements and many citizens have also contributed much enthusiasm to find a proper HP, authentic people for water. But because of that HP was only formed from a Congress of the People, by the people, for the people, not of the party, for the party as at present, so the problem is a prerequisite to have a proper Parliament, rather than a "House servant party group" is sitting in Hanoi.

            Now, in the comments to HP, the state reported is wrong, the forced scare tactics wide, ask for comment but always force follow "right side". If  like that, be sure that the people of Vietnam will forever imprisoned in prison atheist communist, totalitarian instead receive truth, freedom, justice and love in a free society democracy.

            We have therefore increasingly clear, positive, united, persistent struggle by all means non-violence, soon to have a true Parliament, which lays out a proper constitution, to build a socially democracy and prosperity.

            May God bless this good intention of all of us. /.

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