Emergency Alert: Paul Minh Nhat was hunger strike since


Đăng bởi lúc 7:20 Sáng 22/06/13

VRNs  (06/22/2013) - Nghe An - Date 21/06/2013
According to official information we have received from students - prisoners of conscience Tran Minh Nhat  from prison Nghi Kim, Nghe An, starting today,  June 21, 2013 Minh Nhat began in hunger strike to protest the Nghi Kim prison officials repeatedly outrages dignity and life to Minh Nhat. Specifically: detention conditions very harsh, such as diet not by a dog, can not swallow (from the original notice from Nhat) to use brackish water (water taken directly from pond lakes, wells); detention room is too narrow, while the weather in Nghe An are now up to 39 temperature, 40 degrees, no lighting, not allow to get books from his relatives.

For more information, Nguyen Xuan Anh now seriously ill, ulcers throughout body because the detention room is overcrowded, filthy and hot. In private case of  Nguyen Dinh Cuong, because to speak out against harsh detention conditions of detention as well as the continuous insult to the dignity of the prisoner that he was now in solitary confinement.

Nhat adds, besides a hunger strike to protest tomorrow, 22.06.2013 Nhat will send an application to the board of supervisors Nghi Kim prison to require prison to ensure the rights and lives of their prescribed by law.

Nhat announced hunger strike until the board Nghi Kim prison officers meet the minimum requirements above.

Status communist prison in Vietnam is how so long nobody saying. Only when more and more prisoners of conscience, is this situation just was brought to the public. Police outside the middle of day, that also abuse of power, exceed their authority and kill people with impunity, let alone the police in prisons where people or any journalists are not allowed to come.

Also need to be repeated: Paul Tran Minh Nhat, a student at the University of Foreign Languages ​​computing (HUFLIT), love justice and truth, join protests against Chinese aggression, against bauxite mining in the Central Highlands, collaboration Members of the Communications Redemptorist and An Phong Radio. He was arrested on 27/8/2011 in Saigon.