Prisoners in Xuan Loc revolt and hold the supervisor

Posted by at 3:30 PM 30/06/13

VRNs  (06/30/2013) - Saigon - Camp Prisoners of Classification 1 (K1), camp Z30A, Xuan Loc, where is detaining Tran Huynh Duy Thuc just revolted of full area camp this morning, at 7-9 am .

The main reason is the transfer of information outside the prison, said prisoners were beaten, diet garbled, etc. ... generally draconian prison so seriously that can not to stand

Journalists Tran Quang Thanh said to VRNs: "The prisoners are now holding  as 'hostages' Ho Phi Thang, prison officers K 3, Xuan Loc right in the detention room. The prisoners had to use the phone number: 0962467908 (prisoners of conscience Nguyen Ngoc Cuong) to touch out. Currently prisoners are employed inside the situation, the police did not enter it. Need to speak to the media than from overseas to support and avoid persecution. "

Known that beside the political prisoners Tran Huynh Duy Thuc, Viet Khang musicians also being held in the camps. Xuan Loc prison (General Enforcement and Criminal Justice Support - Ministry of Public Security) in Suoi Cao, Xuan Loc (Dong Nai).

We call the Ministry of police and police in Dong Nai province to arrange, negotiate, negotiate to resolve the legitimate rights of the prisoners. We condemn, if the police used force.