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To ever the people of Vietnam will get out of fear .... Will be safe when actually express their views peacefully ...???




To ever the people of Vietnam will get out of fear .... Will be safe when actually express their views peacefully ...???. The question has still not answer yet .... and waiting attitude, perspective ... as well as the actual action from both sides government ...... and people. Fundamental freedoms and legal legitimacy of the people are increasingly Authorities communist Vietnam rudely trampled and blatant. Blogger Pham Viet Dao .... have been emergency arrested by the investigate security agencies  of Hanoi city Police today 13-06-2013 also on charges of  accusations under article 258: "Taking advantage of Democratic Liberties infringer State benefits ... . " the latest suppression of radical action following  series of the arrest and wrongful conviction for the dissidents in the country, including components blogger, writer, journalist, musician .... and patriotic young students in past time.

Faced with rampant corruption in the current system of government .... pushed the country to the economic downturn and serious social unrest led to the people no longer trust the state leadership more ..... and that is the reason more and more people to express their views criticizing the wrongful act of the government. This makes the leaders of the party and government at all levels .... feel insecure feeling of power and leadership positions of their unique country threatened .... and instead of listening people say .... find out their aspirations and look at yourself .... then the party leader and current rulers chose to confront with people ... .. and protect their personal interests in any way, including .... the harassment and intimidation people by violent. Action unwise from leaders of the party and the communist government of Vietnam is not only deep threat and longevity of the people of Vietnam .... but also a great challenge for the International Community .... where are always advocating and protecting Human Rights, Freedom and Democracy for mankind.

We call for more attention and more strongly from the international community for human rights disaster in Vietnam today. At the same time, we also expect extensive attention from people throughout the country before the increase of persecution from the communist ruling in Vietnam for their fellow patriots today. Please, everyone, let's all act denounced human rights abuses by the ruling communist Vietnam ..... as well as forming the best way to effectively protect the lives and property of The democrats ....  for the patriotic people of Vietnam .... Why are the people down the road today and in the past have been easily broken by government ... While in other authoritarian countries .... although also was suppressed by government as in Vietnam ..... but its people have continued down the road noisily ...??? Well, because they have the solidarity .... Communist Vietnam although is brutal ..... but they have dared to hold a gun to shoot straight to people ...? and although there're many prisons in Vietnam, but if there is enough room for thousands, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of patriotic citizens...??? if the marches that the number of people involved outnumbered security forces Vietnam .... is whether such protests are  easily broken ...??? Vietnam people's fate and destiny .... survival of the country today ..... are totally dependent on thinking, judgment and practical actions of our people.



Blogger Pham Viet Dao was arrested

Update: 15:16 GMT - Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Ông Phạm Viết Đào
Mr. Pham Viet Dao has many articles criticizing government

Vietnam News Agency said Hanoi police arrested "emergency" blogger Pham Viet Dao and he is "serving attitude."

Official news agency of Vietnam said: "Security agencies investigating police in Hanoi warrants urgent and emergency warrant for Mr. Pham Viet Dao, born on 04/10/1952 in Nghe An , currently residing in ... Hanoi. "

"Mr. Pham Viet Dao with violations of law under Article 258 of the Penal Code Socialist Republic of Vietnam on charges of" abusing democratic freedoms to infringe upon the interests of the State, the rights and legitimate interests of organizations and citizens. "

Vietnam News Agency said Mr. Dao was "serving attitude" and the police are "continuing to investigate and clarify the violation" of this blogger.

On 9/6 Mr. Dao commented on the BBC stage the first vote of confidence by the National Assembly and said it was "challenging the politics of Vietnam" and that " How the National Assembly that like the government does."

Commentaries on trying to change the politics of Vietnam, Mr. Dao said he  he does not hope having "break", but " crooked is more than there's nothing".

Blogger also comment on trends and predict the outcome of the 1992 Constitution was amended by the Administration and the Communist Party from the campaign this year.

BLOGGER was crackdown

Shortly after news of his arrest is given at 13/6, page views protection authorities have now long article titled "Who is Pham Viet Dao".

This page says Mr. Dao has ever worked at the Department of the Ministry of Culture and Cinematography and then inspector of the department until 2007.

Then he was Chief Inspector of administrative corruption and the Ministry of Culture - Sports and Tourism. page says Mr. Dao is a member of  Writers Association and has also translated many works into Romanian, the country he has been to study and graduate study of literature.

This page makes question "what makes a man once considered the strongest arms in handling errors in the press bogged down in the way that himself could understand it's a mistake ....?" and quoted another blogger called Mr. Dao is "Pham Viet Bua".

Mr. Dao, the second blogger was arrested in less than a month.

One other well-known blogger, former journalist Truong Duy Nhat, Bambi also was arrested at the Da Nang on 26/5 and taken to Hanoi for further investigation on the day.

The international organization also accused Vietnam jailed dozens of other  writers  in recent times, while Vietnam has always said they only imprison those who violate the law.

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