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DEMOCRATIC BLOC 8406: Appeal letters of protest for government crackdown on political prisoners and the patriotic citizens who against aggression of China.



Dear all fellow in Vietnam and abroad with the International Friendship. Please popularized and translated into foreign languages ​​helps to broad public opinion.
We sincerely thanks.

8406 bloc in Vietnam

Bloc 8406
Manifesto on Freedom and Democracy for Vietnam in 2006



Appeal letters of protest 
government crackdown on political prisoners
and the patriotic citizens who against aggression of China.


The whole Vietnam compatriots at home and abroad.
The democratic government, the international human rights organizations.
            To this day, Dr. Cu Huy Ha Vu law, the courageous prisoner of conscience were Communist rulers of Vietnam (SRV NCQ) sentenced to 7 years in prison injustice, hunger strike to protest for 16th day to protest Luong Van Tuyen, head of Prison No. 5 of the Ministry of Public Security in Yen Dinh, Thanh Hoa, has seriously violated the legal rights, his legitimacy, even endangering his life, as letter he sent from prison on 01-06-2013.

            Compatriots in Vietnam and abroad with many people who love freedom and democracy around the world are anxious to monitor this particular struggle, and very grateful before the words of will to do good of Dr in the accused letter above: "I continue hunger strike until supervisor Tuyen resolve my application  and other legitimate rights and interests of mine. If I die, the people of Vietnam will avenge for me by giving all the bars to those who led the arrest, prosecution, conviction, imprisonment unlawful me ... I always fight for justice , democracy, human rights, because human dignity in Vietnam, always anti-authoritarian one-party regime, human persecution in Vietnam, always fight to defend the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Vietnam ... I decided to die for Fatherland alive ".

            · The case of Dr. Cu Huy Ha Vu Law persecuted in prison, especially because of against aggression of China, making people think of many other political prisoners who are being mistreated because they had warned of the danger of the Northern capital expansion increasingly large and close. We want to talk to:

            - The resistance writer Nguyen Xuan Nghia and struggle of petitioners Ho Thi Bich Khuong was very ill in prison and still not be run effectively treat and even was so painful struggle and bring long-term disability .

            - Two freelance journalist Nguyen Van Hai and Ta Phong Tan has been moved from the South to the North and locked up in the prison to wreak severe harm their health step by step and caused difficult costly for their families in visiting .

            - Two students Kha Dinh Nguyen and Phuong Uyen Nguyen has been sentenced to heavy prison terms in a very unfair trial, lawless and funny, because the judge did not dare expose themselves for accuse that is leaflets of against aggression of China from these two students.

            · Recently, Chinese vessels in the East Sea repeatedly attacked Vietnamese fishermen, damage to property and their lives, while Navy and Coast Guard SR VN entirely absent. Before this heartbreaking event, many patriotic citizens, especially in Hanoi, protesters took to the streets on 02-06-2013, directly opposed to the Northern enemies more abuses, and to hint remind the government of Vietnam on duty protecting the country and the people as expressed by Ethnicity bravery.
            However, instead of supporting her patriotic citizens, NCQ communist crackdown has, forcing them to jail in "rehabilitation camp" Loc Ha slanderous  to their patriotism behavior, and also looting assets, brutally beaten some people.

            · Meanwhile, in regional security conference - Shangri-La Dialogue, Singapore dated 31-05-2013, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, resulting in speech problem called "confidence building strategy strategy for peace, cooperation and prosperity of the Asia-Pacific "again for the people that have the attitude frail weakness of the Communist NCQ.

            - On the one hand, the speech outlined the rules of conduct, the security needs in the East Sea, even accusations: "Some where is has the expression of enhanced power unilaterally, the illegal requires, actions contrary to international law, to set the power and political power ", but it (and the answers the next question) would not even say the name of the particular country in violation of the rules rule or compromise by China. Due to the fact, the navy chief, Chinese warships have entered the territorial waters of Vietnam; Chinese soldiers continue arrest Vietnamese fishermen, shot or stabbed their ship down. In the meantime the neighboring Philippines, though smaller and weaker than Vietnam, has always strongly criticized China and even sued into the international court for the territorial behavior of their invasion.

            - On the other hand, though his speech declared firmly: "It confirms that, together, build trust and strengthen strategies for peace, cooperation and prosperity is the common interest of all of us. Vietnam For us, faith is understood strategy is above all true and sincere heart. "But the actual act of the government of Vietnam, the complete opposite.

            It is well known in domestic politics and foreign affairs, to create and maintain trust, credibility and need to keep the transparency. No other person can claim her as his own private back often distrust. In this respect, the confidence of the people in the country is the basis for building trust in the country you want to relate. However, the Communist NCQ often phony, lying to the people in the country, it is certainly not sincere and honest with foreigners. They cheat incessant propaganda and brutal suppression of his people. The proof is that the typical events cited above, numerous incidents campaign revolves around people's opinions on the draft amendment to the Constitution is very much present and subservience behavior, courtship increasing to Zhongnanhai.

            For these reasons above, Block 8406, declared:

            1 - condemn the brutal repression of the Communist NCQ for patriotic citizens, especially the prisoners of conscience have been against Chinese aggression, especially Dr. Lawyer Cu Huy Ha Vu who must be being hunger strike in prison.

            2 - Warmly support courageous fighting spirit, indomitable prisoner of conscience Cu Huy Ha Vu, Nguyen Xuan Nghia, Ho Thi Bich Khuong, Nguyen Van Hai, Ta Phong Tan, Nguyen Dinh Kha, Nguyen Phuong Uyen.... etc. ...

            3 - Warning to fellow Vietnam and the world about "strategic trust" that Mr. Nguyen Tan Dung made the request at the last Shangri-La. In essence, this is a strategy to get  trust from NCQ Communist Beijing's an attempt by Beijing to help maintain authoritarian rule, cruel and malicious in their country of Vietnam only.

            4 - Calling all fellow Vietnam in the country continues to struggle with all forms of non-violent but powerful and effective way to reclaim the civil rights and human rights have been deprived by the Communist Party.

            Made in Vietnam, June 10, 2013.
            Bloc 8406 Executive Board:

1 - Engineer Do Nam Hai - Saigon - Vietnam.
2 - Father Phan Van Loi - Hue - Vietnam.
3 - The writer Huynh Ngoc Tuan - Quang Nam - Vietnam
4 - Professor Nguyen Chinh Ket - Houston - United States.
5 - Ms. Lu Thi Thu Duyen - Boston - United States.

            With the communion of Father Nguyen Van Ly, Tran Anh Kim veterans, writer Nguyen Xuan Nghia and other prisoners of conscience in Communist prisons.

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