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Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No. 173 release dated 15 -06-2013




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 - Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No. 173 release dated 15 -06-2013,
 - The editorial of the semi-monthly magazine.
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The editorial board of the newspaper TDNL

Building peace and confidence by Communist style!
Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No. 173 release dated 15 -06-2013

            · In human history, we can say the regime mention the most peaceful and themselves to be proud of Communist regime which most aggressive promoting peace. For example, Stalin, on the occasion of 70 years (1949), has set up "International Stalin Prize for the consolidation of peace between peoples." To Huu, in poetry, "Songs in October," then, also honored him as follows: "Hooray Stalin. Eternal great tree. Shady peace ... ". Krutchev Soviet leader, Stalin's successor, gave the concept of "peaceful coexistence" during the Cold War. Also this leader, after a speech at the Communist Party Congress USSR 20th to denounce crimes on 6-9-1956 predecessor, the award was changed to the International Stalin "the International Lenin Prize for the consolidation of peace between peoples. " Mao Zedong is from May 11-1968, has signed an agreement with the United States to co-exist peacefully. He also founded the organization in Vietnam called "Chinese peaceful union." Communist Hanoi nor inferior. Ho Chi Minh, in remarks at the opening session of the 8th National Assembly I (1958) have boasted that: "In the world, the side forces of peace, democracy and socialism was stronger than necessarily imperialist forces to war ... Now the world is exciting movement to consolidate peace, demanding suspension of nuclear testing ... peace forces and revolutionary world is moving up strongly ... ".

            But the main one is that the communist regime is sowing hatred and who caused the fire blood everywhere, on the first theory by promoting the "class struggle" in society, the confrontation between the living roof Justice and the worldwide Communist. In fact, Stalin was who took advantage of the 2nd World War to the invasion of Eastern Europe. About this notorious butchers, they handed down a story. After the October Revolution of Russia successful, the other day the comrades Lenin and Trotsky as close, Zinoviev, Kamenev and Stalin made a picnic. Comrade Lenin once asked about the greatest joy in my life. Trotsky said that the blast was more around the world revolution, Zinoviev said that the public is fascinated by his eloquence, Kamenev said that there is enjoyment. Particularly Stalin replied: "My greatest joy is to have someone to hate her so, but the idea is to make him appreciate love. Until one day he lovingly hugged her, then her own knife stabbed him from behind. For me, that's really indescribable joy "! Krutchev then bring missiles to Cuba aimed at the United States in 1962 and Castro suggested pre-emptive strike by the U.S. atomic bomb. Cuban leaders to send troops to Angola from 1975 up to 1989. Brejnev then ordered the Soviet army invaded Afghanistan from 1978 to 1992. Mao Zedong, after winning the 1949 Chiang Kai-shek, was immediately annexed by Mongols, Manchus, Tibetans and Uighurs. China seized the Paracel followed by Vietnam in 1974, beat out six border provinces in 1979 and 1984 ... Ho Chi Minh City, is speaking the words on the word "capital of peace", was prepared sown Blood terrorist fire on the Republic of Vietnam and South Vietnam determination, unification by force. People remember To Huu, in poems "Songs Spring 68", wrote poems "Shadow ... He went camouflage hat and belt You there! Oh cute soft hat as a small hand. Did that hurt a leaf on a branch ... "honored to sow terror among those spring days and bury thousands of innocent victims. After this event Tet, Hanoi formed "Coalition Forces Ethnicity, Democracy and Peace in Vietnam" to harass the Saigon regime and abetting communism. In 1979, Hanoi, Vietnam invaded Cambodia and took to stay there for 10 years. From 1975 to now, the Communist incessant calls for reconciliation but not stop domestic oppression, fraud overseas Vietnamese, and even to hang the yellow flag was sentenced 14 years in prison (two children Uyen-Kha) ...

            · Currently, the major war as the last century seems absent, the field seems to be the market place, time seems to give way to the era of dialogue. Humanity promote cooperation and mutual understanding in faith. And once again, the Communists also proved to be the champion this past cheering rhetoric "confidence-building" strategy. May 8-2009, during a meeting in New Delhi, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Beijing stressed the need for consistency between China and India is to build strategic trust. During his visit to the United States May 2-2012, Xi Jinping, was then Vice President, also highlighted the importance of strategic trust in international relations: "For us, strategic trust is platform of cooperation for mutual benefit, and greater confidence, more extensive cooperation ", that" China and Hong Kong should strengthen strategic trust, respect for core interests and the relationship care of each other ", that" Without trust, people do not achieve anything. " After being elected to the office of Prime Minister dated 17-3-2013, Li Keqiang said: "Beijing is committed not to pursue hegemony". On 27-3-2013, in meeting Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, President Xi Jinping stressed this concept. Two months later, during a visit to India, Li Keqiang stressed once again the strategy to build trust between the two countries. Recently, May 4-2013, to a delegation of senior U.S. military in Beijing, Xi Jinping also back up the eloquent voice of "strategic trust".

            However, everyone can see clearly China is becoming an object of suspicion around the world. Time the work is "Death by China" by Peter Navarro and Greg Autry is warning the world about the dangers public capital ships increasingly revealed through poison, bad products, garbage, spies, hackers, pollution environmental, economic manipulation, occupying invaders from Europe to Asia, from Australia to the U.S.. Poor countries in Africa, the Americas for the rich countries in Europe and Australia are increasingly visible dark intentions, of conniving and despicable Zhongnanhai, plan to poison the world and occupy the place term attachment needs, the Red Dragon. Xi Jinping taking advantage and exploiting the maximum respect national spirit inherent imperial dynasties China, excited states of the radical spirit of the slogan "renaissance of the Chinese nation," processing time Communist China into regional hegemony as any childhood. Therefore, Beijing continued brutal repression of the people of the country and the Uighurs and Tibetans rose up for independence.

            For Vietnam, shortly after taking office January 11-2012 Party General Secretary and State President May 3-2013, Xi Jinping has approved policies "protect maritime security and sovereignty" of China in East Sea which began more than decade. He also agreed to plan and attack drills in South China Sea Navy, Air Force and Marines as it happened in the Hoang Sa and Truong Sa of Vietnam for many years. In addition, China has continued to blatantly fishing ban every year from May to the end of August on the East Sea, said to protect marine resources, but actually to use navy to escort goods hundreds of sophisticated fishing vessels to catch their freedom in the vast sea, and blocked, looting, broken concrete, fire fighting boats of Vietnamese fishermen and Philippine ... They did not include the Chinese continue Vietnam invaded inland on the political, economic, cultural, commercial ...

            Pupil of the Communist China is Vietnamese Communist also continued his lessons by way of encouraging the development of "strategic trust". The speech read by Nguyen Tan Dung at the Shangri-La Dialogue on 31-05-2013-which according to experts, would certainly not by the reader or by written order of the lower literacy Dum, which may be due to a the author is living somewhere in Zhongnanhai-clear tone with China as the leader: "Without faith it is impossible to work, the more difficult the more need to have faith. Our VN idiom "losing all credibility is lost." Faith is the source of all the relations of friendship and cooperation, the effective dose to prevent the attempt may cause the risk of conflict. Trust needs to be cherished, nurtured continuously by specific actions, consistent, consistent with the general standards and with a sincere attitude. In the 20th century, in particular South East Asia and Asia - Pacific region which is generally fierce battle, was deeply divided for decades. We can say this region is always a burning desire for peace. Want peace, development, prosperity, they must build and strengthen confidence-building strategy. In other words, we need to join hands together to build trust strategy for peace, cooperation and prosperity of the Asia - Pacific region. "

            Words, but in foreign politics, Hanoi still has many years of strategic trust with Beijing, or rather take the strategy of Chinese public trust. In theory it through faith in the "medium is the media, both brothers", so 1974 has been occupied by Communist China fears thanks to the Paracel'd get from the Republic of Vietnam, through the blind blind hug "16 golden letters", "4 words like", "4 good word" was Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao teaching; through continuous audience, bow up, lower the head before Beijing of the leaders , recent new member of the Political Nguyen Thien Nhan and here is the President Truong Tan Sang. In fact, the ongoing land ceded territory ancestors from the waters, from the border inland from the forest to the city, from the mine to the port ... In domestic politics, strategies of trust with Beijing Hanoi repeatedly expressed by the violent repression of the protests of the people against aggression, severely condemning the patriotic citizens warned the Chinese threat, the cruel torture of prisoners who against Communist China, bringing photos and map, China flag, U shaped line in textbooks, travel guides, television news programs, the host  leaders of senior country, often brainwash people that let the party and the state worried about foreign affairs.

        Try asking a strategy to build peaceful and get belief from the hereditary enemies by turning patriotic people into domestic hostile to cause misery to their lives as a result, How people must think and act?

            Editorial Board

 Freedom of speech than 173 (15-06-2013). Doc
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