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The unusual and wrong of the Vietnam Communist authorities in the search and arrest Dinh Nhat Uy in Long An on 15-06-2013

Dinh Nhat Uy held banners 'China Communist get out of the East Sea' supporters his brother Dinh Kha Nguyen  and Phuong Uyen Nguyen



The arrest, search and seizure items arbitrary, contrary to law ....of the communist government of Vietnam for arrest Dinh Nhat Uy recently shows ... . the pointlessly perverse ... and sitting up the law, the Constitution of the State .... factly as a lawless society .... immoral ... and have no human nature. Despite strong opposition from public opinion in country and abroad .... as well as from the international community, the government of communist Vietnam still continue to increase violent repression against the people in the country.....As also turn every bad tricks shameful.....aim to silence patriotic citizens....  trampled legitimate expression rights of the people ..... as well as public deception a brazen and blatant manner .... That the arrests 3 citizens only in less than a month evident clearly and most specific !.

It is worth mentioning here .... They all were accused under Article 258 of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic of Vietnam Socialist .... (abuse the  Freedom and Democracy authority, have infringer to state benefits ....) one of the Article which being an arbitrary interpretation .... along with other Article like: Article 88 (propaganda against the state ...) and to 79 (Conspiracy to overthrow the government ...) that has always been criticized and condemned by the International Community  ... so long as ambiguity and irrationality of it. The Vietnam communist government increasingly become more dangerous ... when they arrest citizens arbitrarily .... almost like to arrest someone is belong to their will ... and any people follow them .... may manifest disadvantage or threat of .... leadership position ... and personal interests of the party leaders and governments at all levels .... sooner or later are also targeted to be arrested .... and .... finally convicted .... still ... capped by the vague things about shortcomings and wrong ....of the Code of Criminal Procedure above.

Through all the changes and aggregate all the events have occurred in recent times ... the people of Vietnam and the International Community to see anything .... and there are thinking, feeling or How to identify the current situation in Vietnam ...???. One of the most clear and obvious .... most people in Vietnam and abroad and the international community to see that the legitimacy of the communist regime of Vietnam has gone away .... when outside the mouth ..... always touted itself as a legitimate state .... and by the people ... for the people ..... but in fact from time to time sitting up the law .... sitting on the State Constitution .... and the weighted spoiled old people riding a mercilessly. One thing is very clear that.... the leaders of the party and the government seemed to be being afraid of .... before the democratic aspirations .... that permeates burning in the hearts of people. ... especially in the context of territorial waters of the country and are currently China's communist government invaded ... and threaten .... leading to a series of focus to the streets of the Vietnam patriotic citizens .... makes leadership more current rulers fear that protests .... showing patriotism of the people against the Chinese invaders ... . could become a large-scale demonstrations against the regime .... totalitarian communist Vietnam now .... as has happened in the Middle East and North Africa in the recent years....Vietnam jurisdiction State is like that ...! ... Oh, too hurts my Vietnam mom .... and  too injured for fellow of Vietnam ....




Brother of student Dinh Nguyen Kha was arrested

Update: 09:53 GMT - Sunday, June 16th, 2013

Dinh Nhat Uy has repeatedly called for the release of Nguyen Phuong Uyen  and Nguyen Dinh Kha before arrest

Dinh Nhat Uy, brother of Nguyen Dinh Kha student who was arrested and detention for three months, only a month after his younger brother was sentenced in May.

Reply to BBC Vietnamese on 16/6, Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Lien, mother of two students above said Ding Nhat Uy was arrested on 15/6 to investigate the crime of abusing democratic freedoms to infringe upon the interests of State rights and legitimate interests of organizations and citizens, Article 258 of the Penal Code.

Ms. Lien said she heard her son was arrested while meeting at Thu Duc with attorney to talk about judgment of Kha.

"Right at 01: 15 noon I heard they caught my son Uy led handcuffed to my house in village 4, Phu My, Thu Thua ... searched at our home," Ms Lien said.

"When I came home I saw he was being handcuffed, police roughly 30 people, they're reading the search warrant"

"When they read the search warrant, I hear them say my child is consistent with Article 258 of the Criminal Code, criminal abuse of freedom violated state interests."

Before time, police also conducted a search warrant at the company's Dinh Nhat Uy and take away some of the equipment.

Ms. Lien said at the present, Uy is being held in the same place with his brother, Dinh Nguyen Kha in Long An province detention.

Before arrest, Dinh Nhat Uy is said to have repeatedly called for the release of his younger brother, Dinh Nguyen Kha.

Student Nguyen Dinh Kha,younger brother of Uy was sentenced to eight years with student Nguyen Phuong Uyen six years in prison in a same day of trial in Long An.

These persons were prosecuted by Long An province police under Article 88 of the Penal Code for acts of "propaganda against the Socialist Republic of Vietnam".

Human rights organizations in the United States, Human Rights Watch (HRW), has criticized the trial as "a ridiculous job and expression the insecure of the Vietnam government."

This is the third case arrested in recent months for allegedly violating article 258 of the Criminal Code.

Blogger Pham Viet Dao, the former Chief Inspector of the Corruption Prevention and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, was arrested on 13/6.

Two weeks earlier, blogger, former journalist Truong Duy Nhat was arrested in Danang on 26/5 and taken to Hanoi.


Truyền thông Chúa Cứu Thế Việt Nam

Dòng Chúa Cứu Thế Việt Nam

Vietnam Redemptorist

Unusually for a search and arrest Dinh Nhat Uy in Long An on 15/06/2013
Posted by at 11:31 AM 06/16/13

 VRNs (06/16/2013) - Saigon - Noon through, 06/15/2013 many Police came in  areas of the garden of him Dinh Van Nguyen and his wife Thi Kim Lien (the parent of two brothers Nguyen Dinh Kha and  Dinh Nhat Uy) in village 4, Phu My, Thu Thua, Long An, while both the landlords was away and locked outside.

Police seek arrest Dinh Nhat Uy and escort to take him to home his parents forced him to unlock the door to let them in (why do not they themselves breaking incited others to do?), But because this is not his house so Uy could not do wrong by their incited words. When could not force and seduced Uy, they go through (pressure) force people to use a door bolt cutters and then separate get into the private house of couple mr. Chuon, Ms. Lien for conducted search .

When the work is being done (wrong), Ms. Lien arrived, when knew her house  it was blatantly cut side door lock without the present and without the consent of the owner, she was constantly angry (only face) said straight to the person who cutting home key, "You cut the lock on my door, he must compensate for me" The people, he explain that "big boys do (police) told me to cut it but I'm not arbitrarily cut , if compensate please ask them for compensate, "she replied," You cut my door locked, you must compensate for me, and someone calls you doing is ask them for compensate "[Maybe they call you eat c **  you also eat uh!!].

Based on the current laws are the search of the couple's home (Mr. Chuon and Ms. Lien) along with the arrest of Dinh Nhat Uy has 2 anomalies:

(1) The first unusual thing:

According to records examined by police agencies ANDT Long An province on Sunday Dinh Uy, SN .... Place of permanent residence registration: No. 584, Highway 62, Ward 6, Tan An City, Long An.

- It is clear that the report stating: (execution of search warrants at place No.04 June 12, 2013) "Searching place of Dinh Nhat Uy permanent residence number 584, Highway 62, Ward 6, Tan An City, Long An. "but do not know why they did not intentionally search the right places and totally incorrect address" Hamlet 4, Phu My, Thu Thua, Long An. "

(2) The second unusual 

There was no examination of the right place and totally incorrect addresses, seizing, supplies, property is even more arbitrary, because this is not his home Dinh Nhat Uy that is home of Mr. Chuon and his wife, Ms. Lien, so all the items in the property was entirely not belong to Mr. Uy.

It is worth mentioning that Mr. Chuon is a mechanical turner (controlled by the computer processor) he bought a crafted iron products, and his daughter had bought him a special software to handle installed in the control computer hard drive with cost $ 27 million for his performance processors manufactured products. They know this, but they have removed and collected the hard drive  of Mr. Chuon that the iron blocks he bought for manufactured products became scrap heap.

Moreover it's not a first-time they do wrong, but last time when they examine and  seized items by Nguyen Dinh Kha, they targeted only to property of Dinh Nhat Uy to seize, now when seized items of Dinh Nhat Uy, they deliberately aimed at some assets of Mr. Dinh Van Chuon to seized? Is this a deliberate mistake?

When get into the house, what they met in a vaguely anything from big to little or weird they collected at all, as the label says "freedom of assembly is the right of citizens" that Ms. Duong Thi Tan took the photograph they also intend to seize but was Mr. Chuon and his wife Ms. Lien, sarcastic smile so be embarrassed that they have to leave.

Moreover, the record maker stated untrue, deliberately omitted important facts such as the arbitrary cut off the door padlock, without the present and without the consent of the owner ...

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