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Hoa Hao Buddhist monks used knife self-rip his belly to protest behavior .... Religious persecution ... harassment and assault of the Communist ruling of Vietnam



Repression of Religious Freedom in Vietnam .... the implications have been urgent from people of Vietnam and abroad ... as well as being a stinging problem in Vietnam society today. Status increasingly harrowing above deserve serious is the alarm ...When recently a monk of Hoa Hao Buddhist Church, Vo Van Thanh Liem had to use a knife to slit his stomach for protest of repression, downright brutal beating ... to obstruct the lawful activity of religious and Buddhist monk at Tu Quang Minh Temple, Long Hoa Hamlet 2, A Long Dien commune, Cho Moi district, An Giang province Vietnam. Facing more and more people lost confidence in the party leadership and the government ... the government of communist Vietnam than ever showed fear ... the so-called progressive smoldering peace. boom .. and can anytime ... when thirst Freedom Democracy from people increasingly rising incredibly intense ...that follow them directly threat to the position of power ... leadership ... and personal interests of the party and state leaders.

That fear of the ruling communist Vietnam growing steadily ... that Ba Dinh Ha Noi  leaders as sitting on the fire ... restless ... led campaigns to increase repression ... harassed ... tortured ... assault arrest and detention of people by the wrong way, despite state law ... despite the National Constitution and the law ... international. Especially targeted at religion that follow them have large influence on people ... including religion like the Catholic Church, Protestant churches, Buddhist Church of Vietnam Unified Hoa Hao Buddhist Church ... Cao Dai ... Under the eyes of Vietnam's communist government ... is the religion traditionally fiercely anti-communist, and oldest firm. Besides increasing the crackdown ... harassed ... tortured ... assault arrests ... and illegally detained people, the communist government of Vietnam has undertaken the and the vicious methods for creating divisions within the religious community ... as well as take advantage of the media and local media staging slanderous fabrications ... distortion .... information .... or false propaganda aimed at defaming the religion ... Typically, the television station VTV state in past time has staged an interview with a priest Diocese of Bac Ninh (fake Priests) that connect to comments concerning the Draft Amendment of the Constitution of the State of Vietnam Catholic Bishops Council .... and was quickly unmasked  by people.

The communist authorities Vietnam ignored public opinion at home and abroad ... continued activities violate human rights ... trample Religions in Vietnam ... not only is deep concern for most people in Vietnam and overseas ... but also a great challenge to the International Community ... in advocating and responsibility to protect the people in every country in the world ...For common values ​​related to basic human rights. Religious Faith ... is the most sacred and noble ... that anyone born in this world are automatically inherited ... and no one ... not a force or any power .... well .... not a regime that the government has the right to prohibit, impede or restrict ... even though it is a atheistic mode ... as Communist regime of Vietnam today. In addition to efforts to mobilize support from the International Community ... from the freedom-democratic loving nations of the world... the people of Vietnam ... we ourselves should also have a sense of right good and serious belief in protecting our religion. Especially the connection and communion between religions ... in one voice against the violation of human rights ... including the sacred right of religious freedom of each religion in particular ... and the whole general Ethnic Vietnam today.


Hoa Hao Buddhist monks ripped his belly to protest government
An Nhien, RFA reporter

Fellow-worship brethren took monk Vo Van Thanh Liem to the house of Vo Van Diem's mother on 25/6/2013RFA files 

Quang Minh Tu Long Hoa Hamlet 2, A Long Dien commune, Cho Moi district, An Giang province and surrounded by police not to proceed celebration enlightened direction.

Police crackdown ...

The incident took place today, June 25, 2013, Vo Van Thanh Liem monk after completion of formal table setting at the altar of his mother, and led the fellow-worship brethren of the Quang Minh Tu to the ceremony to burn incense unto the day Huynh Phu enlightened direction, the police-local security conducted prevent and  violence on the way to the temple. Before the action of the authorities Vo Van Thanh Liem took the knife to disembowel himself in protest.

Vo Van Diem, his brother Vo Van Thanh Liem tell us about this:

"Making ceremony finished, each person wear gown to hold 1 incense in temples Quang Minh Tu, go get a 100 meter access road is flanked by two fences, police threw chairs to us, use dirty water spray us, my brother and fellow-worship got it, then they rudely insulted, then he just abdominal incision abdominal himself, wound depth than 1 cm, and a length of over 10 cm, then they saw it spread out, my brother fainted, our brethren took him to my mother home. Now we're worried to treat him and those who were injured, the brethren is now without medication, then surely will be taken ill later, they take action and  such brutal attitude to us. "

... They rudely insulted, then he  himself abdominal incision, wound depth than 1 cm, and a length of over 10 cm, at that time they saw so spread out.
Mr. Vo Van Diem

A female Hoa Hao Buddhists named Tuyet, go along with team  said the incident as following:

"Security Police beat fellow-worship in the abdomen, the hips, pushing them, they used chairs to throw at the head of the female fellow-worships, and they use foul water sewer tunnel, spray on people."

female fellow-worship above tell us security situation police encircled the Quang Minh Temple and not for the layman get in:

"Today police strengthened security always four sides, yesterday, about 100 police and security, today they can be much more numbers yesterday, including police headquarters, district, commune and village . Police say no for no reason at all, this self Quang Minh where no one was coming, unless those who stay in the house, besides this the strangers, Hoa Hao Buddhists are not allow to come in the Temple for ceremony, they shows other places to come as the Board Representative of the Hoa Hao Buddhist state to establish where the worshipers, far a few kilometers from Quang Minh Temple. "

... monks was beaten

Monk Vo Van Thanh Liem took the knife to disembowel himself against government on June 25,2013. RFA files
The primary day festival falls on 6/25/13, however, lay preparations for the event began on 6/24/13 at home mother of Mr. Vo Van Thanh Liem. Police yesterday also undertook actions prevent similar today June 25th:

"Yesterday at about noon, with a number of fellow-worship brethren and my grandson, total is about 20 persons after finishing up ritual altar, on his way to the Quang Minh Temple, was local governments of the province, district, commune and hamlet guard on the way to temple, they use attitudes rudely insulted, beaten into people, they use water pumps to drain the dirty, they spray on people, on their first , neck, wet hair, hit someone fall down, because of the three or four meters far, hitting the brothers, with my granddaughter, police took chairs to beat them, throwing bloody swollen head, and a neighbor women who  named Nguyen Thi My Kieu was also beaten, they have their attitude too cruel to the people and the brethren. "

Monk Vo Van Thanh Liem took the knife to disembowel themselves against government on June 25, 2013. RFA files

Monk Vo Van Thanh Liem has been imprisoned several times since determined to defend true doctrine of Huynh cardinal. He finished 6 years jail for the 34th time in prison in February 5 last year.

Some Hoa Hao Buddhists say, now number about Hoa Hao Buddhists in Vietnam at around 2 million, the majority of believers are concentrated in the South West, many Hoa Hao religious man in the South West beaten, imprisoned, threatened regularly because Faith Religion and decided not follow Hoa Hao Church by the Vietnam Communist government created. Mr. Vo Van Diem shared with us in pressing the mood:

"Security Police beat fellow-worship in the abdomen, the hips, pushing them, they used chairs to throw at the head of the female fellow-worships, and they use foul water sewer tunnel, spray on people."
-A female Buddhist

"Because the atheist dictatorship Communist Party, not except pluralistic, multi-party, the people who join into the party are not religious, there is only one party not only religious. And they want to kill our religion, but they could not kill, while to make Temple they beat the brethren put them in jail, and now they want to take the power of the religion, they put party members in the religion for holding positions, but not faithful to vote. So there's someone who are scared follow them, and those who do not follow them, they called them as disagreement. "

We telephone to the local police agencies to learn about the information that the Buddhist Hoa Hao said as just mentioned, but when we presented the matter, the person who recipient immediately stop the phone.

Vietnam's Communist government has always said to international opinion was the State of Vietnam respects the freedom of belief, freedom of religion. However, continuing attacks Hoa Hao Buddhist believers in Quang Minh Temple shows the actions of local authorities in An Giang contrary to what the central government has said.

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