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Open letter to party leaders and state government communist Vietnam related to prolonged hunger strike by Dr. Lawyer Cu Huy Ha Vu





                                OPEN   LETTER

To:             - The cold blood leaders of the Communist Party of 

             - The inhumane leaders of the Communist Government
                of Vietnam.

As a citizen of Vietnam, I would like to express the pain mixed with feel resentful  before apathy ... emotionless and coldly cruel from you for life of a citizen is near death ...!. whether who is he?....... or is one of any ingredients ... He is still a citizen of Vietnam, the Vietnam blood flow in his body in general like you. Therefore, can not be treated badly like that .... For Dr Lawyer Cu Huy Ha Vu ... as a descendant of "meritorious official" who had served for the regime so you can not excuse or taken up him by the two words "reactionary" familiar of which for so long has always been using as means ... as legitimate reasons for suppressing .... to harass and..... imprison Vietnamese citizens who has no the same views with you .... do not agree with the wrong things that you have done to the country of Vietnam ... for the people of Vietnam. However, you are the country's leaders but indifferent before the lives of your citizens, then for any reasons ... is irresponsible immoral.

Ladies and Gentlemen in the party and state leaders.

Fighting corruption is guilty or what? and patriotism against such aggressor may also constitute crimes? Why is the State government mistreated ... and so wrong like that!??? To lead country .....   ruling country ... that people do not let oneself be persuaded .... then how to lead the country? you can not be in the interests or personal interests that continue to turn backs on your fellow citizens ... to your people .... and even with Vietnam Fatherland. Repression, harassed, beaten and jailed .... wrong .... can threaten people !!! .... that can make people dread !!! ... or may even prevent block resurgent patriotism of his people or what ...??? The party leaders and state communist government of Vietnam has rated people too low. Repression, harassed and terrorized by imprison .... ... not only do not threaten people .... which makes it more and more people steadiness and consistency. ...

Word eventually we want to remind to party leaders and state communist government of Vietnam is .... take a look at the examples from the countries of the Middle East and North Africa in recent years to avoid re- made history in Vietnam. You have known that, the people of Vietnam ....National of Vietnam ....  people have always traditionally peaceful, tolerant ... and concessions. However, when cornered continue with no way out .... then the recurrence history of the revolution "Jasmine" as in the countries of the Middle East and North Africa ... in time the past is hard to avoid. The life of Dr. lawyer Cu Huy Ha Vu is the center of attention from the public and the people of Vietnam in international and overseas. He may be because of the future for the nation and the destiny of the country's vital that sacrifice his life .... but if you dare because of a Cu Huy Ha Vu that power offs, leader position.... along with your private benefits or not ...??? The sacrifices of Dr. Cu Huy Ha Vu lawyer if forced to have .... will soon become sacred torch arouse patriotism, love nation....along with indignant raise to plug in  mode from every person .... and no one was sure that torch .... it will not make history .... like living torches of the peddlers..... in the Tunisia country in the past.


Do Minh Tuyen
Patriotic blogger , love Freedom and Democracy.

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