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Patriotism suddenly became criminals, arrested and beaten very brutally ..... unbelievable but be quite true in Vietnam

Evil crimes of Communist Government of Vietnam will forever preserve in history
through the creation of his immortal - the patriotic composer, Viet Khang



Read the information and see images of people protests in Hanoi Vietnam held today nobody has been able to restrain his heart. It is bitter and it is pity for the people of Vietnam, the people of Vietnam at the prospect of the country in jeopardy .... but not allowed to speak, are not allowed to show emotion .... and not allowed even either express patriotism loved fellow, loved homeland and loved their nation more. No any people like the people of Vietnam .... and also no any countries like Vietnam country today when police and security forces, who are dedicated to the maintenance of security and public order, security protection of life and property for the people .... suddenly became violent thugs, beaten their fellow, their people that seemed beating enemies ....! !

Why do people in Vietnam is the Vietnamese police, the officials of the Vietnam Communist government harshly beaten, flagrant and downright cruel .... so? asked then learned that .... ah it out so they took to the streets to protest the action of the enemy invaded China ...... To turn out, because they loudly to claim for pursue Chinese invaded to get out of East Sea. Turns out, the people took to the streets today arrested, beaten is because they care so passionately vital to the destiny of the country. Crime argue ..... with government, stubborn not only disrespect for China's communist patron, the benefactor never forget .... but also  to fool around to both the State party and the communist government of Vietnam. Be already to say then .... borders, territorial, waters the matter of the party and state .... so let the party leader and the government worried .... just loudly for fun but China does not intend to invade the territory, territorial waters .... nothing! They are with us as a formality .... brother ..... that means as Uncle and the party would frequently remind people of Vietnam that always remember: 'Relations between China and Vietnam-like teeth and lips .... If their lips uncovered then ... teeth is cold!!

To ever, the leaders of the ruling party and communist Vietnam ceased to deceive their compatriots, their people?. And ever the whole of Vietnamese people clearly understood, understanding the true nature and the true of faces of the Vietnam Communist State leaders today .... to be able to perceive the risk of dehydration is on a close and sympathetic to the pain of the country in general .... and can share private pain of Vietnam patriotic citizens who was thugs government ruthlessly beating at the heart of the capital Hanoi of Vietnam today?. What's more sorrow than .... when having eyes as a blind and having ears as deaf  ...... and have mouth as the dumb .... see our people, our fellow was rolling and groaning under the cruel electric whip and under the diabolical toe-cap by our Vietnamese that still be bladder and emotionless as possible not matter of themselves.

Let's remember one thing .... today our people, our fellow were arrested, beaten .... but no one dared to be sure that tomorrow there ... next victim is not ourselves or ... our loved ones???. With nature and vicious thugs of the ruling communist Vietnam .... then anything is also possible happening. Moreover, when Vietnam country was in the hands of the brutal Chinese Communist .... the fate of our people are going to the same very terrible ..... no one exception .... except them, hound minions the enemy the State party and the communist government of Vietnam, who are for the sake of individuals sell cheap their conscience..... to become the country's leaders to cowardly with enemy, but evil with people . Please do not continue be insensitive any more, you dear. Let's combine .... and together speaking up to eliminate injustice .... the fight for a country Vietnam ..... bright .... Freedom democracy and true prosperity in the future.

(Written after the protest actions of the invading Chinese communist authorities, Sunday morning 02-06-2013)


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    Protesting China in HANOI morning 02/06/2013
    2/06/13 3:57 AM

    Biểu tình chống Trung quốc sáng 2/6/2013 tại Hà Nội

    This morning, in Hanoi, responded to the call for protests against the continued Chinese aggression in the East Sea, hundreds of people took to the streets to express patriotism, protest strongly to acts defiantly in the East Sea of ​​China.

    The protest took place during his speech Nguyen Tan Dung on so-called "strategic Faith" Conference at the Shangri-la Dialogue 12th just ended, the Asian community of nations - as reported State media said the appreciation.

    Meanwhile, in the East Sea, territorial waters and territory of Vietnam, the Chinese ships continued acts of aggression, set on fire to ships of the fishermen fish Vietnam. This action of the Chinese authorities have been condemned by the world, while the government of Vietnam continues to show weakness, gutless, weakly reactive, perfunctory.

    Dr. Nguyen Quang A in this morning protest at Bo Ho

    Around 9:15, protests broke out before the start of Sharks restaurant, Hoan Kiem Lake. Hundreds of people, with banners in hand, chanting slogans against the Chinese invasion.

    JB. Nguyen Huu Vinh was thugs catched up with bus

    Hong Wei Bing forces "soldiers rushing away as" chasing patriotic

    Immediately many kinds of security at the same time appeared simultaneously arrest the demonstrators who love the water. Among those arrested are the first blogger: JB. Nguyen Huu Vinh, Nguyen Tuong Thuy Bui Thi Minh Hang ... There were about 20 people have been pushed to the second bus to the camp "Restoring dignity Loc Ha".

    The protesters were arrested on the bus to the camp Loc Ha

    The arrests patriot despite the law of the Hanoi government show that the attitude to sell the country to honor government's increasingly clear.

    The protesters who were arrested were in camp Loc Ha

    JB Nguyen Huu Vinh Loc Truong Van Dung at Camp Loc Ha

    At Camp Loc Ha, the demonstrators were herded into a place. According to information that we received, some protesters were members of security forces beating, of which Truong Van Dung ...

    Currently, there are large mobs gathered outside the camp Loc Ha.

    Security forces in Loc Ha camp is torn apart by people trying to exert pressure, but people do not agree and are required to work collectively and to state the reason arrests.


    Video also shows similar protests in front of the Loc Ha camp and dozens  shout 'Objection arrested patriots'.

    Video: Patriots Protesters was arrested on Sunday morning 02-06-2013

    Video: Protesters fight police wearing
    uniformed assault

    Video: Demonstrators lying protest the police are beating people in port
    LOC HA camp on 06/02/2013

    Protesters lying protest arrests and brutality beatings of police of Vietnam on Sunday 02-06-2013

    Anh Truong Van Dung, who attended the march with fellow patriots 02-06-2013 Sunday morning and were assaulted by police. In the afternoon the same day he was thrown into the street in tattered condition and fainted with the wound of head .

    Video: Panorama of Loc Ha police beating both, Nguyen Chi Duc and Nguyen Van Phuong on Sunday 02-06-2013

    (Source: TTXVA)

    The wound on his body Chi Duc..... looks pathetic ....

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