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The speech is full of short-sighted and ridiculous from the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Nguyen Thanh Son, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam cum Chairman of the Vietnam Committee on Overseas



The speech is full of short-sighted and ridiculous from a diplomat in the machinery of government before the communist Vietnam strongly protests by Vietnamese-American community on the occasion of the visit and  working in the United States of the State President Truong Tan Sang on the last 25 July ....  shows the status spoke wanton ...  slander, misrepresent and distort the fact remains that the intrinsic nature of the ruling Communist Vietnam . For news content today, I think that we do not need to comment further or identify anything anymore .... so far by the readers of our close and far has quickly told their feelings about the mindless and blundering speech  of the second character in the Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Deputy Minister Nguyen Thanh Son.

Residual hatred in the hearts of the Vietnamese in the United States ... as well as in other countries in the world huh ...!???. If correctly to say, it is not hatred remains ... but is fully hatred that to plug and permeates not only in the hearts of the Vietnamese who is currently living in the United States and many countries around the world ... ., but also is the boiling hatred inside the hearts of most people in the Vietnam country today. Vietnam's communist government know ... International Community know  ... and most people in Vietnam and abroad know ... about the suffering and unjustly that the people in Vietnam are being suffered. Land assets seized ... Buildings is devastated ... broken families ...  even if there is no place to reside ... the children are illiterate ... no job ... no longer stabilize the general plan for a living .... generally to be driven to the end of way inescapable. This error by whom?

Among the petitioners in the country today, including those who participate in a revolution ... were members of the communist party Vietnam ... and each tried to offer protection for so-called "communist ideology" ... the focus of their protest is the reason? ... is because of hatred left over ... or because they want to earn extra income protests for ... as the patriotic people of Vietnam are now living in the United States ...!!!. as a diplomat ... is the face of government ... with the high level of learning and awareness ... that he, the Deputy is argued indiscriminately ... shortsighted and ridiculous .. . viewing International Community ... and viewing the Vietnam People like as the kids ... so blundering speech without thinking ... pitiful for a ruling regime... a State government to fall into ruin ...are trying to defend and maintain its corrupt.

The head of state of Vietnam after the visit to the United States to beg for a favor ... for help ... besides image outcry from the Vietnamese American community is also so stained face. So Mr. Deputy Foreign Minister Nguyen Thanh Son is not necessary to continue applying plaster husk ash added to the face of the currently ruling communist regime anymore. What is needed to make the current leadership of the communist government of Vietnam is to listen to the legitimate aspirations not only with Vietnamese Communities overseas ... but also for tens of millions of people of Vietnam  in the country .... that is not for trying to quibble ... tried to remain a corrupt regime that human progress in the world  spit and always throwing ... into the wastebasket of history for so long. The verbal agreement obtained from the two leaders of the United States and Vietnam ... is just the beginning of Vietnam. Real future ahead of Vietnam entirely dependent on the judgment and selection policy line that the leader of the Communist Party and the State Vietnam should pursue.



Against Mr. Sang because of 'hatred', 'income'?

Update: 16:55 GMT - Sunday, July 28th, 2013

A deputy foreign minister of Vietnam has spoken up that the Vietnamese Americans protest the visit of President Truong Tan Sang to the United States as recently as "the last bit of hatred" and "want more income."

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Son, who is also the Chairman of the  Vietnamese Committee in Overseas, responded to Pho Bolsa TV:

"The phenomenon that it opposed the visit of President Truong Tan Sang, ie you, the uncles, the brothers, the sisters was trying to hold in your heart a little, and finally hatred and I think it will be very difficult to fade if the uncles, the brothers, the sisters, and you are clearly not aware of a truth, it is bright that we must unite, we must be in harmony , we have to reconcile us to build a prosperous country of Vietnam.

"I've said many times that the country's position in the international arena is now very solid, very reputable and very stable, are respected by international friends, admired country of Vietnam, you have no any reason, especially Vietnam relations - United States is growing, there's no reason that you can to stand in the middle of the street to prevent the relations US - Vietnam.

"That just makes you more grief, more sorrow, sadness and then add yourself to our American friends to charge you a road block Vietnam's integration process and prevent development growing U.S. - Vietnam where they are wanted.

"... I think the protests of fellow people and uncles outside for the President last time it's just the phenomenon I think everyone is not like that, there are just because the coin, there are people just because life needs, there are some who were need a little more income that participate in such activities ... "

'REMAINING dictatorship, hatred LONGER'

Mr. Son also gives examples of Hoang Duy Hung Councillor in Houston, whom he said had "fiercely anti-communist" but now, follow Mr. Son, have realized that such action "completely inconsistent with traditional his ancient and it was not true to the wishes of the people throughout the country and you ... our uncles abroad. "

"Mr. Son was not wise enough to persuade the Vietnamese diaspora. As" totalitarian ideology "means is longer the boundary of hatred. The" HOUSE " of him still has not finished fix is how to repair the thought of Vietnamese overseas. "
 Chanly Xavoi comments on YouTube

Mr. Son called the Vietnamese Americans go to Vietnam to meet him, or he is willing to America to "working together" to see what Vietnam needs to "go up".

Speech of this deputy is immediate reaction was to get angry on social networks.

Huy Nguyen commented on Facebook: "The truth is the opposite. The people away protesters besides their mind, those who including the economic conditions.

"People have serviced, and self-sufficient money to buy plane tickets, hotel, dining room, sleeping quarters, etc.. That's not to mention loss of income when they are not working.

"It is those who have" enough economic conditions and people fighting for freedom and democracy for the people of the country. "

Someone asked why Mr. Son not spend money to hire people to rally supporters and why only protest without supporters when Vietnam's leaders to the United States.

Also on Facebook, Huan C. Nguyen commented on a speech with another idea in the speech of Mr. Son:

"Noblest tradition of the nation is national unity. Noblest traditions of the ethnic is harmony. ' Mr. Nguyen Thanh Son should buy and read the book The Winner side and to see his Party how has trampled on this most traditionally noble. "

Meanwhile Chanly Xavoi comments on YouTube: "Mr. Son was not wise enough to persuade the Vietnamese diaspora. As" totalitarian ideology "means longer the boundary of hatred. The" HOUSE " of him still has not finished fix is how to repair the thought of Vietnamese overseas. "

In the past few days the BBC also received news and comments on protest against Mr. Truong Tan Sang in Washington DC.

Petitioner claim land before the Hotel Mr. Truong Tan Sang stay when he arrives in the United States

Bà Lý Lệ Hoa trước cửa khách sạn của ông Trương Tấn Sang

 Ly Le Hoa  said She has sent a letter to his wife Sang

Mr. Truong Tan Sang to the United States having large protests. About 1,000 Vietnamese Americans gathered before the White House asking for the release of dissidents such as lawyer Le Quoc Quan, artist Viet Khang ...

But in the number of protesters those who attended nobody made special impression as Li Lihua, a person claiming to be a petitioner who have land assets in the millions of dollars in Vietnam was the state requisitioned  not compensation. Currently, the land of Ms Ly Le Hoa belongs to BECAMEX companies in Vietnam.

Frustration for not being adequately compensated, now must be to the United States to start work including limbs, Ly Le Hoa prepared and found to his delegation's hotel Truong Tan Sang to stretch protest banners.

With the hard and the will of the one who claims she hired before a luxurious room in hotel Marriott Wardman Park Hotel where Sang and his delegation for meeting place and stay.

She was sent the complaint petition in siege of the U.S. Secret Service and security Vietnam. Delegation to Vietnam very upset, but could not how to take Ly Le Hoa out of eyesight of Truong Tan Sang because she was guests of the hotel.

Give a letter to  the wife of president

"Ms. Ly Le Hoa also said the cost of the plane and the hotel due to loans made for" rights protesters "with her determination let the president of Vietnam to see the tragedy and injustice employed status and devided each other the land in Vietnam. "

In a rare opportunity on the morning of 24-7-2013, Ly Le Hoa had handed the  claim letter to the wife's hand Truong Tan Sang made the personnel both sides of U.S.- Vietnamese are very confused to make every effort to solve the strained.

She was a police officer knocked on the door and asked to not be included within the scope of the petition site. Ly Le Hoa, She also insisted the person whom she handed the letter is Mrs. Truong Tan Sang after comparing the pictures on the internet.

With courteous words in letter, Ms. Ly Le Hoa proclaimed is a citizen of the republic socialist Vietnam sent to the president in hope would be proper compensation.

In the hotel, alone among swathes of Vietnam delegation officials and U.S. security, Ly Le Hoa conical hats walking around in solemn ceremonies which create a strange image of ritual and the face of the Vietnam delegation. The security guards have sympathy when read her banner line asking for justice.

They tried to prevent the observed behavior than the control, but with a desire to satisfy the customer in the hotel.

Ly Le Hoa also said the cost of aircraft and the hotel  by borrowing to make the "rights protesters" with her determination let the president of Vietnam to see the tragedy and injustice employed status and devided each other the land in Vietnam. "

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