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Repression and attacks religion in Vietnam ... becoming more sophisticated ... and more violent.

God eye in front of the oratory was Communist government of Vietnam used the plate to obscure 
(This is an image of the human rights and religious freedom in Vietnam)



Religious Repression ... not for any religion that ... if not tamed government ... or feel that religious activity can be detrimental ... threatening power. .. a leadership position ... or touching private interests of party leaders and authorities ... interest groups ... from central to local ... that is the goal The politics of the ruling communist Vietnam today. Especially in Vietnam today is in a state of ... society overwhelmed by rampant corruption ... the country reeling and the threat of aggression from the Chinese invaders ... that people are increasingly losing confidence for the government seriously. .. leading to discontent ... protest petition ... and focus spread all over the country. The truth is distorted ... Justice trampled ... And ... The law is manipulated to cause the people no longer trust the government ... no faith in the law.... that direction faith toward the Religions ... the only place follow people can help their mental stability ... and speak on behalf of people reclaim their justice .... classic apparently Commission Office of Justice and Peace ...of the Vietnam Redemptorist Monastery ... was established since 24.03.2013 in Saigon.

Before the use arguments and the rules prescribed by law and lawful current State Constitution of religion ... in order to defend ... and reclaim justice for the people .. . and the pressure from increasingly heavier international community, the government of Vietnam Communist becoming more sophisticated and perfidious cunning ... more in the active suppression and control of the way not directly interfere into the Religions ... but use the religions of state (religions were established by the State ... and under the supervision of the Executive Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front) flagrant interference ... and attack the true religion which doth not bowed State ... downright brutal and barbaric ... such as harrowing event ... and considerable indignation ... for the monks at St. Cao Dai Long Binh, Go Cong Tay Vietnam last 07/03/2013. Although the communist government of Vietnam has a sophisticated... and deceptive like that.... they also can not cover up their crimes before the International Community ... ... and Vietnam people's opinion at home and abroad ... except really respect the right of Religious Freedom of the people by their goodwill.

We continue to call for advocacy from the international community ... and care more deeply from Vietnam people across the country ... not just protection for the believers and Religious suffering at Cao Dai Temple in Long Binh, Go Cong west today ... but for all Religions that had ... and ever been victims of the brutal repression from the authorities Communist Vietnam for many years. The leaders of the Church ... Religion needs more attention ... and express strong opposition, more drastic action ... before violently suppressed ... assault brutal ... and wrong obstruction of lawful activities of Religion ... as well as the implementation of legitimate religious beliefs of the people ... from the Vietnam communist government in any matter any way ... and for any religion that ... not only to defend their own religion. Facing the increasingly repressive religion more sophisticated and more intense ...from The Communist government of Vietnam ... Unifying people ...Unifying Religions ... and together voiced strong objections of their wrongdoing ... is the only feasible measures can help prevent all crimes of authorities to Religions today ... and in the future.


Bản Tin

Truyền thông Chúa Cứu Thế Việt Nam

Dòng Chúa Cứu Thế Việt Nam

Ruling Authorities incite Religious state officials to attack Caodaist oratory at Long Binh, Go Cong Tay

Posted by at 9:28 AM 3/07/13

Bản Tin

Truyền thông Chúa Cứu Thế Việt Nam

Dòng Chúa Cứu Thế Việt Nam

Ruling  Authorities incite Religious state officials to 

attack Caodaist oratory at Long Binh, Go Cong Tay

Đăng bởi lúc 9:28 Sáng 3/07/13
VRNs (03/07/2013) - Tien Giang - At 11:40: Mr. Seven, Chief managing in the writhe said: "We only practice, pray peace for people but they too cruel and savage beating. "
VRNs had contact with the Chief managing Le Van Ngoc Diep. He said: "They caught, tied and put me in the car, to get to the Cao Dai Temple in Vinh Binh, Go Cong Tay District, Tien Giang. This is the shrines of state. I was sitting in the office of the shrines governing board of the governing board of Go Cong Tay district and they were interviewing me. "

Chief Managing Ngoc Diep insisted: "We're not according to the managing board of Nguyen Thanh Tam,is the Council of State. Although the authorities have taken away the shrines, our brothers are going home, to lead a religious life in conservative religious law of Cao Dai. We only know one only Cao Dai Religion just not know the Cao Dai Religion of State. We will practice at home but refuses to follow a sect at all. "

Managing Chief Ngoc Diep said: "Many shrines have been removed, only this shrines hold for a few years and they have used this trick to get shrines. They want us to go follow the managing of state to easy rule so not allow us to go follow this orthodox Cao Dai religion. "

Chief Managing Ngoc Diep said: "There are 6 people were arrested, including Managing Chief Le Van Ngoc Diep and 5 of his fellow-worshippers."

Recalling the event, this morning,at 8:00 am, the Cao Dai people under the name of the state gathered in front of the Cao Dai Temple in Long Binh, Go Cong Tay District, Tien Giang Province, threw stone into the shrines caused shed blood many of fellow-worshippers who were praying inside, and used saws to cut the gate of the shrines

Women Chief Managing Bach Phung Nguyen said to the VRNs : "Cao Dai Temple in Binh Long, Go Cong Tay is belong to orthodox Cao Dai, due to Chief Managing Le Van Ngoc Diep has ever managed. In many times, the Cao Dai people who following the state is endowed dignitary by state to require to take-out this shrines, but the orthodox fellow-worshippers disagreed. Now, from the outside, the people who following the religion of state, was violently attacking. "

Chief Managing Hua Phi, from Lam Dong said, "We oppose the use of religion attacking religion. Government must return religious autonomy for religion. "

This is the phone number of the Chief Managing Le Van Ngoc Diep: 0162.840.2538, who are trying to protect the shrines.

At 9:45 - Managing Chief Seven, was being present at the shrines Long Binh, said: "Managing Chief  Le Van Ngoc Diep and the former Managing Chief was arrested by police on a car and do not know where they gone. At outside, there are many police and thugs who rushed to beat the people inside, 30 persons was beaten bloody and now were being bandaged the wound. We have only to answer by speech but also to be beaten. They did something so bad can not imagine. "


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