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Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No. 175 release dated 15 -07-2013




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 - Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No. 175 release dated 15 -07-2013,
 - The editorial of the semi-monthly magazine.
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    New noose put into the neck of Ethnicity!
Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No. 175 release dated (15 -07-2013)

            "Just leave the port out to sea Ly Son Hoang Sa fishing for 3 days, we had an accident. 7am 7-7 days, after the 15 fishermen aboard light breakfast, start preparing slightly wire for divers to find holothurian is the big ship, painted white with canoe suddenly lunged. Seeing the ship bearing number 306 to 10 times bigger was speeding toward the fishing vessel, I shouted brothers get into the shelter hold and to speed up. After 1hr to cling, the Chinese ships come alongside, many wearing dark blue camouflaged  uniforms, holding electric batons and danced to fishing vessel and herd fishermen forward the bow, for his hands behind his head. I, the captain and two fishermen Tot, No was catching to Chinese ship and raised our hands to kneel behind. Then back to the ship, a group of Chinese rushed on the roof of the cabin, cutting two-head of flag thrown into the sea. I bent down broadside picked up the national flag, the Chinese group stormed with the aggressive attitude is like pirates. They use hand elbow hit the back of the head, use the electric batons sting me into the unconscious ... not just hitting, kicking fishermen, many of the Chinese vessels had used hammers, crowbars smashed glass cabin crushed, chopped small hatch doors, cabinet doors, 720m wire knife slightly pureed into multiple segments. Then they took away a lot of equipment, 5,000 liters of oil, 1 ton of fish, causing 400 million of damage. " Word captain Vo Minh Vuong (live rural West, An Vinh commune, Ly Son island district) told reporters last 11-07 VnExpress day so shocked fellow VN and abroad. That is not all! the reporter continued to tell: "After the beating, fishermen, seizing property on fishing vessel of Mr. Vuong, the ships 306 of China continued to chase, attack ships Mr. Mai Van Cuong (home at Ly Son). Mr. Cuong said the incident happened at 9am on 7-7, while 14 workers were practicing. Seeing that the situation is not stable, he paced crazy speed run station, but the engine should run for a few hiccups, so run only for a few sea miles were come alongside by Chinese ships, attacked.  people aboard the fishing vessel 306 swept through his strength threatened with electric batons, hitting fishermen, cutting the entire slightly wire, anchors wire, remove locators, detectors, and systems Icom and over 2 tons of fish, and then left. Total losses were estimated at over 200 million. After nearly two days and nights, two fishing vessels of Vuong and Cuong come back home at Ly Son island district in the status to spy out the way since lost all navigation equipment and communications. "

            The tragic story happened just over two weeks after the joint statement between President Truong Tan Sang and Xi Jinping (21-06-2013), including the section "3 (xiii) - The two sides will continue implement the "Agreement on Fisheries Cooperation in the Tonkin Gulf"; actively researching how to combine testing new joint fishing area in the Gulf of Tonkin. Both sides appreciated "Agreement between the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry of Agriculture VN and China on the establishment of a hotline to the unexpected incident arises of fishing activities in the sea" was signed in this visit, satisfactory handling cases arising out of extraordinary fishing activities in the sea between the two countries in line with bilateral relations. 4 - The two sides exchanged views sincerely, frankly on maritime issues, leaders agreed that the two parties and countries to exchange and maintain regular dialogue on maritime issues VN-China, directing and resolved to promote maritime issues derived from the high level of local and strategic relations between the two countries. The two sides will strictly implement the "Agreement on basic principles to direct solving maritime issues VN-China" ".

            While shocking incident at sea that makes the international media as (BBC, RFA, RFI, VOA) and the sites are reported from both domestic and overseas to jump into the narrative and comment , all the major state-owned newspapers (People, Army, Police ...) remain silent. Except the Dat Viet newspaper was "verifying two fishing vessels of VN was robbed at Hoang Sa," to know who attacked our fishermen . Hanoi's Foreign Ministry does not see for opening of the old cassette about "evidence of maritime sovereignty", and hotline of Agriculture & Rural Development seems like a power outage does not work. Except Fisheries Association VN verified, general information about two case and "written petition submitted to the Government Office, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development" voices consensus " Intercede with China to protect the interests of fishermen. "But afraid is also vain hope!

            Action blatantly trampled general statement when it is not dry-ink that tramples by the very clear signs: Train No. 306 fishery control inherent responsibility "law enforcement" in the Hoang Sa; officers and soldiers wearing green uniforms neatly-tuning is clearly a new message, a new blow to suppress the Communist Party of Vietnam. Earlier, the 3 day meeting in Beijing was a blow that Zhongnanhai repression inflicted upon Ba Dinh since Conference Chengdu in 1990. Repression terrible with 1 Joint Declaration set out a comprehensive strategic partnership in 13 fields, with the document identified 10 agreement between all the actions of the two governments, with a coordinated stance on issues international multilateral fora such as the UN, the World Trade Organization, Economic Cooperation Forum Asia - Pacific Forum Asia-Europe cooperation, the ASEAN Regional Forum, Summit ASEAN and China, ASEAN Summit and China-Japan-South Korea, East Asia Summit ... In the history of mankind itself in ancient times and ancient ethnic history of Vietnam until now there has never been a comprehensive agreement on diplomatic nature "big fish swallow the little fish" and images "noose" between the two national, state and the two major parties like a deal extreme danger to national prospect. Ho Chi Minh and Pham Van Dong has saved the bad repute forever with the content of country selling in 1958, Do Muoi and Nguyen Van Linh was born thousands of infamy with 1990 Treaty of Chengdu. Now, Truong Tan Sang and Politburo will thousand years of mouth beer with Beijing Declaration of 2013.

            According to Nguyen Gia Paradies engineer, father of political research work famous "national repentance", it is not only a crime (for the country) but also a mistake. "From now on economic relations of our country with the United States and Europe will decline because of a simple reason that they do not want to force a government human rights violations as well as a satellite of China. Such dependence is not only China that VN loss of sovereignty and the risk of losing more land, sea and islands, it also causes us to lose the investment and the large market. VN economy is still reeling and will be more miserable in the coming days. " Think the party can rely on China to continue to dominate the country and its people. But rather ironically, "China is not strong as they thought, but bankruptcy is not a statement. It will no longer be able to maintain growth in the economy artificially public spending, by producing and selling stocks because, by building in the city and not the unnecessary road . If the management of the economy that does not lead to bankruptcy, they must discard all knowledge and experience in economics. The bankruptcy of the Chinese model is more robust and longer hide how much will fall that much more painful. " "China has been trying to hide the difficulties of a credit risk policy and by increasing public spending with credit blocks resulting in a dangerous swell. In 2008, when the crisis began, China's credit volume is estimated to be 9.000 billion dollars, today the figure is 23.000 billion U.S. dollars, ie four times the total gross domestic product (GDP), which half doubtful debts. Not yet to mention that the credit block major state-owned companies to small loan companies are estimated at around 200% of GDP. It is very alarming signs. The bankruptcy of the Chinese not hide much longer. " "And China is not only about economic bankruptcy but also are environmentally destructive. Shallow, dry soil, drinking water, breathable air. The existence of Chinese are threatened. " Not yet to mention food poisoning is also risk-perhaps the greatest risk to the Chinese people. Obviously every communist leader was a disastrous blind: homage to one who is preparing to surrender and rows of dead. Coming the day when the communist regime will not do to rely patron, while a very important and fundamental is popular, it has lost its longstanding rule the day string of fraud and deception, the inhuman and tyrannical.

            Consequently it is time that the people need to speak up. They had expected the intellectuals will quickly say criticism after the Beijing Declaration, but so far have not found anything. Twenty-three years ago, the Communist leadership decided to change direction 180 degrees to surrender to disgrace China in Chengdu, had virtually no response from the patriotic personality. Fortunately, Thich Quang Do, on the outlook of date 06-07, has strongly denounced "the Joint Statement in Beijing does not have a defined line that China invaded the Paracel Islands and part of the Spratly Islands Vietnam, or thousands of kilometers of land along the border, particularly at Ban Gioc Waterfall, Nam Quan Pass etc. ... or require China for repayment of Sea and the land  invaded. With the bandits who had already occupied a house corner, Mr. President of State has "agreed" with the counsel of the invaders ... Mr. President of State continue to rely on the draw of 16 gold letters and 4 good to build four new policy depends on the twenty-first century with the North. Draw pie comes from a sense of his slaves Ho Chi Minh when he made propaganda poem "Save China is to save ourselves" ". Hopefully the other spiritual leaders responsive as Excellency Quang Do, because the country is mortal slave, the religion hardly exist peacefully. Looking mirror Tantric Buddhism in Tibet is clear. In addition, we also expect individuals and organizations within and outside the country struggles to simultaneously oppose the new documents and Declaration as style of spiral  and this noose. All people should see risk "China is annexation Vietnam" being legalized by the white paper and black ink, when it was implemented progressively since Ho Chi Minh accepted Mao Zedong as teacher and proprietor. In addition, overseas compatriots in the United States be prepared to teach Truong Tan Sang a lesson when he arrives there in the coming days.


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