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Reporters Without Borders (RSF) launched a petition campaign calling for the release of 35 imprisoned bloggers wrong in Vietnam



The world is becoming a greater concern before the rise in violent repression and detention illegal arrest of dissident voices in the country ... but the main objective is aimed at bloggers components ... . the courage pens on behalf of the mainstream press in the country ... exposing corruption ... negative.... and human rights abuses in Vietnam of communist authoritarian ruling regime today. What makes the leaders of the party and government at all levels ... be angry is the bloggers components have exposed sensitive information related to the shady activities and confusing between the two parties and the two State Vietnam-China .... but in the understanding and assessment objective opinion from people in Vietnam and abroad ... These shady activities and full of puzzling  that is considered as behavior of sale country ...from the communist dictatorship  group in Vietnam.

Nothing confusing ... when one side (the State of Vietnam) is a staunch blindly ... always full of confusing the enemy to invade our country by put on their heads with 16 gold words and 4 good ... even  abetting with the enemy to turn back ... prohibit....  prevent and assaults his fellow not allow to focus down the road to show patriotism against aggression of the invader enemy. Meanwhile .. Another side (China State) showed its evil nature .... with expansionist ambitions despicable virtually the entire East Sea region ... including the Paracels and Truong Sa belong undisputed sovereignty of Vietnam .... and again ... and again increased aggressiveness activities ... provocation assaulted Vietnamese fishermen ... and prohibit vessels of Vietnam fishermen fishing right in the area near the Paracels and the Spratlys of Vietnam ... in While the Chinese vessels violated calmly and even works in the area of ​​maritime EEZ (200 nautical miles) of Vietnam.

The components Vietnam bloggers expose fraudulent acts and attempts to betray national underground ... betrayed the nation and homeland ...of  dictatorship Ba Dinh Ha Noi group .. . has become the focus of a revenge incredibly vile from the communist authorities in Vietnam ... that dozens of  bloggers in country continually was harassed ... was being roughed up ....illegally imprisonment .... and finally was sentenced very herculean in time ... are eloquent evidences, irrefutable. Corruption can fix ... and Negative wrongdoing can change .... but the thought and behavior betrayed national ...  betrayed fellow ... and betrayed nationality is inexcusable ... and not acceptable. The leaders of the ruling party and the communist dictatorship Vietnam now can not continue to ignore all the comments of people .... can not continue on the path slid his sins .. .. if do not want even his nation and his people destroyed. Take a strong stand in combination with external support ... together standing up to overthrow dictators  ... remove injustice and oppression ... to reclaim the legitimate basic rights for the people of Vietnam.


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Dòng Chúa Cứu Thế Việt Nam

Vietnam Redemptorist

RSF: Call for release of 35 bloggers were jailed

Posted by at 7:11 AM 11/07/13
VRNs (07/11/2013) - RSF - Vietnam is the second largest prison in the world of bloggers and dissidents online, just behind China.
The blogger Vietnam is an independent source of information and as an alternative to government communications. They write about corruption, environmental issues and political developments of the country.

There have been several waves of raids bloggers, netizens and journalists in recent years. Beware of the Arab people's revolt, the Vietnam government has to arrest more intense crush dissent and to prevent any unrest.

Two bloggers have been arrested Truong Duy Nhat  and Pham Viet Dao are among 35 bloggers currently imprisoned. The protection of human rights Dieu Cay, Le Quoc Quan, Paulus Le Son and Ta Phong Tan, Tran Huynh Duy Thuc, Nguyen Tien Trung, all of them are under long-term sentences for crimes such as tax evasion, vandalism , propaganda against the state and attempting to overthrow the government.

Their family members suffered harassment and smear propaganda. Blogger Ta Phong Tan's mother had set herself on fire in 2012, an act of desperation for treatment of her daughter.

Reporters Without Borders calls for the immediate release of the blogger and netizen, abolished censorship and repression cancellation rules which are used to combat those who makes news, in particular Article 88 and Paragraph 1 of Article 79 of the Penal Code.

Let us fight online censorship in Vietnam! Take a popular petition in all possible!

List 35 bloggers and netizens imprisoned:

* Captured since 15/06/2013 - Dinh Nhat  Uy
* Captured since 06/13/2013 - Pham Viet Dao
* Captured since 26/05/2013 - Truong Duy Nhat
* Captured since 12/27/2012 - Le Quoc Quan
* Captured since 10/14/2012 - Nguyen Phuong Uyen 
* Captured since 10/11/2012 - Nguyen Dinh Kha
* Captured since 08/08/2012 - Dinh Dang Dinh
* Captured since 06/07/2012 - Le Thi Kim Thu
* Captured since 01/12/2011 - Le Thanh Tung
* Captured since 19/09/2011 - Tran Vu Anh Binh
* Captured since 05/09/2011 - Ta Phong Tan
* Captured since 27/08/2011 - Tran Minh Nhat
* Captured since 18/08/2011 - Thai Van Dung
* Captured since 08/07/2011 - Nguyen Van Duyet
* Captured since 05/08/2011 - Nong Hung Anh
* Captured since 08/03/2011 - Paulus Le Son
* Captured since 08/02/2011 - Dau Van Duong
* Captured since 02/08/2011 - Tran Huu Duc
* Captured since 01/08/2011 - Chu Manh Son
* Captured since 30/07/2011 - Dang Xuan Dieu
* Captured since 30/07/2011 - Ho Duc Hoa
* Captured since 30/07/2011 - Nguyen Van Oai
* Captured since 25/07/2011 - Nguyen Van Ly
* Captured since 28/04/2011 - Nguyen Cong Chinh
* Captured since 02.04.2011 - Nguyen Ngoc Cuong
* Captured since 26/03/2011 - Lu Van Bay
* Captured since 04/11/2010 - Cu Huy Ha Vu
* Captured since 27.10.2010 - Vi Duc Hoi
* Captured since 10/18/2010 - Phan Thanh Hai
* Captured since 07/07/2010 - Tran Huynh Duy Thuc
* Captured since 09/10/2009 - Nguyen Xuan Nghia
* Captured since 09/10/2009 - Nguyen Kim Nhan
* Captured since 07/07/2009 - Nguyen Tien Trung
* Captured since 07/07/2009 - Tran Anh Kim
* Captured since 04/19/2008 - Nguyen Van Hai (Dieu Cay)


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