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Communist Party in the eyes of the people of Vietnam today ...!



The two articles below titled "Land belongs to a new class - the class communist" and "From withdraw the party to quitting the party" ... reflects a clear and truthful about the social status Vietnam Men today .... as well as those thinking seriously for a not small section of party members communist Vietnam .... those who have many years of standing under the flag "glorious Communist Party of Vietnam" ... has been dedication blood and bone for so-called "revolutionary ideals Indochina .... and the proletariat of the Revolutionary Vietnam ...." now be bitterness when their faith was betrayed outright .... and their land and assets were right the communists brothers .... the ideology of the network greatness cherished for years claimed by violence ... by tricks and cunning heartlessly ....

The situation heartbreaking above from people ... from the side of the party members communist Vietnam .... not only reflect the full, honest and clear about the tragedies that have been happening in Vietnam society ... in the country of Vietnam today .... but which shows the so-called "Ideally revolution ... communist ideology ... and ideals of the proletariat ...." in fact just the demagogic ... just lie right from the beginning of the Communist Party of Indochina ... formerly communist Vietnam today ... under the great leadership of President Ho Chi Minh ... sinner most brutal ... and filthy most ... in the history of Vietnam thousands of years. It's ironic and bitter .... the day that people glad welcome "Revolutionary complete victory ...." is also "Death day" of those who had once conceived nourish the fetus revolution .... typical case of Ms. Nguyen Thi Nam ... a landowner's famous North Vietnam ... who have contributed money, wealth and manpower for the party of Ho Chi Minh .... to be the first to have been firing squad by revolutionary government ...through the campaign "reform Land bloody "under the leadership of President Ho Chi Minh from 1953 to 1956 in northern Vietnam.

The pain of that day still has not subsided in people's minds ... all this time .... and now, After more than 30 years of success of the revolution and the Vietnam Communist Party came to power ... unification country.. .. the people of Vietnam, including the composition of members communist Vietnam continues to suffer ... and bitter .... when the party leaders and the country has really turned his back with them .... before the temptation to large luxurious life today ... that they forgot  the justice of the communist of the proletariat ... as well as the " virtual ideal" that they have sowed into the heads of people since the 1930s when the Communist Party of Indochina formerly communist Vietnam today is born ..... and that's the cause of the people increasingly lost complete faith in the party leadership and the State of Vietnam .... as well as the phenomenon of a growing number of party members communist Vietnam from "Withdraw the party to quitting the party" today. It is time for all the people of Vietnam ... as well as the composition of party members Vietnamese communists ... who are still remaining conscience .... and truly loving Freedom Democracy ... be strong express public opinion and their wishes ... and quickly the specific action ... to remove the ulcers present which stems from greed and selfishness of a small group the members communist party ... who are holding leadership the country .... but away from the people .... and is on a push the country closer to the brink.



Land belongs to the new class - the class Communists

Kinh Hoa, reporters RFA

Biểu tượng của đảng cộng sản Việt Nam vẫn là lá cờ búa và liềm màu vàng trên nền đỏ.
Symbol of communist of Vietnam still is flag hammer and yellow sickle on a red background.
Peasantry Vietnam is currently lost land, exploitation of the a mode called to fight for the working class areas. A new class was formed after the communist revolution succeeded.

Chinese red hammer and sickle
The symbol of the Communist Party of Vietnam is ruling remains flag hammer and sickle yellow on a red background, a symbol of the alliance of workers and peasants, old nearly 100 years. This symbol is said to have an effect unequaled in attracting elite peasants in the early years of the Russian Revolution in 1917. The people plowing capital uneducated, can not understand the philosophy of complex political economy of Karl Marx, Engel, ... to see sickle reap intimately of their lives, stood up to the party Bolsheviks at that in Russia, and the Communist Party later around the world.

In principle, the members communist Vietnam, if not coming from both the working class and farmers, it also is representing them, fight for their rights. Especially in the specific situation of Vietnam society, with the majority of the population are farmers, the images sickle on the flag party more great value, since the Communist Party of Indochina newly established in 1930 so far.

The symbol of the Communist Party of Vietnam is ruling remains flag hammer and sickle yellow on a red background, a symbol of the alliance of workers and peasants ... This symbol is said to have an effect unequaled in attracting elite of tiller

Besides symbol sickle, the Communist Party also proposed the slogan understandably very populist to cheer peasantry. 1930 known uprisings by farmers in Nghe Tinh famous slogan, Tri wide graben, dig root grub them take root, ie destroy all classes other than farmers, and then the fields land to the tiller. Farmers everywhere were pulled together by the Communist Party waged class war to the party, hoping to get land for the use of sickle golden beauty on the red flag bloody revolution.

Ruộng đất cho dân cày. Người nông dân khắp nơi đã kéo nhau theo đảng cộng sản với hy vọng có được ruộng đất
Land for the tiller. Farmers everywhere were pulled together to follow the communist party in hopes to get land
With a political party is organized, with the support of millions of farmers, the Communists took power, holding a monopoly. And in Vietnam, they have made promises to the people who plow the land reform took place after 1954. In battle this class, the abstract concept of political economy Marxism has turned into the percentage of the population that landowners in each village to revolutionary destroy. Many have died even without an inch of land in the hands. The landowner well known in the North as Ms. Nguyen Thi Nam, supporters money manpower for the party of Ho Chi Minh, in those firing first.

These people dead and forgotten before the hardship of daily life, of cooperative agriculture, and of the manufacturing groups in the South after the country was unified. Everyone seems to have become a common working class areas, it seems that the class struggle had achieved.

Class of communism and the privileges

But the class was not lost. Milovan Djilas, the character of both the Communist Party of Yugoslavia, wrote in 1957 that: A new class has been formed, and the communist system is built to ensure that the ownership and exploitation of the period this all-new. That is the class ruling communist.

A new class has been formed, and the communist system is built to ensure that the ownership and exploitation of new classes this. That is the class ruling communist

If the privileges of the new class into the war years of the North socialist just pounds meat at Ton Dan shop, or a few metre of fabrics and provide standards, then from 1986 onwards, in the communist party decided to marry ideology of agriculture with its economic free market, it has become more affluent. Now the factories of industrial production for profit on the exploitation of surplus value of workers by management thuet of Karl Marx, and land.

Milovan Djilas wrote, Although legally the property is of society, of the nation, but in reality only a small group to control and profit from it.

Khi người cộng sản lấy lại đất từ người nông dân...
While the communist took over land from farmers...Files photos
Assets that are most important to the majority of people Vietnam is the land, and now it belongs to the entire people, that is, by a small group of ruling communist control.

The class struggle continues but not shouting anymore. Hordes of farmers lost their land claims, complaints from the South to the North, because their lands were confiscated, under the name used for the project to develop the socio-economic of the company, but in fact many Communist Party members, or those who have a close relationship with the power machine of party holds. The protests often communist government of the working class areas Vietnam squelched. There are no statistics about the number of protests annual land, but only in recent years, may raise many cases occurred in succession, for farmers naked soil in Can Tho, for Van Giang, for Ocean City, and the peak is supposed Doan Van Vuon in Haiphong where guns fired instead of law. And while these words to you readers are hundreds of peasant villages Trinh Nguyen, Tu Son, Bac Ninh is nasty rain and sun shine to keep their land.

Lawyer Le Hieu Dang, who experienced the communist party for decades, said,

No any revolution that promised much and done little as revolutionary communists

Milovan Djilas

"Previously farmers to follow the Party to look forward to land. The farmers separated, suffering the loss of land due to where? Is due to the regulation of land is public ownership! "

The speech of Mr. Le Hieu Dang as a picture summarizing what the communists were promised when they were poor and humble of the old days when they become new classes today.

But farmers have voluntarily stand under the flag of the working class areas are What thinking?

Ngo Thi Duc, a farmer in the village Trinh Nguyen, 47-year-old of party and was her party expelled because she fought for the rights of farmers, told us,

"I am many years striving for the party, now they made a mistake, I see do not even need. Fear of losing people more than losing Party. My part I have to worry, that those who cares to us, we have died. "

It is likely that Ms. Ngo Thi Duc and farmers village Trinh Nguyen did not know who is Milovan Djilas, just know that ... "they" that the communist government has done wrong. They have become a new class, also exploited as in the theory book communist communist party development for its members alone.

It is quite ironic, as when farmers Trinh Nguyen keep the soil against a new class, they still swell flags hammer and sickle, and Doan Van Vuon while to hear the verdict still say thank Communist Party, the party of a period new level.

Perhaps to finish, we cite the former vice president of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia, Milovan Djilas, "No any revolution that promised much and done little as revolutionary communism."

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From withdraw the party to quitting the party

Anh Vu, correspondent RFA

Pano propaganda for the establishment CPV in Hanoi was taken on 27/2/2013
AFP photo

In fact, there are many reasons why a not small section of members of the Communist Party abandoned the party in the form of secretly or openly. The truth of this problem in Vietnam was going how how?

No longer for the people, for the country?

In Vietnam, the party members VCP quit the party activities and led to quitting party is a social phenomenon tends common concern. Those who abandon the Communist Party has a mind generally, it is since voluntarily stand in the ranks of the Communist Party, to the order to withdraw from the party as a process of changing perceptions.

Over time, the thought of so many Communist Party members are also changing, from the perception of emotions into awareness by reason. But a big part is that they are affected by the process of transformation of the Communist Party. It was the Communist Party of the policy for the people, for the former to advocate at all costs because maintaining the existence of the current party.

Mr. Nguyen Hong Bich was a veteran party member the Communist Party but left the party quietly in 1992, said:

"I am Nguyen Hong Bich, join in the army on March 4 1983, the regiment 612 Command Information - Contact Us. I joined the party in 1986, spent some time, I know that I really do not like. By the time I'm moving out in 1992, I withdraw. That is my party members Communism, but when I switch branches of the regime party I do not get it. I went by the other records, but the party, I do not activities. "

The phenomenon of quitting the party is not less, but mostly out in the form of non-public, but to claim a reason for the situation, logical, more simply silently not activities anymore.
-Nguyen Chi Duc

The reason for quitting the party, there are many, may be different but overall achievement is not beside the point in thinking of each party member. Most members now no longer believed in communism and tired leadership authorities. Prior to the current reality, that the party is now personal motivations for promotion, so the members can not afford to do with the birth of his legs and left the party quietly. There are some brave people, they dare writing out of the party openly and clearly with reasons ideology.

Mr. Nguyen Chi Duc an engineer, members VCP worked in the Post Office in Hanoi, has voluntarily request the party to let us know:

"The reason for quitting the party is more like living, health, family situation, etc. ... and another reason is a matter of ideology no longer believed in communism, tired leadership held rights. The phenomenon of quitting the party is not less, but mostly out in the form of non-public, but to claim a reason for the situation, logical, more simply silently not activities anymore. There are also a number of daring writing out of the party because of ideology, but to open up their lives, they really only count on the fingers.

Paradoxically, although a large of party members, but it has lost ideal, the majority of party members were away from the platform of the party of their own writing. Party members in the Communist Party is now the personal motivation for a promotion of position, they wore label of party members to peacefully do business. "

Lễ Opening Ceremony of the 11th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam in Hanoi January 12, 2011. AFP PHOTO / HOANG DINH Nam.
Many party members previously aware that "the Communist Party is the party of the working class, the working people" and they've been fervently fought hard for that slogan. But the process involved activities parties and the realities of life, has made them disappointed. During the party, but party members high number, but party members honest and dare protection the justice may be too little, most of them are count their blessings, did not dare to fight. The defenders who dare struggle for justice, then be isolated, with the shooting, revenge.

In this regard, a party member, veterans in Van Giang district, Hung Yen did not hide the urgent when said "I participated in three major campaigns, Mau Than in 68, year 72, the campaign Buon Me Thuot and I was hurt. Do not dare to speak ill of the party, but felt the activities (parties) do not fight bravely, unjust, just tolerate each other, bored. Honestly, I just asked anywhere that is pure? if pure is nobody quitting (party), including revolutionary veterans they leave. If I have children join in the party, now force me to sell the field, I just asked, "Join in the party, the party has forced us to sell fields, which sold for private is it?"

Keep power at any cost

Not only that, but the party members left the party because they saw the power of the leadership in the Communist Party was not in the interests of the people, but for the personal benefit of them is above all and people just subject to party advantage. As Mr. Nguyen Chi Duc said:

"It makes my job near the People's Committee of Hanoi City, I often see people unfairly in neighboring it. This image came up, year after year, I do not understand why when communism honoring peasants, workers are core kernel which saw petitioner is listed so that they also have thought. From the evils negative here and there and is looking into the ranks of the Party, I feel that their motivation is not for the benefit of workers but for personal interests first. All the eye can see, this headset makes me bored Communist party more. "
The reason the party is more like a living, health, family situation ... and another reason is a matter of ideology no longer believed in communism.
-Nguyen Chi Duc

Although the Communist Party has nearly four million members, but most of its members have lost ideal and the majority of party members were away from the platform, principles of the party. And so far, the Communist Party wants to use all means to maintain dictatorship and keep power at all costs. That has led to a loss of democracy, not only in society, but even in the party.

In this regard, Mr. Nguyen Duy Ninh a veteran in Nam Son commune, Luong district, Nghe An province,joined the party in 1972 to 1992 and quit activities party said:

"Democracy is the people employed under the Constitution and Laws. Yeah like, not the Constitution to do this but the other ones made to do otherwise. People take all the measures, the so-called measure is essentially tricks. Pressed one place, squeeze it and there is force people to be in, but it can not be. "

With members VCP true when joining the Communist Party they bring in their ambitions and ideals nice purpose devoted his energy to the nation and the country. But actually showed them, the Communist Party has betrayed himself and betray their comrades. So, now abandoned the Communist Party, is the way to each person self-purify yourself, so that people can respect the dignity of themselves, when if they were still good.

Not naturally present, what people across the country have looked Communist Party in general, and the Communist Party in particular to look unfriendly. For proof, we always hear people say bitter things that "He that although is party member, but that he is good", this is a common phenomenon. That is an insult to human dignity and self-esteem.


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