Nearly 60 petitioners from many provinces pull on 210 Vo Thi Sau-Saigon

Posted by at 10:21AM 25/07/13
VRNs (25/07/2013) - Sai Gon - On 7/24/2013 nearly 60 petitioners in the provinces such as Tien Giang, An Giang, Ben Tre and Saigon focused on 210 Vo Thi Sau to demand authorities address their wrongfully convicted. They focus on at 10:00 am yesterday. The petitioners also shouted slogans: "Ask to release Dieu Cay", because they are aware of blogger Dieu Cay is a particularly petitioners, who had entered the ranks with them.
The petitioners have been petitioning for years and does not have any office grievance that they have not arrived. However, their shields so unjust that remain.

Under the leadership of Vietnam officials increasingly creating a large number of landless farmers. These people find empathy with each other very quickly and they are linked together into groups of landless farmers everywhere to sound the drum for justice.