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The International Human Rights Organisation and the Vietnamese community in the United States as well as from many other parts of the world to protest the human rights situation worse by Vietnam's current visit to the United States by President Truong Tan Sang.

Tens of thousands of Egyptians centralized government protests in al-Rabaa Square Adaweya



The visit to the United States of the President communist Vietnam State Mr. Truong Tan Sang since 25-07-2013 has been the focus of attention and special attention from domestic and foreign public opinion and also as the International. And the atmosphere of Washington today suddenly become boisterous with forest of yellow flags with three red stripes .... the only sacred symbol of Vietnamese American Community is currently living in the United States ... as well as in many other countries around the world .... along with the strong statement criticizing the actions serious abuses of human rights in Vietnam .... and demanded the heads of state in both countries have the same concern and urgent action and in accordance with the human rights situation is extremely bad now ... in Vietnam as well as the escalation of repressive actions of the communist government of  Vietnam ... for peaceful dissent ... and patriotic citizens of Vietnam ....who are being in prison by a wrong way because to show patriotism ... and implementing their legitimate fundamental freedoms peacefully ... including rights such as religious freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of movement and freedom of residence .... association meeting ... and .. v ... v ....

Please to be reminded again of the worst human rights situation in Vietnam today and throughout the past years .... only in the first few months of the year 2013 there're 40 patriotic citizens were communist authorities Vietnam court sentenced the trial version is full of political wrongdoing and injustice. All of them are patriotic citizens ... to fight or raised their demand Human Rights to be respected ....  to demand justice must be expressed .... Requires Freedom Democracy must reach to homeland Vietnam .... and the most sacred right of them that is to require for to be spoken up to defend the territorial integrity of Vietnam and territorial water before defiantly aggression actions... roughed Vietnam fishermen .... and invaded ambition for almost the entire East Sea .... including the Paracels and Spratlys belong indisputable sovereignty of Vietnam. However, instead of listening to every mind and legitimate aspirations of the people ... then the Vietnam communist government chose confrontation way directly to the people ... and again and again seek to harm the citizens love their country through the court hearings ridiculous and shameful .... by the Articles that under interpretation of a vague and arbitrary in the Criminal Procedure Code of Vietnam .. . include Articles such as: Article 79 (Conspiracy to overthrow the government) ... Article 258 (Abusing Freedom Democratic infringement State benefits) ... or most popular that is Article 88 (anti-regime propaganda) ....

Current situation the country is extremely danger and urgency. Despite knowing the dangers that are invading from the north is clear and obvious .... but the inherent nature of dictatorship, the leader of the Communist Party of Vietnam and the current government officials ignored and despite all the effort ... is protected by the power and position of their unique leadership today ... maintaining and protecting the interests of a large group of people who ... has held positions of power and leadership in the current ruling apparatus ... by continuing to maintain the communist regime totalitarian at present .... by power ... and even by force to suppress the rise of the people ... despite being isolated by the world.... or  become traitors  minions to the Chinese invaders. The trip today by the head of State, President Truong Tan Sang to the United States as stated by many people today ... just as a test from political Ministry of communist Vietnam to seek agreement ... the help .... and support from the major power state of the world number one and also has ever served as Vietnam's former enemies in the past ... in the weight and balance of the relationship with China today ... but not starting from the real intent of them in improving the human rights situation in Vietnam is bad now ... or satisfactorily meet the legitimate aspirations of the people of Vietnam so long. Thus, the alive fate of the Vietnam country and the fate of the people of Vietnam today are totally dependent on the personal efforts of people in Vietnam and abroad. Wish that....if the focus of protests in the country and the people in Washington today is not the numbers of hundreds, the thousands .... that is tens or hundreds of thousands of people in such protests as has ever broken out in Egypt, Hong Kong recently .... then make sure the communist regime totalitarian oppression such barbaric regime Vietnam today will no longer exist.


Vietnamese Americans protest demanding freedom, democracy and human rights in Vietnam

Thanh Quang, RFA reporter

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The Vietnamese American protests against President Truong Tan Sang VN outside the White House, July 25 morning
Photo: RFA

On Thursday 25/7, with numerous fellow Vietnam from the Washington area and the freedom of the Vietnamese community abroad gathered in Washington DC to protest when the State President Truong Tan Sang met U.S. President Barack Obama at the White House.

Call VN release political prisoners

It is estimated that there are about 2 thousand fellow VN from the community, unions, liberal party of Vietnamese overseas presence in La Fayette Park opposite the White House to protest the VN government as well as note Obama  government and to raise world public awareness about Hanoi increasing repression of freedom, democracy, human rights, arbitrary imprisonment and assault lasting many dissidents, religious leaders, the bloggers, especially those who oppose the Northern Patriots territorial encroachment, VN territory, urged the United States to prioritize human rights issues in negotiations with VN, pressure Hanoi to release all prisoners treatment, prisoners of conscience, stop land evictions actions of people, putting an end to dictatorship, corruption country ...

Present at the rally, Mr. Doan Huu Dinh, VN Community President Washington area, Virginia, Maryland voiced:

"We came here with all the Vietnamese delegation from around to come - in the United States, Canada as well as from the France. Word we want to send a message at first to President Obama is to Mr. Truong Tan Sang know that Human rights must be respected. freedom of speech of people is untouchable. And with all domestic voice opposition imprisoned, Mr. Truong Tan Sang, the government should immediately drop the VN people out. VN people in overseas  requires him Mr. Truong Tan Sang to see clearly that China's bow slid VN now is not acceptable. VN sovereignty must be respected. About the sovereignty of country, if Hanoi sees that, they come here to request the U.S. for help but the U.S. does not accept, then may the ruling regime and Communist Party retreated for an election - the people elect a legitimate government and democracy. "
Word we wanted to send a message at first to President Obama is to Mr. Truong Tan Sang know that human rights must be respected.
-Mr. Huu Dinh Doan
Attending the rally, Dr. Do Van Hoi, President of the Executive Council of the Vietnamese Community Federal National American opinion said:

"On the occasion of the Communist president visits the White House, we - the Vietnamese people everywhere, including the Vietnamese people in the country - would like to speak with Mr. Truong Tan Sang that he must listen, pay attention to the right VN national interests, such as freedom, democracy, respect for human rights, how to protect the territorial integrity VN. That is we want to say to Mr. Truong Tan Sang and VN leaders right respect the rights of the Vietnamese people, and the government must return to the people. 
Meanwhile, as Vietnamese Americans, we also want to tell President Obama that he should think about the interests of the majority of Vietnam people, how to help the people of VN in the country we are free to enjoy real democracy. And all negotiations with Mr. Truong Tan Sang, President Obama should put human rights is also important through the constraints, should not ignore human rights, freedom and democracy that Vietnamese people have to suffer the oppression of the communist regime today. "

Mr. Nguyen Van Tanh the Organizing Committee protests, which is the Vietnamese Community Advisor National Union of U.S., noted:

"With the concept of Vietnamese people in this phase is extremely important, we must speak out against the Communist leaders like Truong Tan Sang, Nguyen Tan Dung, Nguyen Phu Trong ... They were offered land and sea level rise for foreigners doing things contrary to a free country, democratic and totally misleading to national sovereignty. therefore we must unite in this stage to demand freedom, democracy, human rights for all peoples VN, China can not continue to encroach on the territorial sea of ​​the island of ours. We are determined to fight, made the whole of Vietnam's desire - within and beyond water. "

The last comments can say is typical and represents the aspirations of fellow Vietnam protests that we contact. Meanwhile, we also found that the scattered presence of Westerners at this protest site. When asked about the status of the current human rights violations in VN, an American woman said:

"Today I just know. People in VN being mistreated by Government just because they criticize the government, they oppose what the government VN dictatorial actions. And the people here also protested the U.S. government trade with VN until VN human rights are respected. "

The Vietnamese American protests against President Truong Tan Sang VN outside the White House, July 25 morning. RFA PHOTO.

Despite the presence of President Truong Tan Sang is known in the United States to discuss with Washington on issues such as relationships and economic security, the VN to join Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), the issues of China in the South China Sea, about Hanoi wants to buy antipersonnel weapons of the United States, and human rights issues, but, if compared with the VN former leader arrived in the United States, is the travel trips to the U.S. of Truong Tan Sang made the world now especially interested and alert the human rights situation worsening in VN.

Organizations such as Human Rights Human Rights Watch noted that the character dissidents, religious leaders, bloggers jailed in VN grievances, long in the first 6 months of this year than the whole in 2012. The organization urged the United States to intervene executive specific situation of the imprisoned dissidents, from Blogger Dieu Cay, Dr. Cu Huy Ha Vu, Le Quoc Quan to the patriotic youth as Nguyen Phuong Uyen Nguyen Dinh Kha. Asia director of Human Rights Watch, said John Sifton, stressed that Hanoi can not justify repressive actions of the dissidents.

In recent times, many U.S. lawmakers increasingly strong opposition status VN continuous human rights abuses.

The international human rights organizations and foreign and domestic public opinion and do not forget to condemn the Penal Code with the terms generic, vague, enabling authorities to arbitrarily imprison VN patriots of crimes as "propaganda, conspiracy to overthrow the government", "undermining national unity", "abusing freedom and democracy to the detriment of the interests of the state, the people" ...

The protest took place before the White House after the day before, ie on Wednesday last, the Vietnamese Community in Eastern Country USA in collaboration with the Vietnamese Community in United States Federal assistance for community Philippine Overseas massive protests before the UN headquarters in New York to protest Chinese territorial encroachment, VN and islands of the Philippines, as well as threatening the country's territorial waters in Southeast Asia.

Thanh Quang report from Washington.


News, articles related

Bản Tin

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Vietnam President Truong Tan Sang (T) in the U.S. Department of State in Washington,  DC 24/7/2013.
24 last Wednesday afternoon, a day before the U.S. president met President Truong Tan Sang at the White House, a collection of organizations and human rights workers of America in Washington, DC to speak up calling executive of America stops within TPP discussions Partnership Agreement Trans-Pacific Trade until Vietnam demonstrated compliance with the principles of labor standards, the environment and human rights.

Unworthy of TPP rules

The purpose of the press conference Wednesday afternoon, three organizations gathered in the United States International Trade Union International Brotherhood Brotherhood of Teamster, Human Rights Association and the Worker Rights Consortium, Human Rights Watch Human Rights Watch and discuss of the report, titled Made In Vietnam by Human Rights Association editor, which presents information about the abuse of labor rights and human rights in the areas of production in Vietnam.

Secretary General of the International Union Brotherhood, James P. Hoffa, bring context of poor labor standards in Vietnam in comparison with Bangladesh, was condemned by the world involved in a old factory suddenly collapsed causing the horrible death of hundreds of workers:

"In Vietnam, forced labor, children begin to go to work, gender discrimination in jobs, wages do not deserve, no labor protection policies ... is the violation of labor rights extremely seriously important. "
Vietnam does not deserve to receive the TPP rules for violations in the field of labor. President Obama and the U.S. Congress to pressure Vietnam.
Mr. James Hoffa-
To join the Partnership Agreement Trans-Pacific Trade, Mr. James Hoffa said Vietnam must show goodwill by giving people the right to freedom of assembly, freedom of expression and freedom to form independent trade unions , is the standard by which all TPP countries to pursue and compliance.

"But Vietnam is not worthy to receive TPP rules for violations in the field of labor. President Obama and the U.S. Congress to pressure Vietnam, until they prove to be responsible for compliance with the international standards of labor for their people. "

Next said general manager Brotherhood International Union James Hoffa, in turn, said Scott Nova, executive director of the Association of Human Rights, as well as the organization has completed the Made In Vietnam report with specifics the labor situation much worse in Vietnam where the government can not solve this country.

Affirming that the form of labor abuses and violations of workers rights in Vietnam is not hard to see things, while those who dare to ask questions or to protect the rights of workers to be arrested and detained, said Scott Nova said the U.S. should stop discussing Vietnam within the TPP participants
Partnership Agreement Trans-Pacific Trade:


President Truong tan Sang met the Senator Foreign Relations Committee of the U.S. Senate in Washington DC on 7/24/2013. RFA PHOTO.
"Because if agrees Vietnam to participate in TPP Partnership Agreement Trans-Pacific Trade is no different from turn on the green light for the country's government continues to violate human rights and labor rights violations as they Ever. "

John Sifton, Asia director at Human Rights Watch in:

"I want to reiterate some of the problems that the U.S. government can bring out talks with Vietnam in the Vietnam aim to improve the human rights situation in which poor performance of the labor situation.

Records of labor conditions in Vietnam makes it easy to upset the worst of it, but the general view of the violation of human rights called for Vietnam citizens even scarier. "

Since the White House welcomed the first leader of Vietnam to the United States in 2008, he Jihn Sifton said, this is the second time a similar meeting offing. Still, he said, Vietnam is increasingly trampled on human rights, blatantly captured all their ingredients for the idea or verbal opposition, citing the vague terms of the Criminal Code to force the dissidents on charges of attempting to overthrow the government, undermining solidarity and social order and security:

"In the spirit of the meeting between President Obama and President Sang said at the White House tomorrow I think Mr. Obama certainly knows all the things we have presented, the question I want to raise is whether the president will address addressed the issue of human rights with Mr. Sang extent as U.S. law enforcement had been promised and committed, as well as the U.S. Embassy in Vietnam had promised, was always trying to help Vietnam improve and grow improve human rights as a priority condition before taking other things. "

It is the content of the press conference held concerns about labor rights are seriously violated in Vietnam.

Also on Wednesday afternoon, in parallel with the conference's three labor organizations and human rights mentioned above, a press conference by congressmen other specialists interested in Vietnam as Mr. Chris Smith, Mrs. Ross Lehtinen also took out in parliament, calling for President Obama asked President Truong Tan Sang attention to the release of all prisoners of conscience such as Blogger Dieu Cay, Dr. Cu Huy Ha Vu Law, freelance journalist Nicholas Feng Qin, Phuong Uyen students and many other political prisoners.


The Vietnamese Americans protest against President Truong Tan Sang of VN outside the White House, July 25 morning.


The Vietnamese Americans protest against President Truong Tan Sang of VN outside the White House, July 25 morning


The Vietnamese Americans protest against President Truong Tan Sang of VN outside the White House, July 25 morning


The Vietnamese Americans protest against President Truong Tan Sang of VN outside the White House, July 25 morning


The Vietnamese Americans protest against President Truong Tan Sang of VN outside the White House, July 25 morning


The Vietnamese Americans protest against President Truong Tan Sang of VN outside the White House, July 25 morning

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