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Fishing vessels of Vietnam continue to be attacked ... it is the result of so-called long-term stability ... ... Looking to the future ... neighborly friendship and comprehensive cooperation ... between Vietnam and China ...!

Vietnam fishing vessel continued to be attacked by China  huh...!!! Let the party leaders and the State of Vietnam work ...  fellow of Vietnam let be calmly  ... if not will be the reactionary enemy force agitated down the road to protest is should not ... perhaps only certain misunderstanding ... because our President said Vietnam-China is comprehensive cooperation



Fishing vessels of Vietnam "under attack, cut flag" even in areas Paracel Islands belong to Vietnam .... This is a result of the agreement ... comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries in a spirit of friendship .... reached between the State of Vietnam - China during the visit and work with the leaders of the Chinese Communist government of Vietnam President, Mr Truong Tan Sang in the last June. It's pity and bitterness for the people of Vietnam ... For the Vietnam country.... While documents and new cooperation agreement the two leaders of two countries Vietnam-China sign ink still not dry Vietnam fishermen ... immediately become victims of expansionist aggressors Beijing .... blatantly assault, smashing boats ... and the confiscation of all their property right regional Paracel Islands belong to Vietnam.

President Truong Tan Sang .... as well as all the party leaders and the communist dictatorship Vietnam to think .... and how to answer to the people about the brutal brazen act of communist Chinese government ... country for so long that the party leaders and state government communist Vietnam has always adore and respect to put on heads by 16 gold word and 4 good ....???. Long-term stability .... Looking to the future .... neighborly friendship and comprehensive cooperation.... is like this...!!!???. To ever, the leaders of the  party and communist Vietnam ruling now just be awakened, no longer dark ignorance .... not blindly loyal to the Chinese invaders .. .???. please open the eyes that to see the true nature and the true face of the friendly fellow ... the brother communists .... and the good friendship neighbors.

Facing the suffering of the victims Vietnam fishermen now ... and before the full defiantly aggressive acts of invaders of China .... the party leaders and the State please can be quickly action and having the actual policies to protect its fishermen in particular and protect the territorial integrity, waters of Vietnam in general .... please do not relentlessly repeating the familiar tunes attached as: Vietnam protests aggression of the Chinese government.... Vietnam called on China to respect the commitments agreed ... relating to resolve maritime disputes ... and stop the provocation and aggression against Vietnam .. v. .. v ... but then continue again and again bow and stooping before aggressor spectacular way and humiliating. The people of Vietnam we still should believe or not in the ability leadership of the country from those who are incompetence ... immoral ...of the leaders of the party and the communist dictatorship ruling is now again? The fate of the people of Vietnam as well as the fortunes of the country's survival ... can not continue to expect to the ability to steer a country of stupidity, full incomprehensible from the group of dictatorship leader Ba Dinh Ha Noi  at present.



Vietnam fishing vessel was 'attacked, cut flag'

Update: 11:40 GMT - Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

Both boat of fishermen on Ly Son island district have been badly hit

Captain of one of two Vietnam fishing vessel was attacked in the Paracels told the BBC those who attacked his ship 'speak Chinese' and 'naval officer dressed'.

Vietnam Media Vietnam said the two vessels were being chased, raiding and confiscation of all assets while China does not have any official information about this allegation.

Talking to the BBC by telephone on 9/7,Captain of vessel 96 787 QNg TS, Vo Minh Vuong, said his ship began to sail from the date of 4/7 and on 9/7, then stopped near Woody Island , belong the Paracels.

Mr. Vuong said that when his ship was in position 16 degrees 47 'east longitude, 112 degrees, 14' north longitude, a white boat appear and drop down speedboat to follow his ship.

After 15-20 minutes chase, who has "climbed on board and used electric batons to beat the captain and crew, and the ship smashed and confiscated all the new fish caught."

When asked what these people are speaking, Mr. Vuong said that they "speak Chinese".

Mr. Vuong said, adding these people wearing "naval officer", and some of them wearing "camouflaged combat clothing".

'Cut flag'

He also said they forced his ship and the ship of Mai Van Cuong  nearby must turn toward Vietnam.

"They show direction of Vietnam but did not say is Vietnam," Mr. Vuong said.

"I did not agree then they cut two flags [hanging on the ship], thrown into the water."

"I ran to get the flag up, they beat me unconscious."

These men then left the ship, Vuong quoted the crew said.

Initial damage, according to the captain, is around 400 million, the amount that he has after many outward trips.

Local newspapers of the day 9/7 also reported the ship of Mr. Cuong was the ship bearing number 306 attacked, beaten crew and suffered about 200 million.

Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Van Thanh, deputy border guard station Ly Son, local newspapers also quoted saying "the destruction and confiscation of all personal property on the two ships are true, many fishermen also traces beaten dam ".

Woody Island, Paracel Islands, has been occupied by China since 1956.

By 1974 China outright Paracel Islands after sea battle with the Republic of Vietnam.


In April, both the President of Vietnam, Mr. Truong Tan Sang and Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh are on a visit to the island of Ly Son.

Ly Son visit of President Sang and Minister Minh can be seen as reactions to the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping on 8/4 to Hainan Island, where the chinese ships come down East Sea.

With the presence of the Head of State on 15/4, it seems Vietnam confirms again the message of sovereignty to China.

China and Vietnam are relations 'comprehensive strategic partnership'

Ly Son Island, where fishing communities specialist practicing in the waters near the Paracel Islands, is given as "island outpost" in fishing activities, as well as affirm Vietnam's sovereignty in waters.

Ly Son in particular and Quang Ngai in general  where there are generally many Chinese fishermen were obstacles to offshore practice.

In late May, a fishing boat of Quang Ngai province back from Paracel was the Chinese ships 'hamper and hit broken a side of ship hull.

'Against Crime'

On the same day 09.07.2013 No news on mainstream media in China on the case that the Vietnam yet.

However, site director of the National Bureau of Sea control of China (SOA) have published information that the sea police "strengthening" the three patrolling waters north, east and south of the country.

According to Xinhua on 9/7, SOA website says the decision of the State Council, the Chinese government that the High Command of the Coast Guard will be deployed mission commander and 11 units located along the coast East Sea.

The Chinese side said the Sea control Department chief task is "to safeguard the vital sea and maritime crime", according to Xinhua.

China strategic relations - Vietnam, just on 19/6, Vietnam President Truong Tan Sang and Chinese leader Xi Jinping witnessed the signing of 10 cooperation documents in Beijing.

In addition to oil and gas exploration agreements in the region deal offshore Gulf of Tonkin, the Ministry of Agriculture for the first time the two countries will set up a hotline to resolve the collision involved fishermen at sea.

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