Deputy warden No. 6: Mr. Dieu Cay did not get the food 

Posted by at 2:21 AM 31/07/13

VRNs  (07/31/2013) - Saigon - Mr. Thai Van Thuy (TVT), deputy director of the prison No. 6 Thanh Chuong district, Nghe An province said Nguyen Tri Dung (NTD) as follows: "He Hai detained dissection from June 22, "" He did not receive dietary. " This is VRNs reporter from recording record has been forwarded to the editorial board, 30.07 yesterday evening.
When we heard, we clearly recognize Southern accent of Dung and voice of the member who self admitted is TVT, deputy director of the prison No. 6.

The recording length 8 ': 57 "that describes as his progression occurred with NTD, on last 22 July, so we believe it was recorded in the living room, and then moved to the outside to us.

If General directorate 8 or Supreme Procuracy (VKS) requirements, we will open it for them and everyone to hear, but for now we just recorded some progress should be provided for this period.

The recording said, TVT representatives of leader to meet relatives of blogger Dieu Cay. He said: "Representatives for family today is you, son of Mr. Hai went to see official. Ask one thing is Mr. Hai on hunger strike ...

NTD (interrupted): One is whether or not the decision solitary confinement Mr. Hai?

TVT (interrupted): Now this like this ... His father was transferred from  Xuan Loc prison to prison No. 6...Mr. Hai violated the rules, so the marketing board decides to separate, detained dissection ...

NTD (interrupted): detain him a lone?

TVT: detained dissection from June 20 until now

NTD: Detention separate from June 22 until now, huh?

TVT: Detained dissection. you asked your father was on hunger strike, I answer his father did not on hunger strike, but your father did not get the food in accordance with law. "

Here he TVT is to avoid using the words being condemned as "solitary confinement" and "hunger strike", but what he said: "The supervisor decides to separate, detained dissection" is exactly solitary confinement. And he TVT said: "Your father did not get the food in accordance with law. "", it is to quit eating is the hunger strike.

Mr. NTD questioned have or no denunciation letter that sent to the Procuracy from Nguyen Van Hai, he TVT answer is yes. But when NTD asked the petition has been moved to VKS yet, then he TVT confirmed is not yet. The reason was given by TVT is that application is not accurate, that is slander application. NTD response to this idea that, the application is that it can determine exactly whether or slander is the story of the police investigation or VKS not the story of  board of the prison No.6. NTD He said: "I said to you know that, you did not switch up  VKS the application of Mr. Hai is illegal."

He TVT adds, the petition however has not been sent yet, but VKS has known, and he insists that he does not move application of Hai to VKS is correct law.

We please remind again when come in VKS Nghe An, relatives of blogger Dieu Cay received confirmation of this agency is they did not receive yet denunciations of Mr. Nguyen Van Hai. But they said they had heard of the hunger strike of Mr. Hai by phone.

This all enough shows the picture of the laws of Vietnam today.

A source close to know, today, at 9 o'clock, date 31/07/2013 Duong Thi Tan and Nguyen Tri Dung come in cand editorial office for asking to meet and confront with editor Pham Van Mien and Phong Vu The author of the article "Debunking" way hunger strike "of Nguyen Van Hai," on the newspaper cand, and can make application to sue them.