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Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No. 174 release dated 01 -07-2013



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 - Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No. 174 release dated 01 -07-2013,
 - The editorial of the semi-monthly magazine.
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                 Two types of links!
Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No. 174 release dated 01 -07-2013

            1 - State President Truong Tan Sang on 21-06-2013 VNCS concluded visit to China at the invitation of the President Xi Jinping TQCS. The two leaders issued a joint statement Vietnam-China with 8 points. At the beginning, the tone remained "cleft lips teeth cold" from the Vietnam communist kowtow admires the China communist in Chengdu in 1990: "The two sides view the development process of China-Vietnam relations, agreed that Vietnam-China friendship is a valuable asset of the people of the two countries, said it would comply with the general perception that important leaders of the two countries have achieved in recent years on the development of friendly relations Vietnam- China, continue to persevere motto of "friendly neighborliness, comprehensive cooperation, long-term stability and looking towards the future" and the spirit of "good neighbors, good friends, good comrades and good partners", The growing strategic trust, deepen mutually beneficial cooperation in all fields, satisfactory handling problems exist, strengthen coordination and cooperation in international affairs and regional and promote Sino-Vietnamese relations developing healthy, long-term stability. " With the lead starting determined spirit and principles that, of course, followed by "unanimous comprehensive strategic partnership" in the following areas:

 1 - "to maintain high-level contacts through flexible forms, diversity";

 2 - "make good partnerships comprehensive strategic partnership Sino-Vietnamese";

 3 - "deepen cooperation between the two Parties, promote exchanges and cooperation mechanism between the Commission for External Relations and propaganda Department of Propaganda";

 4 - "to strengthen cooperation between the two foreign ministries, implement the Protocol of cooperation between the two ministries";

 5 - "to maintain high-level contacts between the two militaries, promote good role strategic dialogue mechanism of defense";

 6 - "Cooperation in the field of law enforcement and security, give full play to the role of the cooperative mechanism crime prevention between the two countries 'police';

 7 - "strengthen coordination of economic development strategies, implement 5-year development plan Economic Cooperation Vietnam-China Trade 2012-2016";

 8 - "Cooperation in the field of agriculture, improve the mechanism of bilateral cooperation in agriculture";

 9 - "to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the cultural field, perform educational cooperation agreement for 2011-2015";

 10 - "exchanges and cooperation in the field of science and technology, promoting the role of the Commission to cooperate on science and technology between the two governments";

 11 - "to strengthen cooperation between the provinces, autonomous regions border the two countries, especially between the 7 provinces of Vietnam with 4 provinces (autonomous regions) in China";

 12 - "Plan implementation in 2013 of the Joint Committee on the land border between two countries, the positive evaluation committee established cooperative border management";

13 - "make good" Agreement on Fisheries Cooperation in the Tonkin Gulf "; actively researching how to combine testing new joint fishing area in the Gulf of Tonkin."

            In addition, the two sides also "agreed to intensify negotiations of the Working Group on the sea" agreement "on joint oil exploitation Gulf of Tonkin," agreed to "implement the one-China policy, counter- the divisive actions: Taiwan independence, "" agreed to strengthen coordination and cooperation in multilateral forums such as the UN, the World Trade Organization, Economic Cooperation Forum Asia - Thailand Pacific Forum, the Asia-Europe ... "and finally agreed to sign the 10 important documents only 3 days after Truong Tan Sang and his entourage present.

            In summary, the 60 word "cooperation", 29 the word "consensus" and 7 the word "comprehensive" (but did not have any words to say to a code of conduct for COC and the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea UNCLOS ), Joint Declaration on here is clearly an unprecedented record in the history of Vietnam and foreign countries of all mankind from past to present. It shows VN entirely in the strong arms and brutal of China. It also makes one think of a secret meeting in Chengdu in 1990 at that time the Vietnam communist leaders-in the weak and the desperate desire to find ultimate prop where old enemies, even enemies transmission life-has completely accepted everything imposed China communist, which Deputy Foreign Minister Tran Quang Co have recorded bitterly in his diary: "The September-90 talks Chengdu is not entirely a achievement of our foreign policy, which is currently at a very unfortunate mistake in foreign affairs. So too eager to improve relations with China, our group has acted unethical. Ideas that such agreements will be pleased whereas Beijing ... ". He also recorded the words of regret Pham Van Dong: "we were blundered, we were stupid that still say the revolution is above all, and whether or not it does not matter ... But I do not think this is the best way. I do not think leaders should do the same. "

            These events occurred after the miserable conference (with group of fucking leaders) which to date have shown that China was a very dangerous threat, harm the independence and territorial integrity of country, dashed up the path of the nation. The place is not surprising that this Beijing conference was called Chengdu 2 and Mr. Sang which only one thing is getting royal decree. The statement above is general legitimization dependent relationship of comprehensive from so long of Ba Dinh and intrusion control and comprehensive of Zhongnanhai. Control over all aspects of the political economy, from education to culture, from business to technology, from defense to civil security ... intrusion from the Politburo to everyone else in the government, from land mainland to island, from the border to the plateau, from town to village, from forests to fields, from the harbor to the bay ... Evidence is aching Vietnamese citizens protested the intrusion and control of China for so long (though the writing, the book, to speak, put to music, down the road, leaflets, banners ...) are being slandered, harassed, restrictions, beatings, imprisonment. As the Vietnamese fishermen have been prey to game stop, robbed, shot to death, destruction, forced to pay a ransom of China communist group. As cultural products, industry, food, bad and toxic medicine from northern spread in South land. Ironical evidence that 5 star flag appeared in the book full of kindergarten, 6 star flag appeared many times on television, in the welcome to Beijing officials, as the 1000th Thang Long anniversary opening right in the national day of China communist. Recently, the Chinese printing services for Sansha right in time to receive and negotiate with Vietnamese President, and then Mr. Sang to pick right  the time TQ anniversary of the illegal founding of Sansha city come to visit. Yet! To celebrate the Cinese governor guise presidents of this country, China appointed 2 patrol vessels in the East Sea, strengthening the construction of the island that they made illegal occupation, and then threatened that "the East Sea has matter" would send planes J -20 to Tu Chinh Seashore, Changsha anymore, ...

            Obviously this is just and an evil  link between the two communist parties remnants of history to support each other, help each other to survive, despite the benefit of the country and also the country's loss. With stateless group, no people, this is nothing strange or disturbing!

            2 - However, recently appeared in the country that a new link is an attempt to correct the link between 5 Church on the principle: "For life, direct link! Because ethnic, religious communion "to form an Inter-religious Council. Get experience from the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, 80-90 decade of the last century, where religion and religious links have played an important role in the elimination of tyranny and restore freedom, build democratic development, the Interreligious Council actually formed from the December-2000 with Thich Thien Hanh Le Quang Liem president, two priests Chan Tin and Nguyen Van Ly with begining documents: "Declaration Religious Policy of CS in VN "on 27-12-2000. In which the requested authority must absolutely respect the right of religious freedom and return properties to Church, end all conspiracy nipped Religion tricks, to free religious members detention and to respect the provisions of the International Convention on Human Rights. However, because of the suppression of CS, this council was soon paralyzed. By May 4-2008, an attempt to establish a new Interreligious Council with 5 dignitaries of 5 religions. They have a "Call for the Democratic VN" on 30-04-2008 to call:

 (1) all people irrespective of religious affiliations, political opinion, race, North and South, young and old, domestic or foreign, be positive and openly lobbied for the establishment of a social liberal democracy, respect for human rights and human dignity;

 (2) the Communist Party and Congress let formally accept the presence of the opposing forces, listen to voice criticism to seek political consensus for the people, just before the nation announced a roadmap VN democratization, with time made clear transparency, key steps, such as prisoners of conscience released, referenda, constitutional amendments, free elections, establish democracy. Unfortunately, this Interreligious council did not survive long. Recently, an attempt to Interreligious council that  formed at Saigon with the regular meeting of dignitaries of 5 religions (many of them not members of the highest levels). And they opened with "Joint Statement on Amendment" dated 01-05-2013, followed by various forms of communion, empathy, sharing funny stories and sad stories in the Church. Despite the difficult obstacles, the Interreligious Council determined to go forward in the struggle for freedom of religion and human rights and democracy in the spirit and manner of religious  with desire there are much more believers enter together . The implicit hope this, as experienced in many 20th-century dictatorship collapsed and 21 shows that religious believers can easily combine and mobilize people into the struggle, thanks doctrine commitment, prestigious dignitaries, internal discipline, international support, sincere purpose ... Just hope that the most senior officials in each Church (following the example of Pope John Paul 2, who played a key role in the knock-out Eastern European Communist) to quit psychological obstacles "politics" to link together leaders struggle for human rights, civil rights, the right to the faithful that have never been outside of teaching content of the Church.

            This nice link between the religions (is the only organization that exists in the regime and harder to be cornered) are essential, important and necessary to neutralize the bad and harm link between both the Chinese Communist Party and the Vietnamese communist Party currently.


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