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Do Minh Tuyen

Religious Freedom of people in Vietnam once again continued to be brutally trampled in Vietnam ... through prohibition and hinder legitimate religious activities of people. The Department of Home Affairs Kon Tum Province Vietnam signed the letter refusing to allow the Archdiocese of Kon Tum organizations celebrate Mary Immaculate Mary statue in Mang Den in Kon Plong district, Kon Tum province on two days 09 and 12.10.2014 is publicly challenging behavior seriously and violently trample on the religious beliefs of the people of Vietnam.

Throughout the years, government leaders at all levels in Vietnam from time to time sought to intervene in the internal affairs of religion violently... as well as carrying out terrorist activities to spiritual, harassed and roughed many Catholics and adherents of various religions while people are executed their religious beliefs and their religious activities. Besides, the government of communist Vietnam from time to time to mobilize the kind of police, civil defense forces and even components gangland thugs ... use of force to hinder people and dignitaries for the religious exercise of Religious Freedom ... A freedom fundamental human Rights legal and legitimacy of the people, which has been recognized, regulated and protected. by the law, Constitution of the State and the International law also 

Going against all international commitments on human rights ... behave rudely and in contrast to the rules which have been recognized and published in the constitution of the State relating to Freedom of Belief people ... the Communist dictatorship government of Vietnam had serious challenge public opinion at home and abroad ... and completely destroy all remaining trust from people. In the so dire of Vietnam country today ... as also before the current threat of aggression from aggressor China  ... the only mainstay of the leaders of Vietnam communist State right is the synergy of all classes of the people of Vietnam, that is not from the shielding of the expansionism aggressor China ... unfortunately, the totalitarian communist leaders in Vietnam not only did not know taking advantage that ruthlessly to shake off ... when  leaving away from people in his country. Denying Religious beliefs of the people ... a harbinger of the collapse that is hard to avoid for the dictatorship communist regime in Vietnam.


Department of the Interior Kontum banned Bishop celebrated at Our Lady of Mang Den

VRNs(12/01/2014) - Yesterday, Sunday 11/30/2014 Mr. Pham Van Long, head of the Religious Board, the Department of the Interior Kontum signed letter No. 82 / BTG-NV disagree bishopric Kontum to organize celebration of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception at the Mang Den Mary statue, Kon Plong district, in 2 days 09 and 12/10/2014.
141201-So NV Kontum
Previously, on 11/05/2014 Kontum Bishop has sent letter to the Kontum province  to announce for this ceremony. However, the Department of the Interior they thought they have right of approval or not, so answered by bureaucratic writing and this authoritarian.
This event reminiscent immortal words of Archbishop Joseph Ngo Quang Kiet, with the MPC. Hanoi: "Religious freedom is a right, not a favor to ask or give.". In Vietnam, under the communist regime, the law created to control and interfere in the internal religious activities, not to make it for people to practice freedom of religion.

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