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DIRTY TRICK OF POLICE AND SPIRIT indomitable tenacity of YOUTH and dignitaries of Religion at NGHE AN, VIETNAM.

                       THE TRUTH - JUSTICE - LOVE

Do Minh Tuyen

"Reactionary" ... two common words so long been the ruling Communist Vietnam arbitrarily used to capture and put on head of any Vietnam citizen who does not share the view with the State. .. even including the component object party officials communist Vietnam has retired and still in office ... components invalids and families of martyrs with the mother Vietnam hero ... v ... v ... who was once engaged, and foster the ideal "Communist" ... that gave their lives and even sacrificed part of his body to protect so-called "Revolution Vietnam ... liberation of South Vietnam and unified country" by the communists ... !!!

Patriotic that without love party ... not agree with the policy, manner, policy and guidelines govern the people and country executive from leaders of the ruling communist party in Vietnam today is reactionary component...? against violent behavior barbaric cruelty and wrong is full of law enforcement officers and government at all levels is reactionary ... oppose using of force, using of thugs from police and government for repression of people and property appropriation of their land illegally is reactionary ... oppose any wrongdoing compromise between the  leaders of two  communist states Vietnam and China is reactionary ... even if set and concentrates several people for demonstrations to show their patriotism oppose aggression and invasion of China without permission by government is the reactionary ... in general, look everywhere are found the two words "reactionary "... while himself the leader Vietnam's communist government and government leaders at all levels can not be proved or properly understand how the new called" reactionary ".

And dirty, shameless tricks from public security departments of Vietnam today for the youth and religious dignitaries of Nghe An in particular ... and fellow Vietnam in whole country in general really just is "reactionary" ... very simple and very easy to define two from "reactionary" which had so long been abused by the State leaders and communist government leaders of level in Vietnam. Contrary to the interests of the people and the interests of the country's reactionary ... cooperate with the aggressor and come back to bite people is reactionary ... trample all basic human rights people of his country is reactionary ... Enjoy and live depravity on the land and property of the people, on the effort and the blood and sweat of the people is reactionary... police of Vietnam, who's in the name of law and justice, maintain social order and safety and protect the lives and property of citizens, but always behave contrary to the sacred responsibility of his greatness is reactionary. It is time for leaders of Vietnam's communist government and all citizens of Vietnam need to understand and correct understanding of the words "reactionary" ... and it's time to return back to its rightful place in any case ... including the word reactionary and patriotism, love of freedom and democracy ... spiritual greatness of the people of Vietnam.


Police Nghe An terrorized spirit students

VRNs (03/12/2014) - Nghe An - After time away from the parish, family, close friends near and far, our brothers are Anthony Dau Van Duong and Peter Tran Huu Duc was back in the love of all people.
The day has just released from prison, on 11.12.2014, our brothers are the admiration of the children in the youth group of Children of Mary Parish Van Loc - homeland where we invite students to share song- experience life in prison during the past.
Joy and immense emotional, because the heart admired and liked their study was not able to prevent the difficulties of moving because we're in house arrest. Thus, at 19 hours and 45 minutes, on 11:12, we have been in Church Deng Phuc belong to Van Loc parish under the invitation of youth from the Children of Mary Group.
Start the program, we have 15 minutes acquainted with the song, dance activities ...
Buổi chia sẻ của anh Antôn Đậu Văn Dương và Phêrô Trần Hữu Đức cho các em nhỏ tại Giáo họ Giáo Họ Đặng Phúc, thuộc Giáo Xứ Vạn Lộc
The sharing of him Anthony Dau Van Duong and Peter  Tran Huu Duc for youth group of Children of Mary Lady of Van Loc parish
unnamed (3)
Trong buổi chia sẻ, các em đặt các câu hỏi như là ‘cuộc sống trong tù của chúng tôi như thế nào?’, ‘phản động là gì?’, ‘chính trị là gì?’
During the sharing, they ask questions like 'life in our prison like?', 'What is reactionary?', 'What is politics?'

Soon after, our brothers introduced ourselves and share what we has done before arrested... Next, they ask questions such as 'life in our prison like?' , what's reactionary?', 'what is politics?', 'our advice for young people in their lives today?' ...
Prior to share, we made clear that opinion, these are the words to share experiences to help one another having knowledge, help each other to love, to take responsibility for themselves and the community more . Then, we answer every question that the youth understand and analyze how is the political, what is reactionary ...
During this time, police hiding in the bushes, watched the sharing of our brothers. Parishioners concerned about the safety of our brothers so they let us know. Besides, parishioners suggest we turn off the loudspeaker - outside courtyard parish - but we told the people that our brothers did not do anything wrong so the people not to worry, do not be afraid all, they like lurking is lurking that is their job ...
After this meeting we did not encounter any problems from the authorities.
However, more than half a month later, on 12/01/2014, Nghe An Province Public Security jointly with Mr. Rector of Nam Dan I high school cheated and traumatized students - those who attended the sharing day of our brothers on the last 11:12 - in time of class. Specifically, the things happen as following:
On 12-01, during school hours, Rector came to class of two students (please be anonymous) who attended the sharing day of our brothers on 11-12 said that, come his room for something. Once there, Rector do not directly work with two students, but instead was a policeman (two students do not know he's police district or provincial police). The contents of the conversation mainly revolves around the issue of sharing of our brothers in the Catholic church Dang Phuc last 11-12. Police asked two students: "Let tell again what happened the night of 11.12.2014". Two students answered: "we do not remember anymore and please kept asking to two brothers Duong and Duc". Police Say: "If so say to do, I wanted to ask you let me know, but if asked these person (Duong, Duc) is said to do". This police always questioned two students and threatened: "We prepare arrested two Duong and Duc". One student said: "you say to arrest why not come to arrest two brothers (Duong, Duc) ...?".
It is important that the police were always around our advice for the youth that we have to rely on the word of God according to the Bible passage Matthew chapter 14, "The children ... Do not be afraid!" And we advise you that "do not be afraid, do not be afraid of the truth, do not be afraid to speak the truth, do not be afraid of being beaten, do not be afraid to condemn injustice, do not be afraid to draw near to God, do not be afraid to witness to God, do not be afraid of communism atheists, live to love each other, live responsibly with the people themselves, through which to build a life full of love and responsibility. "
Based on this advice of ours, the police have asked two students that "You hear these things, do you see it's wrong? Confirmation of you about saying of Duong and Duc, how is it..? ". Two students answered: "I heard that statement is nothing wrong with that. I see it as usual, is right, because we did not do anything wrong, so we are not afraid of anything. "
After this police has finished working with two students, they intimidated and forced two students sign a statement of commitment. They have read and sign "I declare what I say is true what I remember."
Reportedly, the police interrogated the two students during two class periods. Rector standing outside the office to track this question time.
Thus, although the school or police traumatized students, the children are always strong belief because they did not do anything wrong. And, our brothers, too, do not be afraid because not to do something wrong? Then, we met some of the youth who went to attend the sharing of my brothers and asked: "Prepare the police called on...are you afraid?". They said: "our family are wanting to see the police let see the spirit of our family it's how?".
Earlier, on 11-15, the authorities prevented Priest to hold Thanksgiving Mass for our brothers, but the Priest boldly told them: "I am a priest, when the children to ask the responsibility ceremony I am Mass for the children to do. Should the children to ask Ceremony nothing is wrong. "Finally, we were attending a Thanksgiving Mass in its entirety.
Then on the day of 11-26, Nghe An authorities banned not for our brothers to attend the Provincial Youth Education Hanoi 12th in Ninh Binh. However, this also did not deter us.
Former conscience prisoner Dau Van Duong

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