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Do Minh Tuyen

Eight police services in Binh Duong Vietnam brutally assaulted journalist Truong Minh Duc in last November just one of a myriad of prominent cases in Vietnam in recent years that showing the brutal behavior and immorality of the Police brance in Vietnam. Especially for the Democratic activist and human rights ... the Blogger and Journalist dissidents ... the Religious Activist ... activities for Civil Society and the petitioners who're appropriated assets, land, farms and homes by the State government of Vietnam Communist .

As a single tool and the most effective in protecting and maintaining the existence for the communist dictatorship in Vietnam today, the Police branch of Vietnam always tell myself and act with the motto: "Remain the party ... also remaining them "so all attitudes, opinions and behavior of all of them extremely brutal and almost lost all humanity ... in contrast to the spirit of nature and the inherent responsibility of police branch in preserving and maintaining social order and safety ... and thoroughly protect property and life for the people. Everyone of us, we sure have not forgotten our sense of pity when seeing some of Hanoi police  heartlessly kicked on Mr. Nguyen Chi Duc's face, a Communist Party member of Vietnam when he with the Vietnamese people down the road for demonstrations to show their patriotism opposed the aggression and invasion of the Chinese communist government on 17 July, 2011. What makes the Police branch of Vietnam becomes brutal and behave cruel immoral like that ...?

The only reason for the extravagant behavior from police of Vietnam despite the law ... and even despite the human moral conscience... that is the backed and cover tolerated by the government ... so although violate the law often does not get sanction or punishment. Usually when falling into the too obvious cases can not cover up is those police who's mistake themselves if be handled is also by a form of internal processing, Administrative processing or warning. ..v ... v ... rarely be punished and dealt with strictly in accordance with the law ... So the police branch of Vietnam became increasingly aggressive and pointlessly cruel. No other countries in the world where the law enforcement officers and component of hooligans behave so like each other that people sometimes witnessing is difficult to distinguish who is the police and who is the gangsters, the bad part scum of society. Everyone when there is the need to step into the police office, the first thing that greeted their eyes is the board's Rules and 6 issues that Uncle Ho taught ... but the brutal barbaric behavior of the police Force in Vietnam today and for many years ... made people think and be skeptical about the so-called "living, learning and working follow the moral example of Ho Chi Minh ...?


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RSF condemns assault on journalist Truong Minh Duc

mediaJournalist Truong Minh Duc - DR
    Reporters Without Borders - RSF based in Paris, condemned the assault on independent journalist Truong Minh Duc in early November in Thu Dau Mot. This journalist is being currently in critical condition.
    In an announcement made today, 11/25/2014, Reporters Without Borders said it had been "shaken» by the brutal assault on journalist Truong Minh Duc on the morning of 11/02/2014.
    The statement said, "eight police were ambushed, this journalists had to run into a cafe to flee, but never made it. According to witnesses, the police have continued to use helmets to hit Truong Minh Duc, even though he was unconscious ".
    According to a relative of journalist Truong Minh Duc, he almost died before being brought into the emergency in Hoan My Hospital, where he continues to be special care. The wife of journalist Truong Minh Duc said her husband identified in the  assault group having the police of Binh Duong province. The cause of the attack remains unclear.
    In a statement, Mr. Benjamin Ismail, in charge of the Asia-Pacific region by Reporters Without Borders, declared: "The violence of the police aimed at bloggers and citizen journalists are becoming popular and continues to grow in all regions of Vietnam. Almost certainly this is not a single act, but a persecution was carried out on the orders of the Communist Party of Vietnam. »
    RSF called on the international community to quickly take measures to put pressure on the government of Vietnam to stop persecuting a systematic to those who protects freedom of the press and freedom of information ".
    The organization also recalled that on 11/05/2014, even the French consul in Saigon also has been assaulted by Vietnamese police when he came to help blogger Pham Minh Hoang who was being harassed by plainclothes police and thugs.

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