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Mennonite CHURCH IN Binh Duong VIETNAM ... constantly be harassed and physical oppressed.

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Do Minh Tuyen

Mennonite Church in Binh Duong Vietnam once again continued be suffered a brutal attack other from Communist rulers of Vietnam on last Sunday 02-11. After the Catholic Church to the Protestant Church .. and then which other religions will continue to become targets of violent attacks by atheist communist regime in Vietnam ...? For years, religious freedom in Vietnam has been and being trampled brutally in many different ways, including the use of gangs and gangsters attacked and suppressed violently to all religious that are sacred spiritual activities of people.

That is why the international community increasingly deep concern to religious freedom in Vietnam ... and the Commission on International Religious Freedom in the United States has repeatedly recommended to the U.S State Department let put Vietnam back on the list (CPC) under the water acts of harassment and oppression religion seriously and continuously. Laws of Vietnam, Vietnam's Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights rules are very clear on Religious Freedom Rights of the people ... but in fact, the communist government of Vietnam to end time to time, utilizing all means of sophisticated and blatant harassment and violent repression on activities Religious Beliefs of people, believers and religious dignitaries ... except the Religious organizations owned by the direction and management absolutely by the monitoring system of the communist government of Vietnam.

Freedom of Belief is one of the fundamental rights of human freedom holiest in Vietnam and all the people in over the world ... so there's nobody or any public authority, any power may impede, prohibit or restrict ... and the people of Vietnam and all the people around the world are living freedom and express their religious beliefs without having to invoke, van plea or ask for. In order to stop the harassment and repression of Religion ... all the people of Vietnam let be unanimously together ... besides mobilizing strong pressure from the international community over the accusations and exposing all crimes of the communist government of Vietnam out in public ... people in Vietnam also have to unite and defend each other in every situation ... typical the brutal attacks targeting Society St. Mennonite Binh Duong in Vietnam today. It is time to put an immediate end to the persecution of human rights ... and quickly return back to social justice for the people of Vietnam ... immediately and unconditional.


Protestant Church in My Phuoc, Binh Duong to be harassed and attacks

Gia Minh RFA editor, Bangkok
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Một số người bịt mặt ném đá tấn công Hội Thánh Tin Lành Mennonite Bến Cát ngày 2 tháng 11 vừa qua
Several masked men threw stones attacked Mennonite Church at Ben Cat on last November 2
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Mennonite Church of independence in My Phuoc ward, town Ben Cat, Binh Duong province on Sunday, November 2 continues to be smashed, and attacked while Christians worship was being focus. Those in charge of this church, said composition attacks were directed by local anonymous officials; while the local media and the Committee for Religious Affairs, the province rejected.
Immediately after the attack in the new batch, the pastor in charge gave a report urgently on the Internet with video back part of the attack by rogue elements in the presence of local people that officials forces did not intervene.
Pastor Tran Minh Hoa, one of the pastors currently serving in the Mennonite My Phuoc church said the comments on the recent attacks, which is to have the anomaly:
Yes, the unusual, the government ordered gangster destroying the church so we still do not know what is the reason?
Meanwhile, an official of the Religious Committee of Binh Duong Province anonymity said Mennonite My Phuoc church activities without granted for legal status by government under the provisions of the State:
The living place that is not local workers are calling some people in the Central Highlands province to live in it for life, but also the local people there who do not have daily needs.
BTG officer in Binh Duong province
A living place that is not local workers that are calling some people in the Central Highlands province to live in it for life, but also the local people there who do not have daily needs. They use money to entice, calling people on the Central Highlands to reality than the locals do not. The fact is that, there thing ... there's no beating. If there affecting security, the functional departments such as the police have handled it then. No matter when there is a fight ... but calling the function force that function forces not come... without it! That is misinformation, Binh Duong Newspaper has published a number of articles on that place.
Those in the church at this also read; However, according to Pastor Tran Minh Hoa Binh Duong is what raised alarm in the article are not true, he said:
They write false too, hiding their mistakes before the church as well as people around the world. Ms. Lan still has temporary residence card in which they said did not register their temporary residence. Ms. Dung completed kindergarten here tertiary sectors preschool teachers and two secondary teachers , one of them is primary teaching and another in kindergarten, but they say that teachers have no qualifications at all ... They lied blatantly and in our churches have people who want to write articles critical. We are also certified by the police to register people to learn, they say there is no registration. That is absurd.
Pastor Tran Minh Hoa restated the formation and activities of the My Phuoc church over the years as follows:
They lied blatantly and in our churches have people who want to write articles critical. We are also certified by the police to register people to learn, they say there is no registration. That is ridiculous
Tran Minh Hoa Pastor
Our church group from 2007 to present. Pastor Nguyen Thanh Nhan pastor here. From 2011 he went to Thailand for applying refugee, I was officially appointed to receive there. The church remained normal group with about 40 members including the brothers of workers 
working there, plus the students at the Bible School that about 40 more. We have weekly group so often, but the last two weeks we could not because the government team had hired gangsters, to block the door of church, stoned and beaten, four people were beaten. Themselves hired gangsters who like to smash our church, then of course they will say so to justify their wrongdoing before the society
During 4 hours gangster disruptive of our church that governments do not take measures to prevent them.
For questions Religion Committee will verify the case and if indeed there are workers that wish to participate in the Mennonite church like this, the agency what they will do, the employees of the Religion Pacific responded:
If workers demand will solve. There is so much room as in Thuan An Binh Chuan, An Phu, Dong An state still allows the point group for workers serve as Binh Hoa sects Nam Phuong ... If the real workers demand, but this place workers are not really in need should not allow the place to be.
But Pastor Tran Minh Hoa said in recent years, the Mennonite My Phuoc church has procedures conducted as required by law, but authorities of Binh Duong Province has  refused.
Early time pastor Nhan had three times presented the problems by the church to ask for the 
establishment of a group in there. Three times they were denied. When my pastor the same church where Pastor Quang has notified, but did not apply because the former has three or four times and then many times they just refuse, how can we keep applying such forever.
As stated by the minister in charge of the Mennonite My Phuoc church, Binh Duong from June this year under the church has been smashed more than a dozen times, offensive. However, in the Sunday times recently exacerbated more with the participation of many people and the way of attack is  brutal more.
Attack status to Mennonite church in My Phuoc, Ben Cat District, Binh Duong Province was raised in Speaking up from 25 civil society organizations in Vietnam on last 6th November.

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