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Do Minh Tuyen

The "umbrella revolution" has erupted repeatedly in recent days in Hong Kong country ... with the participation of tens of thousands of students and many classes of people, including some people of Vietnam currently living in this small country with a population of over 7 million people. Demonstrations for democracy and against the imposition of the communist government in China has spread and received widespread sympathy and support from all strata of Hong Kong and international friends including Vietnam, United States, Britain, Australia, France, New Zealand ... v ... v ... 

The similarity between Vietnam and Hong Kong country can easily see ... that's to lower their heads dishonorably from the leaders of the two State Vietnam and Hong Kong to the current Beijing Government today ... that particularly is the character top leaders of Vietnam communist Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong and the Chief Executive of Hong Kong Mr. Leung Chun-ying. Consistency and humane behavior of the students youth generation of Hong Kong country were quick to gain popularity and admiration from all over the world. Well, none of us can ignore the heart, can be unflinchingly touched at the sight of young students in Hong Kong only tears, steadfast enthusiasm ... to confront repression, with tear gas and batons from Hong Kong police ... 

The only difference between Vietnam and Hong Kong country ... is the people in Hong Kong country so long have inherited a democratic life and long-term stability in the life ... while the people in Vietnam have always been under the grip of repressive rule, authoritarian dictator of the communist government of Vietnam ... leading to fear and bladder for most people in the society... even if his country's Sea-Island sovereignty to be threatened, be aggressive and be invaded from China. We have also been massive rallies in the past and at present in a number of areas, such as demonstrations of some of today's small businesses petitioners at Tan Binh district and from some other areas. However, our aforementioned rallies are Asynchronous and lack of organization ... or just spontaneous or derived from self-interest rather than community spirit and human civilization like the students youth generation in Hong Kong country today. The people of Vietnam today we not only have no the freedom and democracy ... have no human rights ... then even the territorial waters sovereignty of the nation has been being aggressive, being invaded by Communist China enemy ... why we can not show a legitimate right to ask democracy like the students youth in the Hong Kong country...? The Students youth of Vietnam... you continue to sleep ... to ever? and my fellow in Vietnam ... to ever you just ceases to fear ... just ceased to ignore before the current tragic situation of the country and the endless suffering of the people communities in Vietnam country ... under the brutal rule and immorality of the ruling communist regime in Vietnam today ...? 



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National Day of China: Hong Kong protesters wider 

Thanh Phuong 


Hong Kong student protesters locations flag to celebrate National Day, 10/01/2014. 

REUTERS / Tyrone Siu 

The pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong determined to make 1/10 National Day holidays in China as a show of force, with the aim of forcing Beijing to accept their claims about freedom politics. 

10.01.2014 Today, at a time when the senior leaders of China and Hong Kong to celebrate the 65th anniversary, the day of the Communists is in the Kuomintang victory and proclaimed to establish the People's Republic of China 01 / 10/1949, the pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong back to the streets crowded than ever. 
At 8 pm, local time, when the flags of China and Hong Kong is pulled up, the protesters sang the fight song. They also booed when a helicopter flew over, rear mounted with large Chinese flag and the flag of Hong Kong smaller. 
In a speech celebrating National Day, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong Mr. Leung Chun-ying never mentioned on protest movement for democracy, but on the contrary he urged cooperation with Beijing. In recent days, protesters have asked Mr. Leung Chun-ying resigned, because he was seen as too pro-China. 
The protesters, mostly students and students took to the streets to protest China's decision in last August, in which the people be allowed to vote leader of Hong Kong ad hoc direct universal suffrage , but actually only elected among the candidates selected by Beijing. According to them, such as Beijing had violated committed in 1997, when Hong Kong, a British colony, was delivered to China. 
During the night, although heavy rain, the protesters of the movement was dubbed the «revolutionary umbrella» still camping on the street, rain shelter under colorful umbrellas. Today, due to the National Day of China, a lots of Hong Kong people are off, and tomorrow is own public holiday of Hong Kong. Organizers hope the protesters will be more crowded in the past days. 
Yesterday, 09.30.2014, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong Mr. Leung Chun-ying asked the struggle organization for democracy Occupy Central immediately terminate protest movement and for this city return to normal operation. But the leaders of this movement have rejected the request of the Hong Kong leader. 
Movement for pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong and began receiving support from outside. A Facebook page titled «The power for Democracy. Worldwide solidarity with Hong Kong "(United for Democracy. Solidarity with Hong Kong Global) announced today there are rallies all over the world, from Auckland, New- Zealand, Paris, to London, Los Angeles and New York. Particularly in Paris, the collection is expected to begin in 18:30 pm at the Champs de Mars in the garden. 
And the United States said that the situation in Hong Kong will be one of the topics of discussion between Secretary of State John Kerry and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi today.

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